Naming Names with Regards to the Johnny Gosch Abduction

I woke this morning to a frustrated message left for me, suggesting that Noreen Gosch, mother of abducted child Johnny Gosch, and I are in some petty ego conflict and that names need to be named to bring this pedophile child trafficking ring into the light in order to stop it, and I just wanted to try and explain my side to all of this once again.

Noreen and I are not in a petty ego fight- but rather stand on opposite sides of the fence concerning the abduction of her son.  The reason I say this is because I HAVE named names, as has my sister- and still there has been nothing from camp Noreen that suggests that she has any interest in using those names.  The Aquizinno brothers were involved with the abduction and selling of her son, and yet she has done little with this information.  At the end of the MSNBC program “Missing Johnny”- it was said that Johnny Gosch was sold to someone named “the Col.”, which is none other than Col. Michael Aquino- my personal handler.  The problem that I have, besides the fact that Noreen has all the info needed at her disposal to bring all this forward, is that she has done little but promote a conspiratorial story of children growing up and working secretly for our government- which is ridiculous.  Proclaiming that her son visited her at 26 in the middle of the night with stories of governmental indiscretions that are beyond belief, it was my experience that when a child became “hot”, they were disposed of generally- to prevent the truth from hitting the streets that our government was behind a large child trafficking ring.  They were not left to act on their own devices, nor are they given jobs within the government as the tale of Jeff Gannon suggested- who was a prostitute who found himself in the Bush Sr. White House press box without anyone knowing who he was or how he got there.  This only promoted this theory that children were growing up secretly and getting jobs as government employees- as people began to argue if Jeff Gannon could be Johnny Gosch himself.  Nothing more than a mind game- this whole story has been little more than a thinly veiled smoke screen to cover the truth of what was happening here- which was that children were being trafficked and murdered.

I have overcome my idealism in believing that our local law officials and leaders in government have any interest in investigating what my sister and I have said as it has been my experience that they are only interested in shutting survivors down and protecting the guilty- who all happen to be incredibly wealthy and powerful.  Going to the Nebraska State Patrol and asking that our father and his family be investigated for their involvement in a child abduction ring, the only thing they have done is file secret police reports against me on behalf of my step mother Joanne C. Shurter, who was/is HEAVILY involved with all of this.  Bob Frank- who was the cold case detective in Lincoln at the time, was the one who took my report and then helped Joanne file reports I had no knowledge of.  Thwarting me and trashing me every chance they have gotten, I ended up having Judge Marlon Polk give my stepmother a protection order over a postcard I sent her 6 1/2 years previously- accusing her of murder, and to say that the now ex Omaha mayor Jim Suttle has been unresponsive is an understatement.  I have had to set up a website, write a book- and spend years just trying to be heard by our local leaders, who- at this point- have done nothing to investigate my father and his family’s activities other than placate me by going through the motions of taking my DNA sample so that it could be compared to cold cases to see if my brother Stephen or my father’s DNA- which would be similar to mine, would match.  Do I believe that Nebraska State Patrolman John Pankonin actually ran my DNA?  Not really- in fact I think that we simply went through the motions in their hopes that I would stop, shut up, and go away.  Obviously that didn’t happen.

My question is however, how many people have come before me, only to be turned away by the animosity that Omaha police display when confronted with these allegations?  Brad Fuguli- the most recent survivor to come forward before me, “committed suicide” the next day after dealing with our local officials, which begs the question as to just what the boy went through with them while making his report.  And how many “Brad Fuguli’s” are out there that no one knows about?  The Nebraska State Patrol, Omaha Police, and local governmental employees have been aggressively absent from all of this in my case, working behind the scenes to do nothing but discredit and dismiss my sister and I, when all we want is our father and his family to be investigated concerning crimes we BOTH KNOW ARE TRUE.  Having given local and national media outlets LISTS of names of people who were and are involved today- we can do little more than what we already have.  Those involved are not interested in the truth- and in fact JUST THE OPPOSITE is true, as I found them to be insistently disinterested in letting the truth come forward.  So I keep doing what I have been , trying to get more people involved in hopes that someone else might make our local officials DO THEIR JOB that they, the local police- I might add, are paid HANDSOMELY for.  It has nothing to do with egos on the part of my sister and I- but rather it is more about our frustration and anger at being attacked, dismissed, and ignored.  Regardless, I will continue what I have been in hopes of getting the masses to start questioning- as that is the only way any of this is going to come to light in my opinion.  So ego or not- I will keep keeping on, because someone has to listen eventually.



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