I Believe Qanon is a CIA Operation. Here Is Why


I’ve spoken about my distrust about Qanon often but here is the main reason why I believe Qanon is a CIA operation.

Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves founder of the Satanic Temple has spent his entire career discrediting victims who have come forward alleging being victims of satanic ritual abuse and yet has failed to say ANYTHING about Qanon.

His co founder of the Satanic Temple Shane Bugbee has said he quit because Mesner told him he was working with the CIA



I have been repeatedly attacked by Mesner and his minions.

The argument I got into with Mesner on Twitter

My Conversation With Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves- Founder of the Satanic Temple

Was preceded by Shelby County Sheriff Donavan killing himself a week and a half later.

I can’t say for certain if his suicide is related but I figure if he was being blackmailed into doing something to me (and it WAS Donovan who went after me with my dogs), chances are if he choose death over what they had on him he wouldn’t have said what they had on him.

Then a week and a half after Donovan’s death the gas station across the street from my house blew up.

And the reason behind the first explosion was never able to be determined.

But I’ve spoken with several town folk and it seems, in my experience. That everyone keeps referring to it as “a bomb”.

But then there was a group of men across the street from the gas station the Sat before (the gas station blew up on Mon) between 2-3 am. My neighbors were woken up by them but they couldn’t see what they were doing.

But a day 1/2 later the gas station across from my house blew up and no one knows why. However- if the first explosion had brought down the side of the garage that faced my house- and it very well could have since that is where the first explosion happened (there were 2 explosions 10 minutes apart), the 300+ lb pieces of concrete that landed 9 blocks away in a field would have directly impacted my house.

Since I was home- chances are it would have killed me.

And why would they want me dead? Well- Qanon talks about victims of satanic ritual abuse and it is almost impossible to Google stuff like this and not have my name come up.

But there are no real victims associated with Qanon- which is another reason why I believe Qanon is a CIA distraction.

Now- this week- I got attacked by an anon on Twitter over me attacking my nephew 41 yrs ago when I was 13.

This is the LAST Time I Will Deal with What Happened 40 Years Ago With My Nephew

But this attack is hypocritical when you consider that at the end of my argument with Mesner he- as an adult- admits that he argues that sticking your dick in a baby’s mouth causes no neurological damage. As an adult. And THIS is who people like this anonymous account follow and support.

The question is what kind of man argues this? What kind of adult man? Who tries hard to lie about it when confronted (as you can see in our conversation) but then finally proudly admits it.

What I did at 13 kind of pales in comparison in my opinion.


So God only knows what they have planned now.

But they have broken into my house repeatedly, tried to poison my dogs three times, destroyed the generator to my house, hurt one of my dogs, and sent me countless death threats and threats in general (which my local police have).

Not to mention attacking me with their directed energy weapons which Michigan, Maine, and Massachusetts have laws against and that the US Air Force told Congress in 2006 that they had and planned on using on American civilians to show the rest of the world they were safe…

So the fact that I am under incredible attack makes me convinced that the powers that be are NOT trying to help survivors of ritual abuse but rather are trying to shut us up.

And it is all being done by our own CIA.

I Was Asked What I Think of Timothy Holmseth So Let’s Talk about Timothy Holmseth

Holmseth regards himself as an investigative journalist. I don’t know anything about him personally but I will share my insights of what I do know.



