All About that Gas Station Explosion

It’s not like there isn’t stuff about the gas station they blew up to get at me out there.

In the first video- you can see my white house across the street and a little bit down.

The house in the KETV video with the blown out windows- my sister had JUST bought that house…

And here is a video of the 2nd explosion that happened 9 1/2 min AFTER the first one- which was SMALLER than the first…

But, as I say in my video- I didn’t hear the first blast as I had JUST put my head under the water in the shower.

And here is some info in my new video

Detailing Some of the Attacks I’ve Had to Endure Through the Years

New Video- I Haven’t Done One in Years


Figure maybe I’ll start back up. Since my blog was hacked.

Unfortunately I Believe Death is Coming For Us All

I know this view isn’t well regarded, but in this day and age- facts THEMSELVES aren’t highly regarded, so I’ll just lay it all out.

The sun is cooking us- with activity we haven’t before witnessed in such intensity. Water is drying up. When it rains it floods. And the oceans are rising.

Every country’s economies are either standing on the edge of collapse- or have already started to fall into an aybss. And ALL of our leaders want to be the ONE.

It isn’t just Russia, China, or us.

War is beginning. This Ukraine war is what the assassination of Duke Ferdinand was to WWI. And Putin is just as bad as Hitler.

Plus- there is no justice and so the majority of mankind- regardless of color, race, religion, etc. etc.- ALL identify with being a victim.

Now it’s true Poland is giving hope- along with the Ukrainian’s, in showing compassion and love for each other, but everything is stacked against them and we, as a world, are watching when evil once again tries to assert it’s hold over mankind.

None of this is new for me to say. I’ve basically have been a broken record in saying all this.

But what lies ahead- THAT is worth sustained effort, and I don’t often talk about that.

This is what I know, using what I was trained to do as a child and continuing with it with Shamanism into adulthood, to use what THEY TRAINED ME TO DO AGAINST THEM, to help ascertain what is happening spiritually.

One aspect of the art of war is to fight your enemy where they aren’t. And that was part of my training- so I decided to jump ship and enlisted Heaven’s help to deal with all this.

You see, going through what I did as a child- I have ALWAYS known that demons (the Fallen) exist. I’ve witnessed first hand their power- their influence, etc.

But since THEY existed, it was only logical to conclude Heaven exists as well.

And it DOES. Angles exist. Jesus exists, as does our Father AND, although many have a different opinion- stress the word opinion- our Mother exists as well.

(The whole As Above So Below thing in scripturesay this- and since every one of us has a mother…).

The Fallen have been dealt with. Their power and influence no longer protect those who have been in power for so long. Not is it holding this world together anymore.

Thus we are watching everything fall to shit. And it is. If anyone tries to tell you otherwise- it is because for them to have any other opinion- stress the word opinion- would be too stressful for them to deal with.

Facts are facts. Regardless how one thinks or feels.

The gates to the New Garden are about to open. Everything that has been dying HERE has been waking up THERE- which is probably why we saw this huge bee die off years ago.

Those who have the energy vibration only loving provides will ascend to those gates.

This time around, there are NO fallen angels. There is NO veil. Heaven will interact with humanity unabated and out in the open. Souls will interact with Heaven in such a way that love will be the air they breathe.

Those who DONT have that vibration will remain here in the Darkness. Total separation from the Father is what their leaders wanted- so they are going to be blessed with that. But that also means no light- therefore no heat.

The Darkness is what they wanted from the beginning- TRUE evil personified. It is quite the understatement to say you do NOT want to find yourself in the Darkness.

So, in other words, save yourselves- and love all you can.

It is this whole realizing what I was trained to do as a child works is why they’ve been after me so hard.

None of this child trafficking bs my family was involved with will EVER see any REAL justice on this side. They know that. And I’ve ALWAYS known that.

Justice is what the Darkness is for.

I just needed them to bring me down to complete the spells I’ve helped cast. Such spells REQUIRE a sacrifice- Michael Aquino always told me that.

So I offered up the only sacrifice available. ME.

But seeking to enlist Heaven’s help with all this has been INSTRUMENTAL! And the best decision I’ve ever made.

