There Is A Larger Picture Concerning Earling IA Going After My Dogs

Despite the fact that the Earling City council approved of my dogs in January 2018- when I bought my house- 8 months later they tried to charge me with a crime for having them.

This was all done at the Shelby IA County Court House.

The thing is- due to that protection order that was taken out against me in Kent, WA, of which every video listed on it had absolutely NOTHING to do with the petitioners but only and SOLEY dealt with Doug Mesner aka Satanic Temple’s founder Lucien Greaves (except for two that dealt with Donald Trump), and the consequent accusation I violated that protection order in the Pacific, WA court house- I signed a contract with the court that if I kept myself from committing any crimes for a year- it would be wiped clean from my record.

If I didn’t, I would consequently be remanded to jail.

This contract is up at the end of this month- February 2019.

And I haven’t committed any crimes (which wasn’t hard since I am not a law breaker and at 52 yrs of age- don’t plan to start).

Which is why they are after me with my dogs- trying to convict me of a crime for having them despite the fact they approved of them in the first place and both my therapist and my psychiatrist are on record declaring them as emotional support animals.

They are using that which I love the most to try and convict me of a crime for having them in an attempt to put me in jail, where I have been assured repeatedly that I will be murdered.

All to silence me and stop my attempts to get my family investigated for child trafficking in Omaha in the 80s.

The court case the city tried to convict me of a crime for my dogs was tossed out on a technicality, and so this past January 2019, they implemented a new law- and now, despite the fact that I have put my house up for sale in order to move out of town, it seems they are going to move forward to try again.

Here are links to the back story of all of this…

There is More To the Story of What’s Happening in Earling IA

What Is Happening In Earling, IA is Hurting More Than Just Myself. There is a Reason White Supremacist Steve King was Just Reelected

And here is an article concerning the city of Earling’s lawyer- Clint Fischer- who is the one helping the city of Earling to go after me…

This is a Des Moines Register Article Regarding Earling IA Attorney Who Tried to Charge Me With a Crime Concerning My Dogs 8 Months AFTER Approving Them

There is more to this than what lies on the surface- and all I want is to try and get out of town- with my dogs- and try to live my life in peace.

However I am facing great adversity- simply because I tried to do the right thing. Child trafficking is wrong and I come from a family of monsters- which needs to be exposed.

I need help from the authorities but since that has NOT been at ALL forthcoming, my faith can only be on God.

May Heaven help me.

In These Dark Days- We Are All Called to Make a Choice

I truly believe that in these dark times the only thing we can do is hold strong to our faith.

God lies within us and all around us.

In the past three years I have been attacked ferociously. All due to the fact that I have tried to expose my family and their involvement with child trafficking going on in Omaha in the 80’s.

The Franklin Credit mess may be in the past but this child trafficking abomination is STILL heavily in effect. I mean- what do you really think happened to the 1000s of immigrant children that were taken at the southern border- of who there is absolutely no account of their whereabouts?

Evil has become pervasive in our society. As it was foretold- good would be touted as evil and evil would be prevailed as good.

To simply speak the truth at this time has become an act of extreme defiance- and is met with vicious opposition at every turn.

However, it has become time to choose a side and take a stand- as it has ALSO been foretold that the lukewarm will be vomited out like all the rest.

It is time each one of us choose that which we find acceptable and that which we don’t.

I have done what I have because I love the Word. And that Word is simply love. I love my Creator, I love mankind, and above all- I love life.

Life is sacred- and it is to be cherished above all else. ALL life.

Which is strange considering I have put my own life on the line to do what I feel is right. In many ways I have chosen to sacrifice myself.

Both my sister- who has fought against our family’s crimes like I have- and myself feel the same. Which is why we both have found ourselves under serious attack.

Many of those who my family were in league with are still very much alive, and have an army employed by them to help them hide their crimes.

To protect their status quo and keep the profits of their child commodity trading flowing, they have an army of pedophile protection squad members who are pure evil- as there is no other word for it.

However, my faith assures me that no matter what happens to me- or my sister- that this, in the end, will be dealt with in the harshest of ways.

This group will, in the end, face retribution.

We have given our lives to do what is right. And we will continue till the end- no matter the personal cost.

To conclude- I believe we are in a period of judgment- and that our choices will dictate what our individual outcome will be.

This life is bigger than any one of us- and there is much more at stake than personal wealth or security, and I pray that our Maker keeps me in hand- and that my sacrifice helps to awaken and save those who can be awakened and saved in the end.