Holmseth contacted me several years back about what I knew about the abduction of Jacob Wetterling.
Despite everything that has happened- I still contend my dad was involved with Jacob Wetterling’s abduction.
Less than two weeks after I was interviewed on the John B. Wells show about what I knew about Wetterling’s abduction
They “solved” the decades old (27 years) cold case.
I say it that way because Danny Heinrich (their alleged perp) was already in prison, was never charged with Wetterling’s abduction, and the pics of the abductor changed 27 years after the fact- looking identical to how Heinrich looks today.
In fact it seemed he hadn’t aged in 27 yrs despite the fact he had been in prison for many of those years.
And it seems he was REALLY old looking back then.
Not to mention the details of the abduction changed- becoming ludicrous in the process- all of which I’ve detailed in YouTube videos.
Holmseth and I only spoke less than a handful of times- but in the course of those communications- he told me that in investigating what I told him- not only was Heinrich not prosecuted- but the remains that they “discovered” were not only NOT Jacob’s – they weren’t even human but instead animal remains.
It was around then we stopped talking however later on I was informed that his investigation had uncovered a child trafficking ring out of Broward County Florida.
This shouldn’t be surprising as Broward County is only 80 or so miles from Palm Beach Florida where Jeffery Epstein was doing HIS child trafficking thing- and it is pretty obvious to anyone with a brain that Epstein had some powerful friends in Florida considering the sweetheart deal not only he but ALL of his co conspirators got from Acosta and the government officials back when he was taken to court.
Suddenly- the same thing that happened to me happened to Holmseth as he was facing a protection order being taken out on him from a woman in Florida although Holmseth himself was in Minnesota.
Then he was accused of violating that order- just like me- although they succeeded in putting Holmseth in jail whereas they failed with that with regards to me.
But protection orders are what these people use in order to gag those who may expose them.
Now- who other but Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves founder of the Satanic temple and his cult are all over social media disparaging Holmseth and doing their absolute best to trash him personally to prevent anyone from listening to what he had uncovered.
They don’t EVER deal with what he was claiming but rather trash him personally- like claiming he is creepy looking.
They use everything BUT the facts to what he has claimed- identical to what I’ve experienced personally.
This is what I know- this group will do anything and everything to keep anyone from exposing any facts with regards to this child trafficking mess.
Untold numbers of people like Max Spiers, Isaac Kappy, several politicians- not to mention Jeffery Epstein himself- have all ended up dead.
Others- like Holmseth and myself- and MYRIADS of others- have been effectively silenced with Mesner (NOT his real name) aka Lucien Greaves founder of the Satanic Temple (again NOT his real name) and his cult members going all over social media and posting commentaries and videos disparaging all those who would speak out.
And being heavily involved with taking out protection orders- which you can see during the conversation I had with Mesner personally…
So what do I think? I think Holmseth’s allegations need to be listened to and looked into and Mesner and his groupies need to be investigated into WHY they and THEY ALONE are so invested in preventing that from happening.
It isn’t because Mesner is a self proclaimed Satanist but rather his ACTIONS as an individual- despite what he may or may not believe.
Mesner is in NO WAY a victim. But Holmseth- along with SO MANY others- most definitely are.
But what the real correlation between the two is needs to be determined.

It Is Pretty Obvious to See that Doug Messer aka Lucien Greaves founder of the Satanic Temple Is Focused on Me

Our last conversation on Twitter – which is posted below- plainly shows Satanist Doug is not only focused on me but is hell bent on doing whatever he can to discredit and defame me in order to prevent anyone from actually listening to what I have to say about him as well as the fact my family was involved with child abductions and trafficking.



It is also pretty easy to ascertain that he lies.  It took a GREAT deal of time for me to get him to admit that he argues that survivor Brice Taylor is wrong and that sticking a penis into a baby’s mouth causes absolutely no neurological damage to the baby.
At first he flat out denied it, then spent a great deal of time justifying it before I got him to actually admit he said it.
Most of our conversation was full of his lies.  He wants to say I am a pedophile because of what happened over 40 years ago when I was a boy suffering a psychotic break from my own abuse…
He and his group of fellow Satanists want to present this as if it happened yesterday- but that is because this is the ONLY thing they can use against me as there is nothing else in my past- and you had better believe they have searched.
But it is like I’ve said- this all happened 40+ years ago when I was 13 (and I’ll be 54 this year) but he- as an adult- is arguing that sticking a penis in a baby’s mouth causes no neurological damage.
What kind of person argues such a thing?  But the bigger question at hand is how many times do you think he has experimented on babies with regards to his hypothesis?
He has interview after interview where he argues that the CIA doesn’t abduct children and yet Shane Bugbee- cofounder of the Satanic Temple- says he is working with them.
It was one of his main reasons in quitting.

He also tries to discredit what I’ve said about being attacked by our government’s “directed energy weapons”.  He misrepresents what I’ve said in the most pathetic of ways without offering ANY proof that I’ve said what he says I have.
The rocks that were strategically placed around my house in Algona WA were NOT magic- nor did I ever say they talked. These were pathetic attempts by Doug and either his CIA or Satanic buddies to discredit me.
THIS is what I’ve said about them in the past.
Michigan, Maine, and Massachusetts ALL have laws on the books regarding these weapons- so obviously they are real.
And the black metallic mold I speak about I’ve since learned is called ” smart dust”, but since Mesner is claiming he isn’t working with the CIA- how would he know the validity of what I’m speaking about?
I mean really – when it comes to BOTH directed energy weapons and the CIA’s involvement with child trafficking- since he isn’t involved with them as he argues- how WOULD he know?
Therefore- regarding any of this-all he would have to offer is conjecture and opinions. And, as usual- his opinions would be uneducated at that.
Lastly, he claims I have come forward about my family being involved with child abductions and trafficking simply for attention and money. This is laughable.
I struggle to pay bills every month and have not even BEGUN to accrue anything near to what I spent on publishing Rabbit Hole- A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story.
It isn’t ME who has been on national media outlets. It isn’t ME who spent 100,000 dollars on a devil statue. It isn’t ME who sued Netflix because of their unfavorable portrayal of Baphomet. And it isn’t me who is running a non for profit Satanist organization with secret money flowing through from his professed 10’s of 1000’s of world wide members.
No- that would be Doug Mesner(not his real name) aka Lucien Greaves (ALSO not his real name).
But then he lies. Was he really in Tacoma WA when I was being heavily attacked in Algona- a mere 23 miles away from him? Who knows- but it certainly ended our argument on Twitter abruptly.
All I know for certain is that those who have referred to him as a Sicko in the past- and they most definitely have- were seriously on point!

