Someone Else’s Article About Their Involvement with Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves founder of the Satanic Temple

This is an article that was posted that speaks about someone joining the Satanic Temple and what they went through with Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves founder of the Satanic Temple.

It went pretty much how you’d expect- just has it’s gone with so many others. But maybe the Nazis he defends respect him more than his followers.

I had the misfortune of interacting with Mesner on Twitter this past week where he played his same game of massively distorting facts and outright lying while arguing in circles. 

He is claiming he has to wear a bullet proof vest due to alleged death threats he supposedly has received, which, having dealt with him personally, I believe is a distraction and projection from the constant threats he and his group have sent others- including myself.

But to his credit- or discredit, however which way you want to view it- in my opinion that to know him IS to despise him so there is that as I always feel the need for a shower after speaking with him to wash of the filth I feel- but unfortunately it is hard to scrub ones soul.

He abruptly ended the conversation when I informed him that I was told he was 20 miles away from me in Tacoma a couple years back when I was selling my house in Washington and going through Hell- supposedly hanging with his Nazi Satanist friends.

He denied it, of course, but if he was traveling to Tacoma it definitely explains a LOT of what I was going through in Washington. And geographically puts his involvement in what was happening with me a LOT closer.

Not that I am not going through major crap here in Iowa- with people breaking into my house, destroying my generator, hurting my dogs, etc. But that is coming from my neighborhood (the town I live in is tiny) and the police are well aware of what’s happening and where it is coming from.

And having all of the threats- including death threats- I have recieved- they are also well aware that it is being directed from someplace else.

Where that is I can’t say for definite- but I certainly have my suspicions.

However- I just do what I can live to live my life and honor my faith and I know that in the end- no matter what happens with or too me- Heaven will eventually deal out justice to all parties involved and that I am just expected to maintain with grace and compassion.

Although I do have to admit that some involved don’t believe in Heaven or that they are able to be judged- which will make it so much more entertaining when it happens.

But if it is IS true that Michael Aquino has reached out to Doug Mesner to elicit help from him, it means that Aquino has become so pathetic that he is but a shell of his former self, as Mesner is lacking in any self control, any real power, and zero leadership of any kind in my opinion.

A con conning a con while claiming superiority in their own mind, which is true either way you look at it – blatantly showing the fact that we live in strange days indeed!

The Recent Attack Against Me Was Breaking into My House and Hurting One of My Dogs

So very recently someone broke into my house and hurt one of my dogs. They didn’t take anything so I have to wonder what they were doing but in the process they kicked one of my dogs, causing her to loose her bowels in the house repeatedly when she has never done this before.

And they left a nasty bruise and lacerations on her belly.

She is now terrified to go downstairs- so I have to carry her down to eat and go to the bathroom. It is one thing to go after me- but to hurt a defenseless loving animal is a special kind of despicable pathetic behavior.

Whoever is doing this is obviously in my neighborhood as strangers would be noticed coming and going in my tiny town.

When I first moved into town- the Satanists who have been harassing me for years now told me they were set up in my town before I got there. Considering they would tell me things that were going to happen a day before they actually did it wasn’t that difficult to see they were telling me the truth.

Either that or they were the best psychics since Nostradamus.

So in the two years I’ve Lived in Iowa- someone has repeatedly broken into my house, tried to poison my dogs three times, I’ve gotten myriads of death threats in emails- all of which have been forwarded to the police, and I’ve been attacked 24/7 by their directed energy weapons.

When I put my house up for sale- they broke in, took the key to my generator and destroyed it in hopes of preventing me from selling my house- which worked. I didn’t sell the house.

And as usual the police haven’t done anything- or can’t. Who knows.  All I know is that they have me trapped and are making mine and my dogs lives a living Hell. 

All because I tried to get my family investigated for their involvement with child trafficking and a myriad of other crimes against humanity during Franklin Credit in Omaha in the 80s and onward.

Those who are helping these child killers are just as low as the sick fucks they are helping- and there is a special place in Hell waiting for this despicable group and their followers/enablers.