I want them to suffer. TRULY suffer. To experience and cry EVERY tear their group has caused from the VERY BEGINNING.

And they are going too. And absolutely no one’s OPINION is going to change that.

I offered up my life. And they have done anything and everything to fulfill that last detail- to murder me. To bind themselves to me.

And their crap IS working. Their directed energy weapons ARE dragging me down.

Just in case your opinion is this D.E.W. bs isn’t real …

And it’s not really called the “Havana Syndrome”. It’s DEW- directed energy weapons.

Where they are aiming it at me from- who knows. I have rental properties all around me as well as a two building apartment complex less that 10 feet from my house. But really- who cares.

I certainly don’t. My time here is short- as is everyone’s, as I’ve said. And though I’m obviously not dead yet- one can only take so much of being cooked with microwave beams.

But that is what is required to fully accomplish I have cast.

So, in reality, they are helping me. As willingly and as aggressively as they can.

Anyway- one last thing. They just hacked my Facebook account so I can no longer access it. If it was just for my trying to expose child trafficking- they wouldn’t care.

But what I’ve just said- THAT is what they are concerned about. It makes them angry and for those of them who have any sense left- it scares them.

And it should. Because I am neither crazy- NOR a liar.

And what awaits them- and all those like them- is beyond ANY nightmare or group nightmares you can even conceive of.

Again- save yourselves- and love all you can. Or face the consequences. Consequences you WON’T like.



This Blog Was Hacked and I’m Not Checking the Whole Site

When I discovered my book altered, I realized this blog has been hacked.

The REAL Extended Version of Rabbit Hole: Confessions of an Anti Christ

So I figure much more has been changed. Doug Misicko aka Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves founder of the Satanic Temple and his associates have gone after me for years- as he has with every victim who has come forward claiming they were ritually abused.

His co founder of the Satanic Temple Shane Bugbee has claimed Doug is working with the CIA. Of course Doug says he is a liar- but then it has been my personal experience Doug wouldn’t tell the truth if his life depend upon it.

Anyone connected to trying to expose this child trafficking mess gets murdered. They’ve tried repeatedly with me- as well as trying to lock me up- but have this failed.

I mean- if you look at that protection order that was taken out on me in Kent, Washington- every one of the 15+ videos listed on that order has absolutely NOTHING to do with the petioners but SOLEY and ONLY dealt with Doug Misicko aka Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves founder of the Satanic Temple.

How would this even be possible if there was no connection? It wouldn’t. So there OBVIOUSLY was a direct connection.

But this mess, as far as I’m concerned, is dealt with. Spiritually- it is fixing itself.

Doug will get his as will they all.

I believe Doug and his associates are behind Qanon. And this Nazi uprising we are seeing (Satanists and Nazis have ALWAYS gone hand in hand). And I would not at all be surprised if they had a hand in the Jan 6 insurrection.

Doug is their weak link. If authorities investigated him and his non profit Satanic Temple organization- they could help American democracy in my educated opinion.

But regardless, Heaven WILL deal with Doug- as it will ALL of his associates.

But if I was an investigator or law official, I would look into Tacoma Washington, and Olympia Washington, and Algona Washington- where I lived.

I would investigate ME- and all those involved with my emails and all those who have interacted with me in all this mess.

I’ve drawn them like flies. You want to connect the dots- look into those who have planted themselves into my life. (Like Ron Patton and his group in Olympia, and Doug Millar- Ted Gunderson’s best friend, etc. Etc.).

Just a suggestion.

Some of My Recent Posts on Twitter

I figure they have me shadow banned- desperate as they are to silence me.But THEY(Doug Misicko aka Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves, founder of the Satanic Temple and his minions)keep up CONSTANT surveillance.That means no plausible deniablity.They’ve been warned-the Dark has them.


Officer Gilbert Lenger of Algona WA was the first policeman I ever met that I trusted.I would forward all the death threats I was recieving from Satanist Doug Mesner and his minions when I lived there. Now he is gone-and Ryan Miller-who was working WITH them-has been promoted.