My Conversation With Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves- Founder of the Satanic Temple

I decided it may be important to post my conversation with Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves founder of the Satanic Temple on Twitter as there is some important info in it…


Yet ANOTHER Coincidence in My life

So I get into a fight with Mesner on Twitter- then Sheriff Donavan commits suicide- then the gas station across the street from me blows up- and within all of this happening the Earling attorney filed paperwork in this case about my dogs.

This fight for my dogs has NOT ended, obviously.

The Civil Liberties Union filed a complaint against Earling and each side had to file paperwork with the court this month with regards to it.

It just doesn’t have the bite it once did as the protection order that was in place when they tried to convict me of a crime for having them eight months after agreeing to let me have them is past.

They can’t send me to jail over it- thus I can’t be murdered in jail and I was promised.

But all of this occurred within the same month. Suicide, explosion, court filings- and the official explanation is that it is all one long series of coincidences.

Never mind the break ins and death threats etc etc etc. None of it is connected.  And with regards to me- NONE of it has been investigated.

Including the fact that started it ALL- that my family was child trafficking along with a very well connected group. 

Which is why I say that I have never met a cop I trusted. Their job is to bust the little guy and do whatever it takes to protect the status quo. They demand your respect while bowing down to the devil.

And all the while they protect child killers.

I’ve Been Told By the Sheriff That None of the Events Happening are Related

As of this morning, I’ve been assured by the Sheriff that none of the recent events are connected.

Which is a huge relief as the explosion at the gas station did a

LOT of damage to my sister’s house and had it NOT been an accident, their insurance company would have been completely off the hook.

But I always admit when I am wrong and so I was wrong. However, with all of the death threats, attacks on my dogs, and the break ins at my house, along with the emails I’ve recieved from the always anonymous senders CELEBRATING all of these events- it is hard not to assume things aren’t all connected.

But I’ve been assured by the police that it’s no such thing- so therefore- these coincidences are just that- coincidences.

All of the Coincidences that Have Occurred After My Argument with Doug Mesner on Twitter

I posted I got into an argument with Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves founder of the Satanic Temple on Twitter on my blog a month ago.

Someone Else’s Article About Their Involvement with Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves founder of the Satanic Temple

In our conversation, he constantly tried to bait me into posting the protection order against me that listed about 15 videos that had nothing to do with the petitioners but only and SOLELY dealt with Mesner, (which I had no interest in doing), his involvement with the CIA came out, (although he denied it), his conviction that sticking a penis in a baby’s mouth leaves no neurological damage to the baby came out, (although it was a long drawn out argument to get him to openly admit it), and the fact he was around Tacoma, WA when all the crap went down with me in Algona, WA- which is 23 miles from Tacoma.

Of course he denied this- but it was when I brought being told this fact up that he abruptly ended our conversation.

Since then there have been some intense coincidences.

About two weeks later, the Sheriff who was involved with my town in trying to take away my dogs and convict me of a crime for having them committed suicide. 

There Is A Larger Picture Concerning Earling IA Going After My Dogs

Two weeks after that- the gas station across the street and less than 1/2 a block from me exploded.

The first explosion happened as I was in the shower. I didn’t hear it as I had my head underwater.

The original explosion and it’s cause has YET to be determined.

The SECOND explosion happened 10 minutes later- which turned the place to rubble.

That one I not only heard but saw as I was just out of the shower and was standing by my bathroom window.

Had the part of the garage that faced my house fallen in the first explosion- the 300+ lb pieces of concrete debris that ended up 9 blocks away in a field would have hit my house.

Since my upstairs bathroom directly looked out over the gas station- needless to say I would have been seriously hurt and most likely killed.