Being a child killer is bad enough but enabling and helping child killers takes a certain kind of loser that stands out among all others. Pathetic pieces of shit- and that’s doing shut a disservice. 

Recently My House Was Broken Into and One of My Dogs Was Hurt

The attacks against me are ongoing and recently my house was broken into and one of my dogs was hurt.

It looks as if someone kicked her considering the bruising under her back leg and the abrasions on her stomach.

She is now also terrified to go downstairs and I have to carry her down the steps to eat and go outside. 

It is truly sad as she is the most loving and gentle of dogs.

I am still involved with a court case where I am fighting with the town I live in who is basically using my dogs in order to force me to sell my house and move out of town or get rid of them despite the fact they are my emotional support animals.

Whoever broke into my house and hurt my dog is a pathetic piece of shit. And they better hope I don’t find out who they are considering that animal cruelty is now a federal crime and you can be sure I would so press charges.

And breaking and entering is obviously a crime. But then this is by far not the first time. The last time they did it they destroyed my house generator when I had my house up for sale.

I know there is a special place in Hell waiting for this group and it couldn’t happen to a more deserving group of people.

So Here Is the History Qanon Never Talks About

I have been asked why I believe that our government would be after me. Why would I, an unknown nobody, be targeted?

The issue is that I know the history of Franklin Credit in Omaha, NE in the 80s on a personal level. The REAL history- not the “official” bs story that has been offered for decades, and I have spent decades trying to expose the truth.

A key figure in what happened- a man Qanon NEVER speaks about- is Col. Michael Aquino- founder of The Temple of Set, a “Satanic” sect.

He began as a co-founder of the Church of Satan with Anton Lavey but they parted ways in the early 70s. You see, Lavey began his Satanic experiment as a way to mock Christianity whereas Aquino became a full fledged Luciferian.

The difference is that Satanists don’t really believe in anything- which is why they generally refer to themselves as “atheists” – although the fact they call themselves Satanists kind of negates their disbelief, whereas Luciferians however believe in the AntiChrist and a war with Heaven, which they believe they can win.

Lavey was a Satanist. Aquino is a Luciferian.

Aquino was not only implicated in the McMartin case but also in the Presideo child abuse case, just to name two.

In fact he has been called out a myriad of times by hundreds of victims but has NEVER been investigated due to reasons of “national security”, although what child rape and trafficking, not to mention murder (which he has been called out for) has to do with national security is a good question.

After the Franklin Credit scandal started to hit national news in the late 80s, (news reports you can read in my book “Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story”), claiming the child trafficking was directly related to the Republican party and the Regan/Bush White House, Aquino hit the talk show circuit with an FBI guy by the name of Ted Gunderson.

Their shtick was going on TV where Aquino claimed he was being discriminated against for his “Satanic” beliefs while wearing an idiotic Merlin type outfit while Gunderson acted like a bumbling FBI idiot who went out of his way to present conspiracy filled arguments that completely discredited the whole child trafficking issue.

At the same time this was happening, a group of rich white parents who had been called out by their own children for committing ritual abuse on their own children began on organization called the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, where they gave us the two phrases  “satanic panic” and “false memories”.

The only member who WASN’T an accused parent was a man named Ralph Underwager who did an interview with Padika magazine where he extolled the virtues of pedophilia.

Ralph Underwager- Another False Memory Foundation Pedophile and his Paidika Interview

The AG at the time, working for George Bush Sr. was none other than our current AG today- William Barr. He was the one who made all this child trafficking issues go away in the 80s and early 90s.

Which is interesting considering he is the one making the Epstein mess fade away. No one knows why he went to the jail Epstein was housed at two weeks before Epstein died or how he determined that it was a suicide by viewing video footage from two cameras he himself reported as broken when it happened.

An interesting side note to all this is that Seth Rich was FROM Omaha, and considering that Omaha has always been a small “cow town”, LOTS of people know what was going on there when the Franklin case broke open, which would give the Republicans more reason to kill Rich than the Democrats.

Chances are very good Rich Knew the truth about Franklin.

Which may explain why the Republicans came out IMMEDIATELY after Seth Rich’s murder claiming that the Democrats were behind it, especially considering many of the Republicans who were in power back then are STILL in power today.