Despite all of my fears- and all of my trials, I pray that am able to prevail this test of fire- and that others are able to follow on the same path.

My Sister Recieved a Death Threat on Twitter- Two Days Later They Disconnected Her Water

They are after my sister for a myriad of reasons.

First- she is a loud member of the resistance.

Secondly, she was the whistle blower in our family and was first to deal with our family’s crimes against children.

Thirdly, she is the mother of my nephew who I attacked 39 years ago when I was 13.

We are very close and are working with each other as family does.

Mesner and his group desperately want to present me as a pedophile- hated by my family, although neither is true.

They can’t have the fact that my sister and her family and I have been close throughout our lives as it disrupts their narrative.

So they sent her a message on Twitter telling her she would be dead soon. Then, two days later- they disconnected her water meter and the heat tape surrounding her pipes under her trailer, causing her to lose water completely.

In the middle of winter with the hopes that her pipes would freeze and burst.

She is sick, disabled, and on social security. A 64 yr old woman who lives directly next to Offutt Air Force Base – it shows they have no bounds they will cross and hurt whoever then need trying to achieve their objective.

And since Shane Bugbee- a co-founder of the Satanic Temple- wrote in his article “Master and Slave” that Mesner is working with the CIA- it is pretty obvious he isn’t working alone.

Then yesterday- THIS was my own attack I had to endure on Twitter. As you can see- their narrative is the same as it has been for years, although I would like to point out that they have searched for years for something to discredit me and the fact that they only have something that happened 39 years ago when I was 13 shows that I am far from what they are desperate to present me as.

These comments were left all over my Twitter feed which is why they are somewhat scattered.

There is More To the Story of What’s Happening in Earling IA

I haven’t mentioned that the city clerk’s son is on the city council- and that her son’s mother in law owns almost all the business real estate in town.

The Des Moines Register – the largest newspaper in Iowa- did a report in their watch dog section on Earling’s city attorney Clint Fischer that was quite telling…

Considering what they are doing to me- and esp. what they did to Vaughn Gross – who put a gun in his mouth this past Christmas- it is my opinion there is more going on in this town that what people know.

What happened to Vaughn was wrong. What is happening to me is wrong as well. But Vaughn’s experience tells me there is some sort of weird land grab going on.

The city clerk has lived here for three years- yet few in this town of 300 know who she is. However- as I have said- she befriended me even before I left Seattle last January.

My question is why.

As I’ve said- the city council approved of my dogs last January- but eight months after they tried to convict me of a crime for having them- despite the fact that a business owner in town ALSO has a pit mix that bit a neighbor’s dog- requiring the injured dog to require twelve stiches- and yet he has not been required to get rid of his dog.

In fact he STILL isn’t having any issues. So I guess the town’s ordinances only apply to those the city council wants to target.

Although, of course, Vaughn Gross didn’t have a dog. Just a house they seemed to want.

Considering I was fighting against Nazis in Washington State- which is why I moved- and Iowa just reelected a white supremist (Steve King) in SW Iowa- which is where Earling is located- it isn’t a huge leap to think it may all be connected in some way to some sort of weird Nazi agenda.

At least in the way of their tactics anyway.

Just how this is all connected I am unsure of. However- if this all continues- something tells me it won’t stop with me.

And they have already pushed a man to commit suicide.

I, however, will NEVER hurt myself but will fight until I am no longer able. And exposing this is something I am compelled to do.

And this type of situation is not new to me. Here is the type of stuff I have dealt with in the past…

This Is The Email Exchange Between Myself and IEATBABIES Who I Believe Is Doug Mesner aka John Kilrush aka Satanic Temple’s founder Lucien Greaves

A “Veiled” Threat Sent to Me This Easter

And considering I have that protection order that was filed in Kent, WA (where every video listed had NOTHING to do with the petitioners but only and SOLEY dealt with Doug Mesner aka Satanic Temple’s founder Lucien Greaves) and the claim I violated it that was filed in Pacific, WA by Algona WA policeman Ryan Miller- who I’ve written extensively on this blog about- I figure they are hoping the claim against my dogs- again filed 8 months AFTER they approved them- directly after I made a complaint to the council regarding their city clerk- will land me in jail.

At which point they will simply claim my house was abandoned- enabling them to lay claim to it.

