Dutchsinse, Wikipedia and Lies Coming to Light

Thanks to Dutchsinse for having the strength to come forward…

They are Getting WAY More Aggressive

The Attacks on Me Just Ensue

Obviously “they” don’t much care for my blog as they are trying to sign me in so many times that it is locking me out.

They are- as always- on top of me to try and shut me up. I am also getting sent screen shots about YouTube lowering my numbers on my videos. Not that it matters but it is interesting.

Our govt is doing their best to shut me down. Their DEW weapon is on me full blast non stop and though our media acts like they have no idea what hit Cuban officials- I have shared definite proof as to what these weapons are and the fact that they DO exist.

Our media doesn’t care as well as our FBI AND our Dept of Justice- as they have all been contacted and each has just ignored it. And again- all of this is happening to me because I tried to get my parents investigated for being involved with child trafficking.

We are so concerned about Russia killing spies but our govt is killing average American citizens who are simply trying to do the right thing. Children matter no matter WHAT they believe.

No one wants the attention all of this has brought to me. Most have no clue and the “attention” I am receiving is in the form of constant attacks and murder attempts – as well as a huge group of evil buttheads spreading lies about me- making it all about me in order to deflect what I have tried to do.

The truth is if our law officials would have done what they are paid to do in the first place- none of this would have been necessary. But there are some things in life that are worth taking a stand for and I believe the safety of our children is one of them.

Obviously – I stand alone in this.

They are Nowhere Near as Powerful as You Give Them Credit For

Honestly America Deserves the Hell It is About to Get

So if it is true that mankind is in a period of judgement – esp. America, is it my contention that we deserve what we get.

Trying to get my family investigated for child trafficking I have gone to the FBI, the Dept of Justice- and have contacted all of the major media outlets. And gotten nowhere but attacked.

Our same media acts like they have no idea what the directed energy weapons are that were used in Cuba- the same weapons NBC reported in 2006 the Air Force told Congress existed and were going to use on American citizens. They ARE liars. Or completely inept- take your pick.

The “Me Too” movement from Hollywood suggests that all the people being abused are adults even though we all know pedophilia is rampant. Yet not one word has come about this from the movement.

AmericanN’s are fine looking away and although we all claim we care- our actions say otherwise as we give ourselves the excuse “what can anyone do” which allows us to do nothing.

It is obvious the govt is against us. Just look at me. Who has the time to stalk me as they do? Who has the ability to breach my medical records – adding meds I have never taken to suggest heart problems I have never had- but that is what their weapons do. They cause heart attacks and strokes.

But officials obviously don’t care- considering everything. In fact all they seem to want to do is deflect and protect the child killers.

So in my opinion- America deserves the he’ll we are about to get. No question.

Saw My Psychiatrist Yesterday

Seeing my psychiatrist yesterday resulted in a few significant things.

One- I got a clean bill of mental health.

Two- there were several medications that were listed I have NEVER taken. I have NEVER taken any medications for high cholesterol as I have never had an issue with that.

ALSO I have never taken blood pressure medication of ANY kind- as just yesterday my blood pressure was 125/80.

So who has the ability to get into and alter medical records?

And why were they adjusted to suggest heart problems?

This psychiatrist is NOT unknown to me as we worked together for YEARS before moving to Seattle for four years.

So yesterday offered a few revelations for both of us.

And though we are going to continue seeing each other- there was no reason for me to be put on ANY meds.

And my psychiatrist is WELL known and HIGHLY regarded so NO anonymous trolls opinion over rides the decisions made yesterday no matter WHAT they say.

And I told my psychiatrist EVERYTHING And was completely believed so Mesner and his group claiming I am crazy is bogus. At least in the opinion of a skilled professional.

Once again showing their claims are complete and utter BS. But exactly HOW were they able to breach my medical records?

No Faith=No hope=Desperation=Anger

CIA Child Trafficking Victim Fiona Barnett’s Presentation Naming Names

What Is the Difference Between “Fake News” and “False Memories” ?

The difference between the two is that one deals with child abuse and trying to expose it- and the other deals with government corruption. Same game though.

It will only be a matter of time before witnesses start being accused of “false memories” and Mueller’s investigation starts being called a “panic” and “witch hunt” .

Oh wait- I guess that is already happening.

These people need another play book.

Exposing My Parent’s Involvement with Child Trafficking Is Important But THIS Is Where My Real Interests Are

This nefarious BS is NOT where my interest is- but rather lies with creating beauty and art. I am tired of trying to expose my parent’s involvement with child trafficking and here are some of my examples of where my TRUE talents and interests are…

I fancy myself as a textile artist and would much rather be dealing with this than devil loving child abusers.