In my personal experience with Omaha and this mess concerning child abductions and trafficking – which you can read in what I originally wrote before it became Rabbit Hole- which I entitled “Confessions of an AntiChrist”

Original EXTENDED Version of Rabbit Hole- Under the Name Confessions of an Antichrist

It is my contention that Qanon is nothing more than a continuation of the same psych op that began with the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, which is why Aquino’s name has never been mentioned and why NO real victims are involved with it.

It is ALSO the reason why no one knows who “Q” even is although members have been given special visits to the Trump White House.

It isn’t like Democrats weren’t involved however, which is why I find Barney Frank pushing the Democrats to use the phrase “pay the price” regarding this impeachment mess so amusing as you only need to research his past to see the irony of this.

Basically what I see happening now is that once again the gang’s all here- doing their best to reenact what they did back in the 80s.

However, history never repeats itself the same way and the Internet has changed everything.

And I’m not going to stop doing whatever I can to expose this mess as I know the real truth AND the real history.

Which is why I know that our government is doing it’s best to shut me down.

Considering all of the death threats I have received, which the police have, it isn’t much of a leap in my opinion.

This is the LAST Time I Will Deal with What Happened 40 Years Ago With My Nephew

I can not begin to describe how sick I am of dealing with what happened between my nephew and I 40 yrs ago when I was 13, but due to recent events- I’ll deal with it one more time on here so I can simply refer those who never seem to have all the facts to the truth back to this.

Yes- I DID attack my nephew when I was 13.

This happened after I was forced to light a man on fire when I was 10, which I have detailed in my book “Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story” .

Immediately after the attack, I tried to commit suicide so when the police came- so did the ambulance- for ME.

The Minnesota legal system did NOT charge me for the attack but rather ordered social services into my dad and stepmother’s house, determining that they suspected I was suffering through severe child abuse.

A month after this- I once again tried to commit suicide a week after I turned 14. The social worker who was involved in my case took me to a mental hospital where I spent five months after they determined I was suffering from a psychotic break.

Basically because I was convinced that I was destined to become the vessel of the AntiChrist and believed killing myself was the only way to prevent this.

I have never hid from what I did when I was 13 and it has been a cross for me to bear my whole life.  In fact, in 53 years of living, if I could go back in time and change only one event in my life- this situation would be the one I would change.

So when Doug Messer aka Lucien Greaves founder of the Satanic Temple and his groupies began to throw it in my face after learning about it from the very family members I had been trying to get investigated for their involvement with child trafficking and a myriad of other crimes, I decided to make a YouTube video dealing with the situation.

Since I was the one who made the video, I obviously have NOT tried to hide anything and have been more than forthcoming.

The Satanists who have been waging a war to discredit me for years edited my 10 minute video into a 1 minute segment and have posted it everywhere they can.

They have argued I show no contrition in the video- which IS true- but I didn’t make the video for anyone in my family but rather for Doug Mesner and his groupies- who I have ZERO respect for. 

Why I need to feel the need to show contrition for a group of self proclaimed Satanists who were neither there, involved, or affected in ANY way, shape, or form with what happened and who are only using what happened 40 years ago to try and discredit me to try and prevent anyone from investigating my allegations that my family was involved with abducting, raping, and killing children IS and ALWAYS WILL BE beyond me.

This group was not and IS NOT looking for justice for my nephew or anything so nobel but rather want to use it to discredit and vilify me in order to prevent anyone from listening to me about the crimes my family was involved with.

In fact they have absolutely NO concern for my nephew or family who would rather leave this in the past- since it happened DECADES ago and we have ALL tried to move past this.

More so, they have NO concern for the humiliation they have caused my nephew as an adult who feels that THEY are now violating him and is concerned that HIS children will find their myriads of posts and in turn be hurt by what happened so many years ago.

This group of Satanists- who I basically refer to as the “pedophile protection squad” , are solely interested in protecting the group of child rapists and child killers I had to suffer through as a child.  

