The Fall of the Human Empire

Strangely enough, a week ago I had a dead tree in my front yard that suddenly became covered in hundreds of honeybees. Huddled together so close that it looked as if they had formed a hive within hours, I figure that it was a hive that got displaced and that explains the hundreds or more, bees that invaded my yard. Eventually gravitating towards the vegetation underneath the tree, they slowly proceeded to disappear or die. My neighbor called me excited- never seeing anything like it- but to me, it was a horrifying reminder of what awaits us in the future.

Albert Einstein once said that if you separated man from the honey bee, that man would starve within four years- and it is as if we are standing at the foot of our pending modern day Mt. Vesuvius and are completely unaware of the impending catastrophe. I was reminded- as I watched this hive die, that time is short, and people need to be woken up before it is too late.

Death is starting to become more pervasive in all of our lives, as more and more people seem to be crossing over in droves. This last tragedy in Oklahoma is only the latest reminder of how dangerous our weather has become- and chances are this will continue to get worse and not better- as the temperatures slowly rise worldwide. Considering that we have been in the process of losing the honey bee for the past few years, with no end in sight at this point, it is only logical to assume that starvation, which is already common place in so many places around the world, is going to invade the rest of our realities very soon now. Funny- answering a prediction- soon bread will be worth more than gold. And yet many of us busy ourselves with arguments concerning things that soon will not matter in the least- oblivious that the world is coming crashing down right before us and if we don’t begin the process of helping each other out soon- we will lose sight of the chance quicker than we can imagine.

Run by a group of people who believe in their self-perceived roles who have had the money to create their self-fulfilling prophecies, we are reaching a brink of extinction because an elitist group of power hungry wolves thought they could force the hand of God. More than that- they thought they were in control as if they WERE GODS- and yet, as we plainly see now- they are not. No one is. And no one is obviously in any real control.

As we lose the ability to grow food- when the very foundation of that food becomes extinct- we will be forced to eat MONSETO for the rest of eternity- as what other choice will there be? However, I don’t know if even that genetically modified stuff can exist without pollination, but I guess we all better gear ourselves to find out- because there doesn’t look like any of us are going to have much choice. Except those who have prepared for this-who are, of course- rich. Or Mormon.

Are we at the Retribution? I have my opinions, but what does it really matter what any of us think? Without food- we are soon going to be in very big trouble- and since the honey bee seems to be dying off- and our food source can’t exist without it, it is logical to assume that somewhere soon down the road we are all going to have to deal with this reality. And no argument of who was President- who was gay, black, Hispanic, etc. is going to matter- as we are all going to be in the same boat- STARVING. We still have the choice as to whether or not we are going to succumb to a mad max mentality- but in order for that to happen- we will all need to help each other survive. There will be no more room for petty judgments and disagreements- as our very existence as the human species is going to be at stake.

There is a lot of talk about these being the “last days”. Personally- I don’t believe this. I think that we have been lead down the road by a group of apocalyptic idiots and that we are reaching a crisis point due to Millennial Hysteria, which ALSO occurred when the world turned 1000, which was the period of time when Christianity took off. We have been brought to the brink ON PURPOSE, this was NO ACCIDENT. The men in government who run the nation might be fools, but I assure you that the people behind them are not- and the group of them has had an agenda from the very beginning of their lineages. However, the power is within us- as individuals. We together can affect the changes necessary to fix things- if we would only put our differences aside and work together.

Maybe the Earth is right; Perhaps a little starvation might spur things along. What we choose to do about it is up to us.

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