According to the Center for Missing and Exploited Children- A Child Disappears Every 27 Seconds and Yet No One Will Admit There is a Problem

Society is more apt to claim victims as liars rather than admit something evil is going on. Almost 800,000 children go missing a year but people just want to look away. Why? Because it makes them feel more comfortable.

We don’t want to admit our system is so evil. But even our CPS has admitted to losing over 80,000 children.

But the population would rather call these facts lies as they did in the 80’s when parents started speaking about their children being raped and abused in their children’s day cares. We let ourselves be convinced all those parents were crazy liars- being duped by a “satanic panic” rather than believing what was being said.

Even though it was happening not only in the US but also in the UK and Australia- at a time when the internet did not exist. It makes little sense.

Turning away is to be okay and accept evil. Tell yourselves whatever you need to feel comfortable- but this is the truth.

And in the end we will all be held accountable.

Exactly WHICH American’s Do You Think They Targeted?

And why after 12 years do you think these weapons are still secret?

They Are Targeting Fiona Barnett As They Are Me

They threaten and harass and work with our families that were involved in order to silence us.

Our only crime was trying to expose this group that murders children. And it is never about what we reported but rather they focus on character assassination and threats against us.

As well as anyone who supports us.

And who do the police and the media support and encourage? Those who go out of their way to quiet and harass the victims of severe child abuse.

We live in an evil world and those who turn a blind eye are encouraging it. However- in the end- we will all be held accountable.

Foina had to go on the run to protect her family but I refuse to run from these devil loving pedophile assholes. Fuck them and fuck the darkness they so love. If I lose my life- which they dance around and laugh that it is going to happen- at least no one can say I was anything like them.

Can all of you say the same?

Doug Mesner Now Claims He Was Posing As Micheal Aquino

Mesner uses the name Kilrush- as he gets a rush from killing. But all he is is Aquino’s buttboy.

But it is nice he admits to fucking with me. And since it hasn’t stopped- obviously he isn’t bored with me.

EMF stands for electro magnetic frequency- the result of their DEW weapons- (directed energy weapons), the ones the air Force told Congress about in 2006 and said they were going to use on American citizens to show the rest of the world they were safe. Considering it is 2018 and they are still secret- obviously they aren’t safe.

But it isn’t about how we die- it is about how we lived. And considering Mesner reportedly has AIDS- his time is no longer than mine. We just aren’t going to end up in the same place.

But this will be over soon- and those who just stood by and watched will be held accountable just as those who made this happen will- thus this whole “there will be a great gnashing of teeth”.

We are in a period of judgment and we can only be held accountable for that which we do. Whether we are honest about it or not.

Me- Essentially a Nobody- Just Received a Threat from Michael Aquino

First of all- my YouTube has been down for quite awhile.

Secondly- this demand is the SAME demand Doug Mesner has made- that I make a public apology to Mesner. This will never happen as I will NOT apologize for telling the truth.

And I am one of a MYRIAD of people who have spoken out about Michael Aquino- by his own admission as he tells everyone that his accusers speak against him because they have weird sex fantasies about him. I kid you not.

With all of the attacks against me- I just see this as more validation as to what I have said.

As a famous Col. – known as Col. Michael Aquino- founder of the Satanic cult Temple of Set who was named in the abuse scandal in the 80s at the Presidio of San Francisco- who has NEVER been investigated due to “national security”- who has had MYRIADS of people call him out for horrific abuse- one needs to wonder why he seems so threatened by a nobody like myself.

And Aquino- I wouldn’t hold my breath for an apology. Any more than Doug Mesner should…

Oh and Max Spears called out Aquino and now from what I understand his death is being investigated as a murder- so if anything should happen to me – considering these Directed Energy Weapons the Air Force told Congress in 2006 about haven’t brought me down thus far- Aquno would be the first person I would go too- Doug Mesner being the second one.

Another “Threat” and a Prayer Answered

I received this email this morning- suggesting this idiot is in Omaha now I guess. One has to ask what the point is. If I am not a threat- why can’t this group just leave me alone?

But on a better note- a prayer was answered as my friend in Seattle woke yesterday with no brain damage. That was a huge gift.

Prayer works- generally not in the time frame we would like and sometimes not in the ways we expect- but it DOES work.

Omaha is once again talking about what happened in the 80s and people are nowhere as naive as they were back then. THAT is why I am such a threat to these people- as some incredibly powerful people were involved in some amazingly bad things- and I am BY FAR not the only person who knew about it and was aware.