In fact Doug Messer aka Lucien Greaves founder of the Satanic Temple actually posted a conference he did on YouTube where he laughed about Brice Taylor, declaring she was wrong and that “sticking a penis in a baby’s mouth causes no long-standing neurological damage” .

This argument, in my opinion, is sick and perverted beyond words yet THIS is the group those who are gossiping about this are supporting, despite their convictions of their own self piety and self righteousness.

Jesus said that most who will find themselves in the Darkness will do so because of their own tongues. To gossip is to break the 9th Commandment and to break one is akin to breaking them all.

And personally I don’t give a DAMN about those who victim shame. I have made the police take my DNA- I have done everything I can to bring justice to what my family has done, and if you are more concerned about what happened 40 years ago when I was a horribly abused 13 year old child rather than the group of abusers who hurt me and SO MANY other children- I say you can go straight to hell.

Knowing you will end up there eventually anyway.

Looking Back As My Life As a Whistle Blower

This Friday I turn 53 and it is often a time I look back at my life and reflect. (It is also a time where my nightmares come back full force as I relive my childhood at night when I’m asleep).

I have done everything I can think of to get my parents investigated for my family’s involvement with child trafficking and a myriad of other crimes.

I went to Nebraska State Patrolman cold case detective John Pankonin and had him take my DNA to compare to cold cases- specifically the murder of Ricky Chaddick- to see if my dad or brother were involved.

The result? Well, other than Detective Pankonin’s sister befriending my sister and I- absolutely NOTHING happened- despite the fact that Ricky’s family vacationed at Silver Lake, Minnesota where my father and stepmother had their OWN place there.

My Exchange with Nebraska State Patrol Cold Case Detective John Pankonin about the Ricky Chadek Murder

I went to every local media outlet and was continuously met with two words- “career killer”.

I then wrote and published “Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story”, where I received a nomination for book of the year. I also began a blog-

where I have detailed everything I have tried to do and have gone through as a result.

I have contacted the national media, the Department of Justice, and have personally filed a report at the Seattle FBI office. Again- I have gotten nowhere.

During all this- I made YouTube videos and did countless interviews.

The most notable was on the John B Wells show “Caravan to Midnight” where I detailed my dad’s involvement with the Jacob Wetterling case- a 28 year old cold case.

The result of this interview was that LESS than two weeks after this interview an unsolvable 28 year old case was “solved” with a perp who was already in prison, a confession although the case wasn’t prosecuted, and a body although an investigative journalist by the name of Timothy Holmseth reported that the remains were not even human.

Throughout this- I have been attacked and threatened by Satanists. While living in Seattle, I had a protection order taken out on me in Kent, Washington. In the complaint, 15 or so videos were listed that had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the petitioners but rather ONLY and SOLELY dealt with Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves founder of the Satanic Temple.

Funny- later a protection order was taken out on Timothy Holmseth by someone who lives in Broward County in Florida despite the fact that Holmseth lives in Minnesota. This whole protection order scam is an extremely effective way to silence those they deem a threat.

There are a myriad of videos stating 1/2 truths and outright lies about me in order to discredit me and prevent anyone from listening to my allegations about my family. The majority of which are connected to Satanists and those who have sent me threats- most esp death threats.

The police where I live now have the large amounts of threats I have received and have had to file a felony burglary and criminal mischief report after my home was broken into and my house generator was destroyed. Included in those threats were death threats.

Despite everything, I don’t regret doing what I have. My faith in God compels me to stand against evil and to try and make right the damage and pain my family has caused.

However, I have NO faith in mankind. Q Anon, in my opinion,  is a psych op. I have argued with people connected to this lunacy and they have no idea who the key players are- like Col. Michael Aquino. This whole “Have patience and trust in the plan” is nothing more than a way to stop anyone from actually doing anything to try and stop this child trafficking mess.

No one even knows who is behind Q Anon- and although back in the 80s it was the CIA group the False Memory Foundation that gave us the two phrases “satanic panic” a “false memories”, this group’s egos keep them from ever considering that the CIA might be doing the same thing now.

Esp when you consider Jeffery Epstein. It has never been explained what AG Barr was doing at the prison two or so weeks before Epstein died- or how he concluded Epstein killed himself by watching film footage from two cameras he first reported were broken.

