“Some Questions are best left un-asked”- A Rant

This is what I was told today- and though the advice was given in good spirit- suggesting that I just be a good sheeple and go about my business, I felt I needed to speak about this attitude- as it is the very thing that I am fighting against the most with everything that I have been doing. The questions that I am asking ARE THE QUESTIONS THAT SHOULD HAVE BEEN ASKED A LONG TIME AGO. I just posted about all the people connected to the Boston bombing dying in one way or another and what a coincidence it was- but that was just sarcasm. Suicides, heart attacks, and weird accidents are always the method our government uses when it wants to clear up loose ends. Remember when George Bush Jr. got caught flying nuclear warheads over U.S. soil? Most- if not all of the service people who helped load and unload those bombs all died within a year of each other- of suicides, heart attacks, and freak accidents. It is also what was used to scare and intimidate those here in Omaha who knew what was happening with all the drugs and child trafficking surrounding the Franklin Credit Union. I believe it is just a blatant attempt to clear up loose ends- and it gets reported in the news any way “they” want it to be reported, although for some there is no doubt what is happening.

Of course- all of these people could have died coincidentally- all suddenly and soon after questionable activity took place. I’m sure that our government- who we have all found to be transparent and forthcoming with information- could never even fathom of breaking any laws, as it has been easier just to rewrite them quietly in the dead of the night, stripping away freedoms that most of us are not even yet aware of. I have said it before- and I will say it again- the rich people that own our government and media sources are running rogue- and have been for decades now. As a result- we have all but become fascists with each other when the real culprits are no where to be seen in normal society, yet the families that have run this world into the dirt are all alive and well and living high in a world most of us could never even fathom. However, what does it gain a man to have the whole world and lose his soul in the process? Words that still have the same power as the moment they were spoken, I think that the time for the necessary change is before us- and we must ween ourselves off of the mindnumbing trash they are offering on the media and START ASKING THE QUESTIONS THAT NEED TO BE ASKED. It is time to start holding our leaders accountable- as well as the people who are behind them. Our mafia run and CIA driven government must be brought to a halt- as the crimes they are guilty of are vast. We all know this- and yet none of us think that we have any power to change things. And maybe that’s right- but I think that we MUST STAND TOGETHER to get any results- and the time is now for that to happen. Our leaders MUST BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE- esp. if they are guilty of treason and crimes against humanity like I know some of them to be, and I am FAR FROM ALONE. Yet here we are, still playing the same games- as people die and we sit entertained by their deaths, as the media lies to us over and over.

Do I think that all of this is a coincidence? Not when you compare it to the big picture. I have often heard that when JFK was killed- everyone could tell you where they were at that exact moment. The same is true the day those planes hit the Twin Towers- I was on the road to a friend’s house when the first plane hit- and I just turned on her television to see the second plane fly into them. I DISTINCTLY REMEMBER a firefighter who came out of the building and was telling people to get away because the building was rigged with bombs. He had JUST COME from the building- he was probably in his 50’s, pudgy- with grey hair- but he was not alone. However, I can’t find one stick of footage of anyone who actually came out of the building saying such. And then a third building- which no one talks about- also collapsed demolition style- just like the Twin Towers. Other buildings- as large as the Twin Towers- have burned for days in other countries and yet did not collapse. But anyone who asks any questions about 911 is considered a nutcase, even though with the Pentagon- which is hardly EVER shown- left not even a stick- one remain, of the plane or anything in it. What are the coincidences of that? Not a screw or one twisted hunk of metal from the plane was recovered- and where is the footage of the plane hitting THAT building, as I have not seen any- nor has anyone I have asked. What if the reason that George Bush Jr. sat there looking like he was shitting his pants all those minutes was not because he didn’t know what to do- but that he knew that our “leaders” were committing the worst act of treason this government has ever seen- and it benefited financially esp. those who were in charge. Just like it happened in the 80s when our savings and loans went belly up- all do to the decisions of our leaders- all of who benefited highly from it. They and their friends, who are the ones BEHIND the lobbyists. And we as a nation just let them do what they do- and tell ourselves there is nothing we can do.

That is the reason why I have been fighting to have my family’s past investigated- which is the same reason that I have been balked at every turn- is because it poses so many other questions as to HOW my family got away with what they did and JUST WHO WAS WORKING WITH THEM? Since they obviously didn’t work alone. They last time that Franklin got looked at- it went right up to Bush Sr.’s White House, and since the past doesn’t change- I can only assume that is where is will lead this time. However- the time to start asking the REAL and PERTINENT questions has come- and I am not alone in believing they finally need to be answered- once and for all. It is time that those who were involved get their just comeuppance, and because of what I was taught as a child- I am pretty certain that no matter what happens- that is assuredly going to happen regardless. However, it is best for all if this comes out now rather than later for everyone concerned- and so I will continue to ask questions- and hope that others might stand with me asking their own. It is time that the people reclaim their governments and take them from the hands of these robber barons who have lead us into such disparity.

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