Right after the explosion, I was told that a car load of guys had been in front of my sister’s house (which is right across the street from the gas station and which was heavily damaged in the explosion) at 1:30- 2:00 am the  previous Saturday night/ Sunday morning (the gas station’s first explosion was right before 9am Monday morning).

This is weird as NOTHING was open and I was told it sounded like they were “chopping wood” but when my neighbors looked out the window- the men turned on their brights of their car preventing anything being seen.

And all of this has happened within a month of my argument with Doug.

This is what I am guessing. Sheriff Donavan was being blackmailed or coerced into doing something against me that he didn’t want to do- and rather do it- he committed suicide. Blackmail and such is a common tactic of the CIA.

When that didn’t work- they blew up the gas station. Again- had it gone the way they wanted- it would have killed me in an “accident”.

What is ALSO interesting is that the city clerk in town, who is directly named in the lawsuit the Iowa Civil Liberties people are bringing against the town, called me that afternoon to, in her own words, “see if I was alright”. 

It is my opinion she was in hopes that I wasn’t – as we are NOT friends and her calling me makes NO sense since she is being sued on my behalf.

I mean- would YOU call someone who is suing you to check on their welfare? My guess is no- you wouldn’t. 

And right after I moved here 2 or so years ago I got emails from those who were against me that they already had someone in town helping them before I ever got here.

But then I’ve written about THAT as well…

The Drama Surrounding My City Manager and Doug Mesner

But Sheriff Donavan committing suicide and my town’s gas station blowing up less than 1/2 block from my house has been what’s happened this past month following my argument with Mesner.

As you can see- everything has been QUITE the coincidence. If I was paranoid, I’d almost think all of these events were connected. 

I Have Not Now- Nor Will I EVER- Commit Suicide

This week I was introduced to someone in town this week and the very first thing he said to me was that he had heard I had committed suicide. 

I just responded by quoting Twain and told him “the report of my death has been greatly exaggerated” and laughed it off.

However- I know there are people in town who check out my blog, and so I want to set the record straight.

I obviously haven’t, nor will I EVER, commit suicide. I would be in direct opposition with my faith and I would never do such a thing.

But I would also like to point out how strange it is that some in town seem to be ANTICIPATING my impending death.

So much so that they are willing to say how it will happen. In fact, they are claiming that it already HAS happened.

Truth is- if I drop over dead- it will be due to getting microwaved by their directed energy weapon.

Mesner has bragged to me they had already set up in town before I moved here. An email my local police HAVE in their possession.

And now there is gossip going around in town that I have already committed suicide.

I havent- but if I DO drop over- it won’t be of suicide. It will be from murder.

These directed energy weapons exist. And they AREN’T safe- which is why they are still secret- despite Michigan, Maine, and Massachusetts all having laws on the books against their use.

One last point I should make. Nazi Satanists are bad- and those who chose to help them, work with them, and enable them forfeit their own souls in the process.

And no excuse of mental illness or the devil made me do it will excuse you. You throw your at in with the devil- you get what you deserve in the end.

The Darkness will offer YOU the exact same amount of mercy you offered another. Which, of course, is none.

Serving the Beast will get you your just desserts. 

The Founder of the Satanic Temple Claims He’s NOT Involved with the CIA But He’s Going From Their Playbook Exactly

10 Cartoonishly Evil Crimes Committed by the FBI

As you can see in this video, one of the primary goals of the CIA is to surround a person they deem as a threat as a group in order to discredit them by ways of misinformation and lies.

This is what they have done to me by way of Lucien Greaves aka Doug Mesner and his group of followers. Good example is this link…

Porkins Policy Radio episode 169 Lucien Greaves and Joseph Flatley on Satanic Panic, ISSTD, and False Memories

And just to clarify things- the only one loaded with cash is Mesner- who sued Netflix because they didn’t present Baphomet in a good light in their series Sabrina and Doug was butthurt by it.

Both Fiona and I are struggling to survive financially- and besides- what would that idiot know about our personal finances anyway?

He just pulls crap out of his butt and expects everyone to just accept it without question.

NO ONE wants the kind of attention Fiona and I have garnered coming forward as whistle blowers. It’s much easier in this day and age to be a Satanist connected to the CIA as Doug has shown.

Another excellent example of these coordinated attacks is in this link. Karen (more than likely NOT her real name) keeps the link up- but then removes the video and publishes lies as to why she removed the video.

As you can see in the comments section- all those who are attacking me are all the SAME GROUP who have gone out of their way to trash me.  Everywhere. As a group.