But considering AG Barr was AG for George Bush Sr. when he made both the child trafficking mess in the 80s as well as the Iran/Contra scandal go away- it isn’t a big leap to consider he is doing the same now.

I’m not sure what is going to happen in the future- or how long I have in this life. But what I DO know is that when I come  face to face with my maker, I’ll be able to say I tried to make things right.

The Omaha World Herald Publishes an Article Concerning These Microwave Weapons

The Omaha World Herald published an article about the attacks on officials at the Cuban Embassy that was written by the Washington Post.

The symptoms were as follows:

“Hearing loss, dizziness, tinnitus, visual difficulties, headaches and fatigue, as well as cognitive, balance and sleeping difficulties”

The exact same symptoms both my sister and I have been experiencing.

The media pretends they have no idea what could have caused these attacks despite the fact that in 2006 NBC reported that our US Air Force reported to Congress that they had these microwave weapons- called DEW, (directed energy weapons), and that they were going to use them on American citizens to show the rest of the world they were safe.

Considering that was in 2006 and it is 2019 and they are still a secret- and the attacks seem to be referred to as if they are magic, they aren’t safe.

Esp. considering the lasting medical effects that have been determined by the Cuban embassy workers.

My sister and I are being attacked because of all we know about the events in Omaha that culminated into what is known as the Franklin Credit scandal.

Basically because many of the same people who were involved back then are involved with this Jeffery Epstein case.

In fact, this case with Epstein is just a continuation of what was happening back in the 60s-80s in Omaha.

However- just like they have concerning these DEW weapons, the media has decided to keep this correlation secret.

So they are torturing my sister and I with their weapon to keep us from trying to expose our family’s involvement with child abductions and trafficking that was a large part of what was happening in Omaha.

Because that is what their DEW weapons are- torture machines- that they willingly use on anyone they consider a threat. Instrumented by our own CIA- who have ALWAYS been involved with the nefarious atrocities that our government have perpetrated. 

They want to shut us up in any way they can.

So they pay people to help them. Those who are around us, as it is no secret that many people will do just about anything for money.

And it isn’t just my sister and I as 1000s of people have claimed they have been attacked by these weapons.

The very people our AIR Force told Congress they were going to attack with these weapons to show the rest of the world they were safe.

While our media pretends to remain clueless, despite the fact there are laws on the books in Michigan, Maine, and Massachusetts.

The truth is out there, despite how hard our government and media outlets are trying to keep the truth from everyone.

The CIA is Involved with Shutting Anyone Who is Trying to Expose this Child Trafficking Down

The CIA’s MO is always the same.

They make videos and go all over social media trashing a person in order to defame them.

I certainly have been a victim of this- although most if not all have been made by those directly connected with Satanism.

Then they take out protection orders- as they did with me. Of course every video (and there were about 15 listed) that was taken out in Kent, WA had NOTHING to do with the petitioners but only and SOLELY dealt with Doug Messer aka Lucien Greaves- the founder of the Satanic Temple- except for a couple that dealt with Donald Trump. 

Then policeman Ryan Miller of the Algona WA police dept filed a complaint in Pacific WA that I had violated it. He was fresh out of the military and brand new on the force and I was told by the Algona police dept he had been given complete jurisdiction over everything that had to do with me.

Timothy Holmseth is another example of this “game” .

Living in Minnesota he was investigating a child trafficking ring in Broward County, Florida after getting involved with the Jacob Wetterling case. Broward County is right next door to Palm Beach County- where Jeffery Epstein was running a child trafficking ring.

Someone there took out an order on him and while he was in jail- they claimed he violated the order.

It effectively shut him completely up.

These are just two examples of something that is happening over and over to myriads of people.

Shane Bugbee, co founder of the Satanic Temple, claimed Messer was working with the CIA. And Master’s followers certainly have been after me.

You just have to go to YouTube to see this. Type in my name.

Why me?

Because of everything I know about what happened in Omaha concerning Franklin Credit.

A situation that is almost identical to what we are just beginning to watch unfold with this case concerning Jeffery Epstein.

