CNN, Elizabeth Loftus, False Memories, and the False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad

It seems that our media is once again going to promote and run with this whole “false memory” crap that occurred in the 80’s and 90’s when people began reporting that their children were coming home with STD’s from their daycares. Suggesting that memories of abuse are often fabricated, it makes one begin to question their own sense of what reality is, which is interesting as there is no better way to shut down a victim of abuse than deny that it happened in the first place. CNN JUST ran with this story- and so to say that it isn’t getting out into our mass media for some reason is to fabricate reality- but then, that is the whole point of the matter. Confusing and lying about memories and abuse in order to save the perpetrator is pretty much the motto for the False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad- and CNN seems to be one of those who have jumped on the bandwagon- judging by this last article. However- let me present some info on Loftus that the FMPPS has forgotten.

One of her first and most notorious attempts at a study was to use a friend’s little girl and convince the child that she was being left in the mall. Skirting by laws that now would have had her disbarred, she intentionally traumatized the child in order to prove that false memories are real and that repression does not happen with abuse. Making it her crusade to defend those who have been accused, she has made it her career to discredit and dismiss anyone whom would claim abuse that she disagrees with- much like Debbie Nathan- author of Sybil Exposed, who is quoted stating that she believes that our nation is too “hysterical” regarding sex with children and that the average age of consent needs to be “lowered”. These ladies have gone out of their way to do what they can to trash the notion that abuse can be repressed and to encourage the belief that anyone who claims such is being lead by clever therapists.

The cool thing about my story is that my memories were never repressed in the way that has been presented by our media. Always accessible- I spent a great deal of time trying NOT to remember- much like other survivor’s who have experienced the same kind of abuse that I went through. Humiliating, degrading, and shaming- I spent MORE TIME trying to forget than I can say, always failing miserably. More than that- my sister can corroborate the things that I say with her own experiences of abuse- and we are far from alone. Neither repressed nor forgotten- much of what I went through (which I detail in my book), happened as an ADULT- and for anyone to say that I forgot or repressed the details I list is showing that they are living in a rose tinted world, as that argument does not even make sense. In other words- the whole mistaken memory syndrome that CNN just wrote about two days ago is one of the most ludicrous things I have ever heard, and I find it interesting that stories like the one with the link below are promoting such drivel. People can remember their own pasts- I REMEMBER and NEVER FORGOT my past, and to say that the abuse that I suffered is fabricated by either myself or my therapist is to express not an ounce of understanding as to what happened here in Omaha a few decades ago. There is AMPLE evidence that something went down here- and all the self proclaimed “memory experts” can say what they want nationally- it doesn’t change ANY of the facts of the matter surrounding events that played out here in Nebraska.

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  1. TheAnthem

     /  May 21, 2013

    Here are two of my comments so far at the CNN article:

    1st Comment:

    “I agree with much that TimeTheMiddleClassRanThisShow says.

    I’ve been around long enough to know a con when I see one; and I have enough conscience to acknowledge a con and not just know one. Dr. Loftus’ psychology is just bold-flavored BS all the way through it. Please consider the very title of this article: ‘Trust your memory? Maybe you shouldn’t’. Okay, a little advance psychology for those who may not yet know: a doctor or researcher who really is looking for the truth never sows doubt. A researcher who is sowing doubt is not trustworthy. There are many things that are unique about truth: one of those is that truth never hides itself (rather, people and things and circumstances hide truth); another is that truth has a way of surfacing with evidence. Real false memories are not detailed and are never recalled the same way as real memories are nor do they continually provoke the same types of emotions nor do they ever corroborate across witnesses who don’t know each other, etc. In light of ‘the truth about truth’, why does a researcher have to cast doubt in order to get to the truth?

    Dr. Loftus’ research is so overshadowed by doubts, lies, and half-truths that I wish I could have a sit down talk with her face to face… sort of like I feel about Obama (sorry, Mr. President). Some people lie so much that it would be a delight for me to sit with them and ask them questions that force them to finally spit up the truth or lash out at me. So far, it has been the lashing out or going completely quiet. I think I should write a book on psychology, trauma, and memories called ‘The Truth About Truth’. The more we know how truth itself works, the less likely we are to believe bought and paid-for (or confused) ‘researchers’ like Dr. Elizabeth Loftus. Give me a crack at this lady, and all her research that began before I was born will be exposed for the total and absolute bag of ‘true lies’ quackery that it is.”

    2nd Comment:

    “Time, I totally agree with you. In a court of Law, there are two ways an attorney seeks to win a case: he either uses sentimentality, or he uses facts. I saw a case where a woman who was guilty got off because her attorney used sentimentality to win the jury over. The case was re-tried, because the evidence against the woman was pretty massive forensically. This time, the prosecuting attorney decided to use facts: forensic evidence. And this time, the case turned in his favor, because the forensic evidence told the facts. In the same way, Dr. Lofty Thoughts Loftus may sound good on the emotional level where manipulation (and hypnosis, which she indirectly acknowledged using on test subjects to change their memories) work; but when her ‘findings’ are subjected to ‘forensic findings’ or factual evidence that has nothing to do with emotions, they will definitely surface all the lies hiding in them, and Dr. Lofty Thoughts Loftus will be exposed as the complete FRAUD that she is as a quack psychologist.

    I personally believe that you can trick some people with all the psycho-babble (which makes you sound like you’re smarter than they are); but some of us just want the facts in English. Her talk is nonsense and double-speak; she uses ‘shotgun phrases’ that constrict (rather than encourage or mobilize) the mind’s ability to think, reason, and make its own assessments and judgments. Rather, her speak seeks to plant doubt more than truth in the mind (as she seems so good at doing). That alone exposes Lofty Thoughts Loftus as a complete fake besides her testimony against corroborated stories by people who didn’t know each other’s stories.”

  2. Researcher8

     /  May 26, 2013

    If we’ve come to a time that a child with an STD is “false memory crap”–then child molesters might as well stop using condoms.