The Spiritual Game at Play Here

A little over a year ago I stated that I had cast a spell on Donald Trump that his dick would rot. At the time- I felt his life revolved around his penis and I wanted his life- as he knew it- to end in a way that caused him anguish.

Now here we are- a little over a year later. And funny enough- it seems his dick is bringing him low. The pedophile protection squad mocked and laughed at me- but something tells me Trump isn’t laughing right now.

I was trained by the best and they were methodical with their teachings. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed but it seems it CAN be returned. And in ways that are neither fun nor amusing, depending what you have put out into the world.

If the darkness isn’t in your heart- it can’t be returned to you. BUT if it IS- it CAN claim you. And have no doubt- it is going too. That is what separating the wheat from the chaff is all about.

But it ISN’T me who did it- but God. You can only serve ONE master and, despite my past and training- I made my choice. I just offered what I was taught to do to MY master- to bring the OTHER master’s house down.

The mighty ARE being brought low- and more than that- the darkness is here to claim it’s own. Also, it knows no mercy. It returns the same amount of mercy that has been offered – which in most cases is NONE.

And if and when you find yourself in the darkness- don’t blame God as it was your own free will that is to blame for where you find yourself. And have NO DOUBT – once you are claimed there is NO going back.

We will do what we were COMMANDED to do and live the Word- or be claimed. The choice, as always, is yours- as is the responsibility for the consequences of doing otherwise.

God IS a jealous God- and is NOT known for being an over endulgent parent. We will do as we were commanded or there is Hell to pay.

And if you don’t like it that is simply tough shit. Blame whoever you want but don’t say you weren’t warned. And like Trump- feel free to laugh now- and disregard what you will- but in the end- as it is written- you will find yourself doing nothing but wishing for a death that will never find you. And you will only have yourself to blame.

But of course, by then, it will be too late.

Sean Hannity- Seth Rich- and Hannity’s Focus on Clinton

With everything that is happening in our government right now – esp with this Cohen guy- I have started to wonder if there is something more with this thing concerning Sean Hannity and his reporting on Seth Rich.

Hannity reported constantly that Hillary Clinton and the DNC was behind the murder of Seth Rich- but here is the thing. Seth Rich was born and raised in Omaha NE.

People in Omaha know what happened in Omaha in the 80s. It isn’t a secret to anyone who has lived in Omaha . And since Rich was raised and grew up in Omaha- chances are he heard about it. We ALL have who have lived there. I mean Omaha is a small place and other than drink and eat- there really isn’t much to do but talk.

Back in the 80s our national media reported that this child trafficking went straight to the Bush Sr./Reagan White House. This would have been damaging to the Republicans had this come out again during the election.

My point is that maybe the reason Hannity focused on Clinton concerning Seth Rich was maybe to deflect from the fact that there was a good chance that it was the Republican party that had more of a reason to kill Rich than the Democratic party.

Not saying that Hillary and the pedophilia crap with Podesta isn’t real – but believing that the Republican party- who were called out in the 80s for being involved – simply turned their cash cow completely over to the Democrats is ridiculous.

And all of these people are known for pitting the population against each other. We are so used to choosing the lesser evil that I think they count on it. So maybe the whole thing was an elaborate ploy to discombobulate the issue to keep everyone from focusing on the child trafficking issue.

Pointing fingers at each other kept the population from focusing on the real issue behind the murder of Rich. And if it WAS about child trafficking – considering that Rich was FROM Omaha- that could point more to the Republicans than the Democrats. Or perhaps a few of each were involved. Who knows? At this point no one does.

The fact that Rich was murdered and no one knows the facts surrounding his murder is undisputed. Nor is the fact that Sean Hannity focused on it with regards to the Clinton camp- esp considering Rich’s parents are suing him for that fact. And Trump and Hannity are connected through Cohen. And neither camp is unknown to murder, considering the Clinton kill list and Trump bragging he could murder someone on 5th Ave in public and no one would do anything.