This Epstein Mess Mirrors Franklin Credit in the 80s Incredibly

Mark Twain once said that “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes”.  In my experience, I think a better way to phrase it is that history echoes itself.

It certainly is in my life right now.

The situation with Jeffery Epstein is actually almost identical to the Franklin Credit scandal in Omaha in the 80s.

A group of rich and powerful men raping, trafficking, and hurting children with a political and legal steamroller engaged to quiet any whistleblowers.

I won’t be surprised if, under further investigation, this mess will include murder, drug trafficking, and the exact same things Franklin consisted of.

There are also other similarities. 

Qanon is being used like the CIA based group the False Memory Syndrome Foundation that coined the phrases ” false memories” and “satanic panic”.

Those who have joined this movement are being completely discredited just as victims were in the 80s.

Personally- I am NOT a believer in Qanon. I believe it is a psych op. And “pizzagate” was designed to get people to dismiss any belief in child trafficking as it is hard to traffic children in a basement of a pizza parlor- Esp when there IS NO basement under Comet Pizza.

It was designed to get people to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

The Iran Contra affair- the one William Barr handled- was also handled in the 80s.

And now he is back to “handling” things.

In my chapter “It’s Not What You Know but Who You Know” in the extended version of my book “Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story” I speak about the case of America vs. Gilberto Montoya who was Pablo Escobar’s nephew. It was HIS capture that the CIA used to bring Escobar down, despite the fact they were flying TONS of cocaine into Offutt Air Force base that was supplied by Escobar. 

Original EXTENDED Version of Rabbit Hole- Under the Name Confessions of an Antichrist

“United States of America v. Gilberto Montoya, submitted August 26,1991 and decided Dec. 26,1991. Montoya was the nephew of Pablo Escabar, the Contra cocaine dealer the CIA was colluding with. Steven M. Watson argued for Montoya and Donald L Schense for the U.S. government.

In June 1989, Florida residents Montoya and Juan Garcia-Escobar drove from Miami to Omaha with two kilograms of cocaine concealed in a cooler. They delivered it to their customer, Kevin Dobson, in the presence of Mike Dillon, Dobson’s friend and a cocaine and marijuana user. Montoya and Garcia-Escobar remained in Omaha for several days until Dobson had sold enough of the cocaine to pay them for one kilo. They then returned to Miami where they were arrested some months later.

…Montoya was convicted of a conspiracy to distribute cocaine in Omaha in June 1989. The alleged conspirators were Montoya, Garcia-Escobar, and Dobson. Although the only transaction proved was the transporting from Florida and the distribution in Omaha of two kilos of cocaine in June 1989, the testimony tended to prove that the conspirators viewed this transaction as the start of a continuing relationship.

…an almost offhand comment by Dobson during his direct testimony:

Q. Mr. Dobson, what was that discussion in regards to fronting cocaine to you from Miami from Mr. Montoya and Juancho [Garcia-Escobar]?

A. Juancho had told me that [Montoya] said that he would bring me up six kilos of cocaine and leave them with me, that I could sell it at my leisure along with a couple hundred pounds of pot… for Mike Dillon to sell at his leisure….”

So it is history echoing itself once again now that Barr is involved with all the messes our current administration is involved with.

Concerning Kevin Dobson – my sister was best friends with him years ago. Which is one reason they (the CIA) is trying to take us out. BOTH my sister and I.

One last thing… Seth Rich was FROM Omaha- and since most everyone who is from Omaha knew at least SOME things about Franklin Credit- I have always believed this was why he was murdered and why Republicans were so quick to claim it was Democrats that had him murdered.

After all- as it was reported back then- this child and drug trafficking that was happening in Omaha (and coincidentally Houston TX as well), went straight to the Regan/Bush White House. Seems to me they would have more reason to dispose of Rich than anyone.

But things NEVER happen the same way twice.  So maybe- this time- there is hope for justice.

The Game Being Played with Issac Kappy is Identical to the One That Was Played with Franklin Credit in Omaha in the 80s

Issac Kappy, an actor who was supposedly exposing the pedophilia in Hollywood, is dead. At least that is the story.

