Regardless What Happens to Me- Their Darkness is Coming Out

For the Moment I’m Okay

Not that they aren’t trying to murder me with their weapons but I’m okay for the moment…

I Am Facing Allegations But My Public Defender Won’t Tell Me What They Are

Since I am Facing a Competency Hearing Due To Algona WA Policeman Ryan Miller’s Report- I Need To Know What was Said

And this is my Lawyer’s response…

After Court- Some Specifics

I Go to Court Today- We Will See What Happens

After My Video About Doug Mesner and the Murder of Lori King- Doug Attacked Me and Admitted He is Working on Behalf of Col. Michael Aquino

Doug Mesner is using my name to email me- his account is the one with the character of my father- taken from the Jacob Wetterling abduction photos of Jacob’s abductor.

My email doesn’t have any avatar.

Not sure if he was drunk, on drugs, or is just stupid- (my guess is the latter) but he admits that it is him and that he is working on behalf of Michael Aquino.

My video about him being involved with the murder of Lori King and her husband is the catalyst that started our exchange.

As you can see- it wasn’t until Halloween night that I finally responded to him- but this conversation is illuminating to say the least…

Doug Mesner aka the Satanic Temple’s Lucien Greaves and the Murder Of Lori King

They Are Setting Me Up to Shut Me Up

Doug Mesner- You Can Take Your Offer and Shove It

And just so there is no question my Algona WA police are aware…