Doug Mesner Published the Same Old Alien Crap on the Examiner that I Have Complained about Before

More to come on this- but here is the article, hot off the press, and after is my reply…


There is absolutely no way to separate satanic ritual abuse from MKUltra and our governments practice of mind control techniques, which is more on target than equating it with aliens from outer space- which is what the False Memory Foundation likes to do, when they aren’t publicly endorsing Mesner. Col. Michael Aquino- founder of the satanic sect Temple of Set, and highly involved with allegations of abuse concerning the time that the False Memory foundation refers to as “satanic panic”- which NO sociologist really uses because it isn’t a real term, regularly uses the allegations that people are accusing him of alien abduction rather than serious crimes against children, in order to deflect the conversation into unreal territory- rather than staying with the facts of the matter. Like the whole alien thing is from E. Loftus- who’s theories have been disproved over and over in test after test. Also an advocate for the False Memory Foundation- this is an organization that was designed by a couple accused of pedophilia to protect others who have been accused of pedophilia by discrediting and attacking any victim who would come forward and claim such abuse- such as myself. Doug Mesner also threw a satanic rally himself- and has performed in a satanic rock band in his past- so to say that such a thing as SRA doesn’t exist when you are dabbling in the very behavior discredits this article and it’s writer from the very start.


Then Doug publicly replied …

David Shurter has been a speaker at a SMART conference (mentioned above), where in 2009 I attended and found they were selling electromagnetic beam-blocking hats, and providing a lecture about about some deranged theory of spiritual “demonic harmonics” opening “quantum portals”. David Shurter, like Pat Goodwin (aka Felicity Lee), came forward as a firm defender of the supernatural MPD-themed book, 22 Faces, though he admitted that he had not even read it! David posted these facts on Amazon, in the review section of the book, before he was banned from Amazon’s forums for abuse. Davis says a lot of things that never seem to have anything to do with the topic at-hand, and this is no exception. He claims “NO sociologist” uses the term “Satanic Panic”. In fact, a simple Google search could have corrected him. It is a widely used term, and there is even a book titled “Satanic Panic” written, indeed, by a Sociologist. Then, without citation, he says a bunch of things about a variety of people. He claims that E. Loftus, the research Psychologist at the University of California — Distinguished Professor Department of Psychology and Social Behavior Department of Criminology, Law, and Society, Department of Cognitive Sciences Fellow, Center for the Neurobiology of Learning and Memory; Member, American Academy of Arts and Sciences; Member, National Academy of Sciences — has had her work debunked in “test after test”. Perhaps Shurter would like to tell us about those tests, or maybe he should have contacted somebody about these apparently secret tests before Loftus was awarded the Scientific Freedom and Responsibility Award from the American Association for the Advancement of Science and the William T. Rossiter Award from the Forensic Mental Health Association of California in the past couple of years alone. Perhaps Shurter would like to tell me what “satanic rock band” I ever performed in, as I seemed to have missed that show. Perhaps it was SO satanic, that I repressed all memory of it.

So then I publicly replied- all of it being posted on Facebook…

Doug and many of his False Memory supporters have ALSO been banned- and now are completely quiet on Amazon probably because the Amazon’s legal department is looking into the overt harassment that has come from Doug in posts much like this one. Routinely accessing survivor’s families and laughing about it on online forums, Doug is a self professed leader in all things False Memory- which WAS developed by accused pedophile to help other accused pedophiles.

Yes- I have been a speaker at the SMART conference before, and have NEVER SEEN any vendors other than a book seller- so whatever Doug is referring to has not been present again since- considering I came a year after he “infiltrated” the conference WITH THE FULL REASON TO TRASH IT. Discrediting the hundreds, if not thousands, of people who have attended this conference that has existed for over 16 years now- Doug takes ONE aspect of the conference and runs with it- and then wonders why people choose to question his tactics.

I did not come in support of 22 Faces but in fact was defending SRA- which Doug and his cohorts want to assert deals with aliens and abductions although NO SURVIVORS THAT I AM ACQUAINTED WITH BELIEVE IN SUCH. Spinning the conversations any way he can in order to disparage anyone who agrees with him, Doug has proven to be tenacious in his dislike for survivors who would come forward and claim to be victims of MKUltra and satanic ritual abuse. This guy goes out of his way to cause trouble- both on the internet as well as in the real world- for anyone that would disagree with him- and has pretty much proven himself to be a cyber stalker for many survivors.


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