Has anyone ever considered that this is all connected as are all the people involved? Epstein- the Clinton’s- and Trump are all friends- or were. I mean they have all flown on the “Lolita Express” and stayed on Epstein’s island. With all this considered – obviously they weren’t always in opposing camps.

The one more thing that is not in dispute is that choosing the lesser evil is STILL choosing evil. And who loses in this case? The truth, Seth Rich, the trafficked children, and mankind as a whole.

Sex Trafficking Today in Nebraska

They Are Attacking ANYONE Who Speaks the Truth

In the end- all that has been kept in the darkness will be dragged out into the light. They are fighting whistle blowers but who they are fighting is God.

They are attacking even a geologist who simply reports on earthquakes. Like that is going to stop earthquakes from happening…

Someone Broke Into My Garage Last Night So I Had to Call the Police Finally

Today I had to call the police today because last night someone broke into my garage and disconnected my garage door. It never seems to stop this constant harassment.

Things are not going well for them as all their secrets are beginning to be brought out into the light. It isn’t me they are fighting but rather Heaven- although it is me they are focused on.

But what is happening now was written centuries ago. And try as they might- no one can thwart the will of Heaven.

Official CIA Documentation on Remote Viewing

I guess this is why Mesner and his group refer to Uriel as a gate instead of an angel. This is a lot of what Fiona Barnett and I were trained in as a child.

I have included the whole pdf but lines 35 and 36 are, for some reason, missing from the document.

What I Know About These Directed Energy Weapons

In the time that I have been attacked by these directed energy weapons- this is what I know.

These weapons prevent one from being able to sleep. Years ago- I made a video talking about not being able to sleep for three weeks when I was being attacked. This is that video…

At the same time this was happening, I discovered that the President of Iran- Mahmud Ahmadinejed- was experiencing the same thing. He had been unable to sleep and was so weak that he needed help to walk- so before I decided to go to the hospital I went online and found the email of every Iranian official I could find and emailed them- explaining what I knew and alerting them as to what to look for- as they seem to need fairly close proximity in order to use their directed energy weapon.

A week after I got out of the hospital it was reported on the news that Iran had found and executed a spy.

Suddenly Mahmud Ahmadinejed was fine- as he still is today. Coincidence? Maybe- but if what I reported helped it would suggest Iran is well aware of a weapon that our government pretends doesn’t exist.

But then that is difficult when NBC reported that the Air Force told Congress about the fact that they had this weapon in 2006 and that were planning to use them on American citizens to show the rest of the world they were safe. Not to mention the official Air Force documentation.

Before this last attack that began last March in 2017- I interviewed a targeted individual who’s name is Spence Everson who detailed what he knows about these weapons. Here is that interview…

Last April and May – I lost over a hundred pounds. However I was told to look for rocks in my yard. At first I believed this to be ridiculous but after being pushed to do so – I discovered that twelve large rocks had been planted in my yard. I had mowed this yard for three years and knew these rocks had been placed in my yard as they hadn’t existed before.

Mesner and his band will dismiss this- claiming they were talking rocks- but it wasn’t the rocks that were the issues but rather the mold that was on the upside of the rocks that were above ground.

I found this SAME grayish black mold on the top of the vents of an air conditioner in my bedroom- although it was neither on the bottom of the vents nor was it inside the air conditioner itself but looked as if it had been painted on.

After discovering this- I was no longer being microwaved and gained the weight back almost immediately.

These weapons are being used to murder people quietly- giving people heart attacks, strokes, and probably cancer. This is far to much power in the hands of murderous cut throats who are using them to further their dark agendas.

Our American govt holds every patent to these weapons- and claiming they are a conspiracy theory doesn’t work considering their own documentation.

They claimed they were going to show the rest of the world they are safe but skip to 2012 when Aaron Alexis- known as the “shipyard shooter” carved ELF- which stands for electro low frequency – on his rifle before murdering a bunch of people – safe is NOT what I would call them.

Maybe that is why – despite everything – they are still considered a conspiracy.