Considering everything I have gone through trying to get my family investigated for child trafficking in Omaha in the 80s – I am just assuming all of these attacks are all connected.

Esp considering all of the emails I received directly after moving to Earling that foretold everything I went through BEFORE it happened- which I again forwarded it to the Shelby County Sheriff’s office.

It isn’t a huge leap to think this is all somehow connected.

What Is Happening In Earling, IA is Hurting More Than Just Myself. There is a Reason White Supremacist Steve King was Just Reelected

Yes it is true that I am being attacked by the city council here- but I am far from the only one. Nazi type bs seems to be alive and thriving in small town Iowa- esp considering Iowa just reelected white supremist Steve King in the state.

Due to the harassment a fellow town’s man suffered, a man by the name of Vaughn Gross just put a gun in his mouth and killed himself this past Christmas.

First- the city council published in the local newspaper in Harlan, IA an article that his house had been foreclosed on due to back taxes- which wasn’t true.

Vaughn was in his 60’s and had no money- so he was unable to obtain a lawyer and fight back.

Just before his suicide- they (Earling IA’s city council ), then condemned his house. He killed himself as a result.

Worse, the town knew his family had a history of depression – as Vaughn’s brother had committed suicide years before.

In my opinion, what is happening closely resembles some type of Nazi Agenda- which, considering the state just reelected Steve King- who has proven ties to Nazi groups- seems logical to me.

This town approved me to move in with my three dogs- two of which are incredibly loveable pit bulls and then- 8 months later- they tried to charge me with a crime for having them and took me to court at the Shelby County Court House.

Before that they tried to shut off my water for being 27.00 behind on my bill.

I thought it was because I was disabled, poor, and gay (although I have been celibate for years now because of my faith)- and because I had made a complaint against Earling’s city clerk Lori Ahart- but now, after what happened to Vaughn, I’m beginning to think it is because they are doing some sort of land grab and want my house.

I am being systematically harassed- house broken into, things stolen, and esp considering someone has tried to poison my dogs twice.

The Pacific Northwest, where I just moved from, has been inundated with Nazis and unfortunately I seem to have moved to a state that is just as bad.

Immediately moving here, I was receiving emails telling me that my house was going to be broken into a day or two before it happened, that my dogs were in danger a day or two before someone tried to poison them, etc. etc.

Later on I figured out that it could have easily been city clerk Lori Ahart- who at the time, had befriended me and who had keys to my house. During all of this- she was trying to convince me it was my next door neighbor- going so far as to giving me a photocopy of my neighbors check that she had written to city hall for her water bill.

The local Sherriff’s dept knows about all of this- as I have sent them every email as well as a picture of the photocopied check and have even gone in for an hour and a half interview- but as of yet they have not helped in the slightest.

Less than a year later I have had to put my house up for sale in order to try and move from here due to the systematic behavior.

I have been attacked for trying to expose my family for being involved with child trafficking in Omaha in the 80s – who’s friends were all Nazi affiliated.

But I am also gay and disabled- which would put me high on their list of hated individuals.

However- what is happening in this town extends beyond me- and judging by what just happened to Mr. Gross- it seems to involve some sort of land grab.

And considering Steve King was Just reelected, it is safe to say that Iowa condones white supremacy and of their tactics.

Because what is happening in Earling IA is strait up Nazi bs. Not just for me but for others. So bad in fact a man just put a gun in his mouth and killed himself.

Sacha Baron Cohen: We Stumbled Upon Possible Pedophile Ring During ‘Who Is America’ Taping, Notified FBI

Sacha Baron Cohen: We Stumbled Upon Possible Pedophile Ring During ‘Who Is America’ Taping, Notified FBI

Despite getting this all on tape and turning it over to the FBI- the FBI chose not to investigate.

If Cohen can get this ON TAPE- what chances do you think victims who were molested as children have getting their claims investigated?


And yet people believe the lies about all these secret indictments that are getting handed down- despite the REAL evidence right before their eyes.

I went to the Seattle branch of the FBI and told them about my family being involved with child trafficking and absolutely NOTHING came of it.

As such- the only conclusion I can reach is that the FBI is PROTECTING child trafficking – NOT investigating it.

Cohen’s full interview here:

Sacha Baron Cohen On Unseen Shocking Scenes In Trump-Inspired Golden Globe-Nominated Series ‘Who Is America?’