And they have done the same to Fiona Barnett.

Anyway- this was my response to her games a few years back.

Kara (Free Range Humans), Hoaxtead Research, YouTube and Me

Doug attacks relentlessly- he and the group he is connected too. 

Constantly through the years they have sent agent after agent to befriend me then neutralize me. To stop me from telling the truth of my situation.

Then claiming I’m lying to excuse their ineptitude. Cause who this group is now is NO WHERE NEAR what it was when I was a child.

They have SERIOUSLY scraped the bottom of the barrel as they seem to have lots of ego- but little intellect. 

My family was involved with child trafficking. Doug never discusses this. Why? Because his argument is that all victims of ritual abuse are liars.

He also argues that sticking your dick in a babies mouth doesn’t cause any neurological damage. This argument is one only one very demented pervert would make in my opinion.

But then that is the Doug I have come to know. A lying, vindictive, dangerous sociopath who has ZERO ability for self reflection and who will hurt everyone he deems beneath him (which is anyone he can’t use or has a need for).

I’m being microwaved to death by weapons the US Air Force to Congress in 2006 they had and were going to use on the American people to show the rest of the world they were safe.

The same weapons they used on the Cuban and Chinese Embassies. 

And it’s 2020 and these weapons are still “secret”- so obviously they aren’t safe.

Anything I say Doug will claim I’m lying. Like the fact that I was told he was around Tacoma WA when all that crap was happening to me in Algona WA- a mere 25 miles from my house.

But then I shouldn’t be surprised since I knew there were Nazi Satanists heavily centered in Olympia WA and Portland OR. As they say- birds of a feather flock together.

The question I have always had for Doug is if I’m such a liar- why does he have this obsessive need to constantly follow me around to try and convince everyone of the fact.

As he has done for YEARS now.

Does he really think that if I’m such a liar- people would be too stupid to realize it without him constantly pointing it out?

Or is it more that he is scared that others will listen to the truth of what I’m saying?

Fact is- his co founder of the Satanic Temple Shane Bugbee claims Mesner (which is no more of his real name than Lucien Greaves) said Doug is working with the CIA.

And what is obvious is that he is playing from the CIA playbook exactly. Him AND his group. 

Exactly identical.

Someone Else’s Article About Their Involvement with Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves founder of the Satanic Temple

This is an article that was posted that speaks about someone joining the Satanic Temple and what they went through with Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves founder of the Satanic Temple.

It went pretty much how you’d expect- just has it’s gone with so many others. But maybe the Nazis he defends respect him more than his followers.


I had the misfortune of interacting with Mesner on Twitter this past week where he played his same game of massively distorting facts and outright lying while arguing in circles. 

He is claiming he has to wear a bullet proof vest due to alleged death threats he supposedly has received, which, having dealt with him personally, I believe is a distraction and projection from the constant threats he and his group have sent others- including myself.

But to his credit- or discredit, however which way you want to view it- in my opinion that to know him IS to despise him so there is that as I always feel the need for a shower after speaking with him to wash of the filth I feel- but unfortunately it is hard to scrub ones soul.

He abruptly ended the conversation when I informed him that I was told he was 20 miles away from me in Tacoma a couple years back when I was selling my house in Washington and going through Hell- supposedly hanging with his Nazi Satanist friends.

He denied it, of course, but if he was traveling to Tacoma it definitely explains a LOT of what I was going through in Washington. And geographically puts his involvement in what was happening with me a LOT closer.

Not that I am not going through major crap here in Iowa- with people breaking into my house, destroying my generator, hurting my dogs, etc. But that is coming from my neighborhood (the town I live in is tiny) and the police are well aware of what’s happening and where it is coming from.

And having all of the threats- including death threats- I have recieved- they are also well aware that it is being directed from someplace else.

Where that is I can’t say for definite- but I certainly have my suspicions.

However- I just do what I can live to live my life and honor my faith and I know that in the end- no matter what happens with or too me- Heaven will eventually deal out justice to all parties involved and that I am just expected to maintain with grace and compassion.

Although I do have to admit that some involved don’t believe in Heaven or that they are able to be judged- which will make it so much more entertaining when it happens.

But if it is IS true that Michael Aquino has reached out to Doug Mesner to elicit help from him, it means that Aquino has become so pathetic that he is but a shell of his former self, as Mesner is lacking in any self control, any real power, and zero leadership of any kind in my opinion.

A con conning a con while claiming superiority in their own mind, which is true either way you look at it – blatantly showing the fact that we live in strange days indeed!