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Little Girl Doug Mesner/Misicko Trys to Get Me Banned on Facebook ONCE AGAIN.

Although- as you can see from the argument that we had that I was not the only one in attack mode- little girl Misicko has once again tried to get me banned from Facebook. The argument between us is posted at but the difference between the two of us is that I can stand […]

Now THIS IS a Good Question

Sent to me by one of my investigators with regards to Doug Mesner/Misicko, spokesperson for the False Memory Foundation: “Hi- I did a little research yesterday. Perhaps you are unaware of a couple of things about Doug. His Examiner bio states he is a contributing editor to That is just his blog with a […]

Please See the Page Above

I have all the other exchanges others had with Doug Mesner/miSICKO as well- but figured it was only appropriate to put up the conversations between miSICKO and I, since he asked me to publish them in entirety before he deleted them all. It is no secret that miSICKO and I dislike each other- but then […]

Update: Doug Mesner/miSICKO reuploaded Castlewood Argument to get Rid of the Comments

I guess that Doug miSICKO didn’t like people pointing out his unprofessional behavior and so he decided to take down his article and reload it without the previous comments. No real harm done- just shows that the boy will do just about anything he can think of to keep himself from looking bad- although it […]