Fighting to Expose My Family’s Involvement with Child Trafficking Has Been Harsh But It’s Been the Right Thing to Do

Despite reaching out to authorities repeatedly – such as the Justice Department, the FBI (where I went in person to their Seattle office), and countless police- I have never recieved ANY follow up or any investigations.

Instead I have only been attacked by those who have had a public connection to Satanism- who have done their best to make everything about me to keep scrutiny off my family.

My family was involved with child trafficking in Omaha in the 80s. And it extended further than the Franklin Credit Scandal.

For YEARS afterwards.

Rusty Nelson- a convicted pedophile caught up with Franklin- always spoke about a second photographer being involved.

That second photographer was my brother- Stephen Wesley Shurter.

Frank Church- head of the Church Committee that investigated MKUltra- had his profile picture by my brother. In fact it was my brother’s one claim to fame.

My brother’s stash of Satanic child porn was confiscated in Ocean City, Maryland two years after his death in the possession of Larry King Jr.- not the same man who was involved with Franklin.

The Satanists fighting me claim that these are lies- while doing their best to vilify me.

But then the most well known Satanist is Doug Mesner aka Satanic Temple’s founder Lucien Greaves – who’s Co founder Shane Bugbee claims is connected to the CIA.

Considering the intense attacks against me- and the fact nothing I have reported for the past 13 yrs has been investigated- I have pretty much concluded that our own government is protecting child trafficking.

You only have to look at recent events surrounding convicted pedophile billionaire Jeffrey Epstein to see the truth in this.

However, despite how hard this has been- I got into this because of my faith and I truly believe- despite everything that has and IS happening- it was the right thing to do and I don’t regret my choices.

How this will all end is unknown to me- but at least when I face God- and I believe we all will eventually- I will do so knowing I did the right thing.

I Am Being Attacked for Trying to Expose My Family’s Involvement with Child Trafficking

To be honest- I am wearing down.

After my father admitted he had “committed crimes against children” and that he had “skeletons in his closet”- I decided to try and expose what my family has been involved with.

A year ago last January – I reached out repeatedly to Trump on Twitter to try and enlist his help and that March- I started to get non stop targeted.

Doug Mesner aka Satanic Temple’s founder Lucien Greaves and his group has attacked me non stop- sending me constant emails bragging about what they were doing.

Doug has a long history of doing what he can to discredit victims of Satanic Ritual abuse- where victims, as children, were ritually abused in the worship of evil, making videos and doing seminars calling all victims liars, frauds, or crazy.

His Co founder of the Satanic Temple – Shane Bugbee- has exposed Doug’s involvement with the CIA in an expose’ called ” Master and Slave”…

religion: a master and slave relationship

Doug has repeatedly told me I would be “dead soon” and that they would get me put in jail where they would have me murdered.

As such- in the past two years I have spent more time in court than I ever have in my entire life. It is all documented in public records in Kent WA, Pacific WA. And the Shelby County IA court house.

Even now I am facing losing my emotional support dogs- at the same time facing being charged with a crime for even having them.

The Satanic Temple has a long history of using the court of law to harass and hurt anyone who they feel violates their “rights” or they see as a threat. It isn’t just me.

My local Sherriff’s dept has the plethora of emails I have received since January when I moved back to Iowa. Everything I am saying can be proved.

All of this is being done to stop me from exposing my family’s involvement with child trafficking and a myriad of other crimes.

My faith compells me to keep moving forward- to trust and keep trying to do what I feel is right.

As such- I am facing losing everything- including my life. But we were never promised it would be easy- just worth it in the end.

My body is wearing down but my faith remains strong.

I must continue doing what is right despite facing the army that is opposed against me. Despite no one in authority coming to my aid to help.

I must trust in God. In the Word. In love.

And most of all- what is right and just.

They Are Doing Everything They Can To Shut Me Up About My Family Being Involved With Child Trafficking