Despite doing a Periscope video a day and a half before where he repeatedly stated that he was in no way suicidal, it has been said that he drove to Arizona and jumped off an overpass bridge into an oncoming truck.

According to what has been reported- first there were two teenage boys trying to stop him on the bridge in the middle of nowhere at 7:30 a.m. and now it has grown to 18 people that were standing on the bridge.

The problems with all of this are that the family didn’t identify the body and he was immediately cremated.

However my main issue with this mess is that now- the conversation has been changed from what Kappy was “exposing”- and I use parentheses because other than a lot of talk and allegations nothing was ever really exposed- to a complete focus on who was involved with Kappy’s before his death- and who is and is not a shill.

Children and their abuse and trafficking are no longer part of the equation.

Distraction has become the game- just as it was with Franklin Credit in Omaha in the 80s.

What do I mean?

Well, Franklin Credit became about ONE boy’s abduction- which occurred in West Des Moines Iowa.

Of course I am speaking about Johnny Gosch- who was one of THREE newspaper boys who disappeared at the time although few even know about the other two boys- Eugene Martin and Marc Allen.

His mother Noreen- who many consider a ” saint” in all of this- has done nothing but discombobulate the situation and we are nowhere closer to knowing what happened now than we were back then, despite the fact that both my sister and I have told her that the three brothers involved were the Aquazino brothers (not sure of the spelling), who grew up with my older siblings and who I knew as waiters at the French Cafe.

Or that Sam Soda, who has been alleged to be involved, was a manager at the Stage Door bar- an establishment directly across from the Omaha Police headquarters.

Noreen, after speaking extensively with me, then proceeded to call my sister late at night, after my sister had taken her Ambien, and ply her for information. This stopped after my sister told her ex husband if he woke her up and handed her the phone one more time she would throw him out.

Then there is Paul Bonnaci who is also regarded as a hero, although it was HIS testimony and his weird multiple personality act- that rivaled Edward Norton’s performance in “Primal Fear”- that brought the grand jury to call the allegations a carefully crafted hoax.

And logically it was an act. MKUltra victims were designed to be spies- but watching his performance- what secrets would YOU have told him and would you actually believe he would have kept your secrets private?

And yet we are to believe this group of child abductors- whose whole focus was secrecy- did just that.

Michael Brownell- who was present when Troy Boner’s brother was shot to death- had no idea who Bonnaci even was when he came forward. But don’t take MY word for it- hear it in his own words in our interview…

John DeCamp- the lawyer who was involved with Franklin Credit (as well as the Oklahoma City bombing and the Columbine shooting), is regarded as another hero, having written a book about the Franklin Credit scandal.

However, his book didn’t include the Old Market, which was where children were being abducted- like 13 year old Todd Bequette, or the Hollywood Bar- where when allegations came forward that snuff films were being produced there was demolished and a city parking garage was built over it, or that Sam Soda worked at the Stage Door a block up from the Hollywood Bar- (despite the fact he was working hand in hand with Noreen Gosch)- not to mention the satanic rituals that were being performed at Hummel Park- which was a few miles right outside of town.

My point is that controlled opposition is ALWAYS used in these situations to distract and discombobulate the issues. They pose as heroes- gathering people and directing them into dead ends until they grow tired and drift away.

And controlled opposition is on BOTH sides- playing the parts of both villains and hero’s. Controlling the narrative is ALWAYS the goal.

The same is happening with Kappy. Now it has become all about his death rather than the pedophilia he was constantly talking about.

With this- I have to disclose I didn’t trust Kappy.  For a myriad of reasons but mostly because he was reckless and surrounded by people I felt could not be trusted.

But what my sister and I know about Omaha is the very reason they are doing what they can to silence us.

Thus, despite him reaching out to me repeatedly, I came to constantly decline his pleas to work with me.

The focus should be on STOPPING this child abuse and NOT on personalities. But what I am watching with Kappy now- I am beginning to realize this is a pipe dream- as people still- 30+ years later- seem almost eager to be lead by intrigue than discovering the true facts even now- let alone doing anything to bring all of this to a halt.