The CIA employs losers (as it takes a special kind of degenerate to carry out it’s operations).These people are ego driven+ALWAYS have a chip on their shoulder-mad at a world that generally considers them as trash. How hard it must be for them-not able to take credit for their bs.


Lawlessness is a sign of the times.The rich being able to do whatever they want-while being supported by all those who WANT to be rich and do the same.The CIA joined with the Satanic Temple along with other idiots-fueling the hate.Go ahead, join in. You won’t enjoy the outcome!


Their directed microwave weapons cause heart attacks and strokes. It disrupts the sleep cycle.The Nazi Satanists going after me think they are protected in their anonymity.They are wrong.They think this life is all there is.They are wrong.Their egos are amusing. Beyond deluded.


The Sun is cooking us.Anger is the typical emotion for most.Lawlessness has taken over-evil is being justified and promoted.Who each of us truly are is coming to the forefront.Secrets are seeping out. World leaders and their populations are ready to burn things down.Crazy times.






The CIA is Working Overtime to Cover Up It’s Crimes

At the very same time the Ghislaine Maxwell trial is happening in New York, (Jeffery Epstein’s co-conspirator), it gets reported out that the CIA has gotten exposed for having sex with children…

And now, along with all this- a new article has hit The Atlantic magazine…

Written by someone who is reported to write about technology.

“Kaitlyn Tiffany is a staff writer at The Atlantic, where she covers technology.”

They are doing their very best to dispell the reporting from the Center of Missing and Exploited Children that one child disappears every 27 seconds.

Why? Because the CIA has long been alleged to be involved.

Which is why it partners up with abominations like Doug Mesner aka Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves, founder of the Satanic Temple- who uses his followers to attack victims.

And the day this article got released, I had an army of idiots attack me on Twitter.

All of these events are NOT coincidence and anyone who thinks they are is ignorant or delusional.

The big problem with the numbers of missing children is that OFTEN abducted children are deemed runaways by the police.

Take the case of Todd Bequette, 13, in Omaha, NE. Disappeared in the Old Market area in Omaha, police deemed him a runaway. Family hires a private detective Danny Whaylen – who FINDS Todd with his abductor Terry Ray Holman in OR.

Or take the case of Amber Harris, 12, also in Omaha. Disappears at her school bus stop- police deem her a runaway, until someone stumbles over her corpse in Hummel Park- an isolated city park 5 miles out of town limits.

Roy Ellis Jr., A known pedophile who lived right at her bus stop, was convicted of murdering her.

Then there is Johnny Gosch. Abducted at 13, deemed a runaway, and never seen again.

The CIA is EXACTLY like Russia’s old KGB- no one knows who they are or what exactly they do, and they have a HUGE amount of government power. They are almost like malignant ghosts.

And they now are known to be molesting your children with absolutely ZERO accountability.

Just like Michael Aquino, who I personally do not believe is dead and MOST CERTAINLY don’t believe he shot himself in the head, the CIA won’t be held accountable due to “national security”, although it begs the question what does the raping of children have to do with national security?!

So they influence media, telling trusting fools that “there is nothing to see here, move on”.

But you do so at your child’s, and grandchildren’s, etc etc, peril.

And don’t kid yourselves- the police are NOT going to help. They never have and, more than likely, never will.

As long as it isn’t THEIR children, they could not care less.

And THIS is the world in which we live.

The CIA Just Got Busted Having Sex With Children

It is the same story where Michael Aquino is concerned. Nothing can be investigated due to concerns of “national security”.

But then they are working with Doug Misicko aka Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves founder of the Satanic Temple who argues “sticking your penis in a baby’s mouth doesn’t cause any neurological damage” so go figure

They are microwaving the crap out of me. Last week they were in my house- it was a whole operation.

But people are seeing it. They are sloppy anymore.

I mean- they just got busted for molesting children.

The Dept of Justice HAS been notified. But then- considering how the Ghislaine Maxwell trial is going- trusting any of them is pretty much futile.

Considering what is happening with my body- chances are I won’t be around much longer. I’ve done everything I can think of to try and fix this situation. But whatever- it’s in God’s hands.

May they be offered the EXACT same amount of mercy they have offered, which of course is ZERO!

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The Maxwell Trial Begins Today