What separates me is that I am the first to overcome my fear and start speaking HONESTLY about what really happened. That is why they are obsessively after me wanting to shut me up.

And that may or may not happen but regardless- it won’t change the truth. Nor will it change the fact that more than just me know about what occurred. And as much as they would like to think so- they can’t kill everyone in Omaha who has info about what really happened…

It Seems Someone Came Into My House Last Night

Scary thing is I was upstairs in bed.

The campaign of harassment continues. I should have paid attention to my dogs- who were alerted but I made them lay back down.

They let me know in not so subtle ways as it was pretty blatant. But who can I tell?

Considering my only friend in Seattle was found without a heartbeat yesterday and now is in a coma- it seems they are going full out to try and fuck me up.

Something tells me they are upset I put my blog back up. They will stop at nothing to try and stop me from talking. Going after me and anyone I care about- their obsession with me never stops.

It could be coincidental- but I have to wonder.

Child Trafficking Is Real Despite What Some Would Claim

It is an ugly truth_ one that is not all that hard to figure out if one could only be honest with themselves.

The fact that a group of parents who were accused of child molestation and horrible abuse got together and formed The False Memory Syndrome Foundation and gave us the two phrases “false memories” and “satanic panic” shows this.

Unless you believe all of the people who came forward were liars and the only ones telling the truth were the accused. And there were A LOT of parents coming forward in the 80s claiming their children were being abused in their daycares- thus the word PANIC. It was everywhere in the 80s.

In the US- in Australia- and in the UK- who, incidentally- got busted for covering THEIR allegations up. If the claims were so bogus- why spend the time, money, and effort to cover them up?

Our rich elite feel they are entitled to anything and everything they want. This includes the buying and selling of your children. It is a scary thought but none the less truth.

And they will murder anyone who tries to stand in their way. And the question shouldn’t be if our governments lie to us but rather do they ever tell us the truth?

And don’t for a moment think you are immune. I am a nobody and LOOK at the campaign they have going against me. It tells you anyone who falls within their sites is expendable. Is this activity- and those who engage in it- really the ones you want to put your allegiances with?

They serve themselves- and ONLY themselves. To protect them is to put your own children in danger. Is that how any of you truly want to lead your lives? REALLY?

Because I belive we are all better than that personally.

Blessed are They Who Are Persecuted for the Sake of Righteousness- For Theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven

If they take me down- cry no tears for me- as I feel as if I have lived a life worth living.

The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the one- which is the belief that compelled me to get into this mess in the first place and has fueled my actions throughout.

The ONLY THING that matters in this life is the Word- and that Word is Love.

I gave myself by standing up because of my love- for mankind AS WELL as Heaven. I care- and I believe children matter as do we all. We ALL matter. Even the lowest who has nothing.

So cry no tears- but if I may- let me stand as an example that allows you to exemplify the courage, compassion, and love that beats within your OWN heart- and may it compel you also to live a life worth living and find the strength to ALSO take a stand.

The time to make a choice is here as you can only serve one master- and there are only two to choose from. So believe in yourself enough to make the right choice. The ONLY THING that matters is the Word if that helps you decide…

It is the only thing that will save any of us.

I Tried to Start a New Life But the Attacks Won’t Stop

I moved states away in an attempt to start a new life but the attacks won’t stop. Here are some examples…

So they claim to have already been in my back yard- and funny enough the light was on in my garage and wouldn’t shut off suddenly. And their directed energy weapon still is on me- although where it is coming from I don’t know. Nor at this point- nor do I care.

The Air Force claimed they had these “directed energy weapons” in 2006 and that they were going to use them on “American citizens to show the rest of the world they were safe” and yet it is 2018 and they are still considered conspiracy…

People ask “why me” but the child trafficking ring I have spent years to expose for years that happened in Omaha had the GOP completely implicated in it and it seems that “secret” is worth killing for. That is why and how I found myself in this mess.

The attacks against me- esp. On social media- shows I seem to be a threat to someone- as I am a nobody yet no one has the concerted effort to trash them as I do. It is crazy- but indicative of the truth of what I am saying.

I tried to let this all go and start a new life- but it seems this is not part of “their” agenda. As crazy as it sounds- who I am fighting is a group connected to our CIA. But many times the truth is stranger than fiction…