Are the People on Omaha’s Craigslist Rant and Raves Indicitive of the Rest of the Population?

I have taken a lot of heat from some posters in Omaha’s Craigslist Rants and Raves who feel what I am doing is nothing more than trying to drum up sales for my book, among other things.  Suggesting that I am a pedophile, crazy, and need to be on medication, I have been discredited, insulted, and have been tried to be dismissed- but I am too tenacious and determined for that to happen.  My question is- are people so disinterested in justice that they will say any and every hateful thing they can to try and shut down the victim?  Personally I wrote the vanity publication in order to get my side out- not to make money, which is the ONLY thing I have accomplished with it considering I haven’t seen a penny of the money- but how someone can infer that I am interested solely in “violent homosexuality and pedophilia” from my efforts makes me wonder how many others out there are making the same inaccurate conclusions as to what my motivations behind all of this is.

Quite simply- I believe, after what my father told me- that he placed the remains of dead people in his bedroom closet, which he rebuilt.  Because he also admitted to committing crimes against children, it makes me believe that those remains are of kids, and since there is NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS on murder, and I think that the murdering of children matter- I am simply asking that my family- who I know were in the child abduction and trafficking business- simply be investigated.  I am not talking about spending millions of dollars dredging up the past- but rather am asking that some time and effort be put into something I think matters a great deal.  It has nothing to do with conspiracies- and putting all the satanic stuff aside- murder DOES matter and the fact that my father came clean before he died and no one is at all interested in looking into what he said makes me wonder how many other crimes of this nature fall through the cracks due to such disinterest.

The problem with having my family investigated for crimes that both my sister and I have detailed to the police is that it is connected to situations that ARE very conspiratorial in nature.  Connected to some incredibly rich and powerful people, my father and his family did not act alone in all of this- and are, even now- being shown protection by our local leaders and officials with their refusal to look into what we have said BECAUSE it is connected to the events that played out here thirty years ago.  It is neither my fault nor my concern that the situations with my family lead to a bigger picture but I AM NOT GOING TO STOP until my father and his family are looked into.  Whether the general- unknowing and unwitting population agrees with me or not is also not a concern to me.  My mother always told me- “just as long as people are talking”, and THAT is EXACTLY what I have gotten to happen.  People ARE talking.  And by God- it will continue if I have anything to do with it.  Justice for murdered kids matter- whether the idiots such as Slim, Clod Buster, Mastermind- and all of the other anons on the internet agree or not.  Nor does it matter who I may or not be- as I could be the meanest, worst individual on the planet and it wouldn’t matter- as JUSTICE FOR A BUNCH OF MURDERED KIDS WOULD STILL MATTER.  Plain and simple.

The social media of our generation has been instrumental in helping me get the word out- which brings me to my last point.  There are also criticisms that I have made this crusade all about me instead of being about justice for a group of children- which I think is another attempt to disenfranchise me from getting this looked at.  It is just as much about me for me as it is about all the children that were murdered in my childhood.  I have tried to be completely altruistic, but I have as much interest in getting justice for myself as I do getting it for others, and so to separate myself from all of this has been impossible for me.  I wrote the book in first person because it was MY experience, and I suppose I could have written it and then quietly gone about my business- but then I don’t see the point as no one would have read it.  As it is- I have gotten people from all over the world interested in my work- and I take some pride in knowing that I have gotten people interested and talking about all of this.  Fault me for having a sense of self worth- but I don’t know one successful person who is without it.  Only those who sit as anons on their computers- safe in their basements or whatever hole they reside in, feel it is wrong to have a sense of accomplishment, but then- that is probably because they have none.  However- my question is- are these concerns indicative of a bigger picture that I am unaware of?

Am I wrong to think that the murdering of children matters?  Am I a villain for bringing it to the social media- since all other avenues have thus failed?  Is getting people talking and interested in criminal goings on insane, or rather- is it the ONLY AVENUE I had left?  Of course- all of these are rhetorical questions, because I am going to keep doing what I have been doing- as it seems to be the only thing that has worked thus far- and right or wrong, since I believe what I am doing is the only right thing to do- I am going to keep keeping on as best as I can until SOMEONE LOOKS INTO WHAT I HAVE BEEN SAYING.  And if the peanut gallery doesn’t appreciate it- they can always go watch t.v. or whatever it is that they do to entertain and gratify themselves.  And that is all I have to say about that.

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  1. TheAnthem

     /  May 20, 2013

    People don’t care about justice for others; justice for themselves is a different matter. The world is full of hate– at least the better off countries that can afford not to care about their fellow man. In all honesty, it will take a revolution of changed hearts to get people who don’t care to care.

    The two underlying problems, as far as human nature goes, as to why people don’t look at these issues and pursue them like you are doing are 1.) a lack of natural affection or love, and 2.) a lack of courage. Love often promotes courage; they tend to work together. But they are the two missing ingredients. While they continue to be missing in action, people like you can only continue to do what you’re doing which is to continue to publish, broadcast, and make known the truth until perhaps the facts catch somehow and a revolution comes that will change people’s hearts– i.e. change people from the inside out, the kind of change that lasts and that really matters. I wish you the best on your continued work.