Neither the FBI or the Dept of Justice Are Heroes

Doug Mesner, the CIA, Child Trafficking, and Me

religion: a master and slave relationship

“I recall Doug Mesner telling me the C.I.A. had asked him to write some private reports for them, maybe in my most paranoid state I could run with and ramble about the possibilities there… More likely, The Satanic Temple is just the act of a group of social and career climbers using slick psychological marketing tricks in the tradition of Edward Bernays to meet their ends. But at the least, I think anyone could question and everyone should question the intent of a guy from wealth and without ties to the occult as to why he has decided to fund a Satanic religion while pulling the strings of a guy who has such a brilliant mind, who has studied the science of the mind at one of the top learning facilities in the world, and maybe, just maybe you could come up with the same conclusion I have, that The Satanic Temple has ulterior motives above and beyond helping mankind or making a movie.”

No one really knows what the CIA does for definite. They are about as secret as secret organizations go- much like the Russian KGB. But one can assume it is about the same as Russia’s crime ridden KGB.

However- I am well aware of some of what Doug Mesner aka the Satanic Temple’s Lucien Greaves
is involved with.

I first had to deal with this narcissistic sociopath on Amazon- as he was combating and attacking anyone and everyone who claimed they were victims of Satanic Ritual abuse as a child.

Going as “karmakaze” and many variables of this same name- he attacked, discredited, and threatened anyone who spoke out. I, along with Pat Goodwin- fought him and his group for years in the comments sections in books such as “Sybil Exposed” and “22 Faces” on Amazon. He and another who called themself “Critthink” .

Critthink aka Menagerie aka Amber Vollaton dropped out of the picture after the murder of Lori King… which you can read about here…

Doug has given seminar after seminar trashing survivors of ritual abuse- claiming putting your penis in a baby’s mouth does it no neurological harm- when he isn’t exposing himself in public after doing weird rituals for the late Westboro Baptist Minister’s dead mother to make her gay in the afterlife or getting a non for profit in 10 days for his “Satanic after-school day care” program exposing child to his demented ass.

I unfortunately have to deal with this pervert on a constant basis in my life. This protection order taken out on me in WA- claiming I threatened Algona police, which was a total lie- had 15 videos listed that had NOTHING to do with the petitioners but only and SOLELY dealt with Doug Mesner- who then proceeded to send me email after email threatening me- telling me how I was either going to be murdered in jail or “lobotomized” in a mental hospital while dancing around like a rabid hyena proclaiming how this DEW weapon they have on me was going to kill me and that I would be dead soon.

Of course I am still here. Worse for wear but still alive even though last April and May it made me drop over 100 pounds – although I have gained some of it back. Never has it happened before- so unless you believe I had some sort of weird cancer that went away after two months – something had to cause it.

His emails stopped shortly before March 1st when I had to go back to court in Pacific. Probably because he was told to shut his mouth as it is hard to claim he isn’t involved when he is going out of his way to shove it down my throat that he is involved.

The result of my court case? I as the defendant have to interact personally with the Prosecuting attorney who- for a year- has the option to put me in jail- which is totally unheard of for most I have spoken to. Reporting to the judge or the court itself is one thing- or through my lawyer- but forcing me to interact with the prosecutor personally? Everyone I know finds that fishy and far from normal.

Which is why I have concluded that Mesner is in fact working with our governments CIA_ who is trying to close me down from exposing my family who was involved with child trafficking in Omaha in the 80s. Events that the NY Times reported went straight to the George Bush Sr and Ronald Reagan White House.

They don’t want this coming out on top of the already ensuing chaos that has already gripped out political system at the moment.

And when you look at it – I have no reason to lie and they have EVERY reason to do so. What would I benefit? But they benefit quite a bit. I mean a child disappearing every 27 seconds is quite a great deal of profit- and since NOONE really knows what the CIA does- it certainly cannot without a shadow of a doubt be ruled out.

Considering what Mesner is all about- it answers the question why the CIA would have chosen him. The question is- will anyone do anything about it?

Seems They For Some Reason Aren’t Reporting Earthquake Activity

Wonder why THAT is…