Michael Aquino- You and Your Buddies ARE My Targeted Audience

In the End- when all is said and done- I don’t want you to be able to claim you weren’t warned…

People are Losing Hope Which is Why the CDC Reports Suicides are Up By 25%- Keep Your Faith

CNN Reports a Very Strange Call Between Trump and Canada’s Prime Minister

I soke about Col Michael Aquino’s compounds getting busted in BC Canada- the same places where they had their two huge Forrest fires…

Now Trump is accusing Justin Trudeau and Canada for burning things up in the US- of course what he is speaking about was in 1812.


Funny how this is happening right after I sent out my video all over the US and Canada.

May be a coincidence but DAMN- it is QUITE the coincidence.

There IS a Reason Why Our US Administration Now Views Canada as a Threat to National Security

Questions Regarding John Kilrush aka Doug Mesner aka Satanic Temple’s Founder Lucien Greaves Latest Emails

1). Who paid for his own Facebook accounts attacking me?

2). Since NOTHING I have done has gone viral nor captured the attention of police, the FBI, nor the Dept of Justice – WHY would someone want to buy them?

3). Why is Mesner PREEMPTIVELY attacking me on cases I know nothing of and have never spoken about?

4). Who is Chuck Maury and why does Mesner equate his case with me and my dad?

5). If I am so insignificant- why is there this obsessive need to try and shut me down? So much so that people seem willing to pay for Facebook accounts and such that are hell bent on attacking me.

6). Most importantly- considering everything – why won’t the police, FBI, or the Dept of Justice at least LOOK into my dad and his child abduction and trafficking activities- and why, despite Mesner’s constant attacks and obsessive obstruction into this- do they feel that child abductions and child trafficking are such worthless events that they have disregarded ANY investigation into any of this?

Who Is Chuck Maury and Why Is the Founder of the Satanic Temple So Invested with Cases of Abducted Children?

And here are the emails…

And here are emails saying he is no longer John Kilrush (which is an obvious lie considering yesterdays emails) and him throwing Emily Thorn under the bus…

My Dad and the Abduction and Murder of Ricky Chaddick

The Easiest and Most Efficient Way For Trump to Solve His Legal Troubles Is to Take America Into War

Just Because Trump Is Full of Crap DOESN’T Mean That the Deep State Doesn’t Exist

One does NOT negate the other- and who do you think is behind all of this child trafficking?

VeteransToday Verifies Microwave Weapons