This situation with my dogs is but one example.
When I bought this house in Earling, it was in order to get away from the targeting in Seattle.
This bogus protection order taken out on me in the Kent, WA court had about 15 videos listed on it but NONE had to do with the petitioners but only and SOLEY dealt with Doug Mesner aka Satanic Temple’s founder Lucien Greaves.  
Both he and his cult group has sent me constant threatening emails.
It also said I threatened Algona, WA police but this was a complete lie as NO charges were leveled at me for doing such a thing.
Later- another filing in Pacific, WA transpired accusing me of violating the protection order- with a different judge- all the while Mesner was sending me emails telling me they were going to have me murdered in jail.
The Satanic Temple has a consistent history of using the courts in order to attack those they believe are vulnerable or who have money.  The latest was Netflix.
I decided the best decision was to move back home to Iowa and away from Algona WA.
While trying to sell my house- they broke in and disconnected wires, knocking out 1/4 of my houses electricity- which I had to pay a 1000 dollars to an electrician to come in and fix.
All the while I was getting emails telling me to “say goodbye to my house” .
When I moved to Earling, IA- the town council had to approve of my dogs- as they are pits- which they did.
After arriving here- I was still getting emails from Mesner- informing me that he had already enlisted someone to help him attack me in the small town. 
I was experiencing break ins repeatedly- someone tried to poison my dogs twice- and all of this was precipitated by emails from Doug- who was telling me it was going to happen before it occured.
However- the city clerk in town here had befriended me before I even left Seattle and had keys to my house.  So she is the logical suspect to the break Ins as police couldn’t figure out who was doing it.
She blamed the break Ins on my neighbor- telling me my neighbor was being investigated for manufacturing meth in her basement- and even gave me a photocopy of my neighbors check my neighbor had written to the city for her water bill.
At the time I thought it was weird but now I realize she (and Doug) were hoping I would publish it on my blog- which would have been a crime.  
In fact the IA Shelby County Sheriff had me in for an hour and a half recorded interview discussing everything that was happening, as they realize what is happening is nefarious. 
I made a complaint to the city council eight months after arriving- making a complaint about the city clerk- and directly after- a day and a half later- a deputy came to my house telling me I had 10 day’s to get rid of my dogs.
This went to court – where they tried to charge me with a crime for having them- despite approving them 8 months before.
This is all an attempt to get me in violation of the protection order- which says I can’t get in trouble for a year or face jail.
Eventually this case was thrown out of court.
Now the city council is requiring everyone in town to register their dogs and cats- but you have to go through the SAME city clerk who gave me such issues previously.
I have made repeated attempts to register my dogs- but you have to call as city hall does not have regular hours.
I have realized that the town council- who has already taken me to court- isnt going to allow me to register them.
Which will end up being used to say I committed a crime- which will violate that protection order in WA.
Where, if Doug follows with his promise- they will have me murdered.
Thing is- Shane Bugbee- who was Co-founder of the Satanic Temple- quit because he discovered Mesner was working with the CIA…
“I recall Doug Mesner telling me the C.I.A. had asked him to write some private reports for them, maybe in my most paranoid state I could run with and ramble about the possibilities there… More likely, The Satanic Temple is just the act of a group of social and career climbers using slick psychological marketing tricks in the tradition of Edward Bernays to meet their ends. But at the least, I think anyone could question and everyone should question the intent of a guy from wealth and without ties to the occult as to why he has decided to fund a Satanic religion while pulling the strings of a guy who has such a brilliant mind, who has studied the science of the mind at one of the top learning facilities in the world, and maybe, just maybe you could come up with the same conclusion I have, that The Satanic Temple has ulterior motives above and beyond helping mankind or making a movie.”
So I am in a quagmire –  if I don’t get rid of the dogs- I violate my protection order at which they will put me in jail and murder me.  But considering both my therapist and psychiatrist have stated for the court that my dogs are emotional support dogs- if I am forced to get rid of them, with everything that has happened- I am sure they will come in and hurt me and claim I committed suicide.
All to shut me up and prevent me from exposing my family’s involvement with child trafficking along with a myriad of other crimes. 
My only hope is the Iowa Civil Liberties Commission,  who is investigating Earling for discrimination and retaliation against me.  Looking at the situation as a whole- it is pretty easy to see.

This is a Des Moines Register Article Regarding Earling IA Attorney Who Tried to Charge Me With a Crime Concerning My Dogs 8 Months AFTER Approving Them

Reader’s Watchdog: City manager’s side work raises questions

So according to the Des Moines Register article- this guy loves money and will do anything he can to obtain as much as he is able.

This is the thing- those who are attacking me simply pay others to attack me.

So like everything else- one only has to follow the money to find the truth.

I’m not saying for certain this is the case- but it certainly warrants investigation.

With concerns to everyone who is attacking me and trying to set me up.

And trying to charge me with a crime for simply having certain dogs 8 months after approving them is an obvious set up as well as not allowing me to register them- which will also be called a crime probably.

And out of three dogs- one of them is a black lab.

Just saying.