If I am Going Down- I’m Dragging CIA Doug Mesner/Satanist Lucien Greaves Down With Me

NEVER STOP In Bringing Doug Mesner/ Satanist Lucien Greaves to Justice

NEVER STOP In Bringing Doug Mesner/Satanist Lucien Greaves to Justice

Lucien Greaves: Ted Gunderson, Death of a Public Paranoid (part 1)

“@46:31 Doug Mesnar basically, well literally says that a father putting his private in a baby’s mouth INSTEAD of its feeding bottle is NOT traumatic and abusive to the baby BECAUSE it has no cognizant idea of what is happening…”

Coming Clean With My Investigation into the Murder of Lori King

David Shurter


What They are Doing to Me They Have Done to EVERY Whistle Blower Trying to Expose this Pedophilia

FURTHER Detailed Explanations of the Child Trafficking in Omaha in the 80s

MORE NAMES and a Detailed Explanation

Naming Names Because This Info on Child Trafficking Can’t Die With Me

That Las Vegas Shooting Was Done By Our CIA

This Will Probably Be My Last Video- They Have Won and I am Being Martyred

And because I can no longer afford it- this blog will be gone next month…

I Am a PERFECT Example Why Victims NEVER Come Forward- It is Dangerous AND WORTHLESS

I NEED HELP- Algona WashingtonPolice aka Ryan Miller Are Trying to Set Me Up Via This Protection Order Against Me