They Never Stop Hitting Me with Their D.E.W. Weapons

It is strange how crazy persistent they are touturing me with their weapons to shut me up.

Not just about my family being involved with their child trafficking ring that made them all very rich, but about their directed energy weapons themselves.

Recently on YouTube one of their shills tried their old arguments to say I spoke about “talking rocks” involved with these weapons.

However, I have never even suggested they were talking rocks. Satanist Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves-founder of the Satanic Temple- was closer when he called them “burning rocks”.

In Algona, WA I found 12 very large rocks in my yard- planted in the ground as if they had always been there although they just “appeared”.

The tops of each of these rocks was exposed and covered with a black metallic looking mold. I found the SAME black metallic looking mold on the top part of my window air conditioner vents in my bedroom. Not inside- nor even on the bottom part of the vent slates but ONLY on the top- as if it had been painted there.

What is notable is at this exact same time I started dropping loads of weight. In fact, in two months I dropped well over a hundred pounds.

Then someone told me I should look and see if there were any rocks that had appeared in my yard. I was told they would be covered with a strange black looking metallic mold which they told me was called “smart dust”.

Sure enough- I found 12 large rocks- many just pieces of concrete- buried strategically around my house like they had always been there- although they hadn’t been.

Immediately after digging them all up and removing them- I stopped losing weight and began gaining back what I had lost.

These rocks are of particular interest to satanist Doug and his group as they bring them up often- usually claiming I said they were “talking rocks”- which I never have- and now Doug claiming I said they were ” burning rocks” which I never have but honestly is closer to the point.

Doug and his merry little band of evil lovers are not only Satanists but they are also Nazis.

Richard Spencer- a well known white supremacist- and his group have been known to work things in a way that they are able to take people’s homes from them in the Pacific Northwest. The same crap was attempted on me.

My house in Washington was in a good spot- directly in-between Tacoma and Seattle.

Now they don’t want my house (they have no interest in small town Iowa)- they just want me dead and gone.

They don’t like that I have suggested they are involved behind the scenes with Qanon- radicalizing people to hate and violence.

They don’t like that I have suggested their behavior needs to be investigated concerning driving people into being insurrectionists who stormed the Capital.

And they don’t like me pointing out their use of these directed energy weapons. The SAME weapons that were used on the U.S. Cuban and Chinese Embassies.

I don’t know why I’m not dead yet. My only guess is God. But they are torturing me with their bs- and have now for 6 years this coming March.

But I believe they will one day experience retribution. They don’t believe in God- let alone God’s wrath- but I do.

I know it’s true.

And one day- soon I hope- so will they.

I Spent All Day Sunday Fighting With Satanists All Day

Doug Mesner aka satanist Lucien Greaves- WAS behind the attacks from a plethora of Satanists Sunday. He tried to make light of it- claiming I was all into a “conspiracy” but he admitted it was him that was behind it.


This was my original tweet I posted…

So it is obvious to me that Mesner wanted to deflect attention away from himself so he sicked his minions on me.

I mean he knew what would happen when he retweeted it.

His minions did what they always do- what Michael Aquino did in the 80s when allegations came out against him concerning child abuse. They decried “religious descrimination”.

So the argument is ” no one can investigate satanists for anything whatsoever because doing so is religious descrimination”.

But after fighting with Mesner and all of his minions, I am more certain the he and probably members of his group are behind radicalizing people on Qanon.

What a leap- a Satanic cult leader radicalizing people in a cult- this being Qanon.

Shane Bugbee- who was Mesner’s cohort in establishing the Satanic Temple- has said this. .

Of course Mesner claims Bugbee is a liar. But then Mesner always claims that anyone who speaks out against him is a liar.

According to him he is ALWAYS the ONLY one who tells the truth.

But Qanon is a psych op in my opinion and it is increasingly becoming more radicalized and more violent by it’s extreme members.

Finding out who is working behind the scenes is important in containing it’s influence.

In my years of experience dealing with Doug Mesner- who obsessively watches everything I do- going on my Twitter account to “stalk” me and sick his minions on me is the LEAST of an examples I can give, I think that looking into his activities could truly be beneficial in learning more about Qanon.

He certainly doesn’t want anyone to even consider it. Because if Sunday showed me anything is the Mesner doesn’t want anyone to even QUESTION if he could be involved with Q.

I’m not suggesting he started it. I’m not even suggesting he came up with the idea. But could he be a little worker bee behind the scenes?


Mesner’s Group of Satanists Collectively Attacking Me On A Saturday Night

I woke up Sunday morning and here were all the tweets I received on Twitter the previous night.

They obviously didn’t like my tweet. But their replies all came in on the same night.

But then it could have been Mesner himself. Reguardless- the phrase “Thiu doust protest too much” definitely comes to mind

Here is my original tweet…

Here is the conversation with Doug aka Lucien Greaves where he admits to arguing that sticking a penis in a baby’s mouth causes no neurological problems- pretty much around the end of the conversation because it took FOREVER to get him to admit the truth…

My Conversation With Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves- Founder of the Satanic Temple

And here is the series of attacks- notice the time stamp on all of them…

Judging by the time stamps they did this collectively as a group, unless you believe that each one of them just coincidentally happened to find one of my tweets all on the same night.

But when I say I get stalked by Satanists- here is a really good example of what I’m talking about.

And my contention that Doug’s merry group of Satanists may be involved with Qanon is strengthened.

I mean notice how NOT ONE of these idiots brought Doug’s name up- although it was CLEARLY him I was speaking about in the original post.

Just saying…

My Thoughts on the Attack on Congress Jan 6th

This past Halloween was not only a blue moon but also a full moon- the first since 1944.

Halloween is a BIG day to the group who raised me and I can only imagine the rituals that were performed and the sacrifices that were offered

But as I’ve said repeatedly- the spiritual principalities that supported them, empowered them, and most importantly, protected them are no longer able too.

I am in NO WAY taking credit for this as it was God’s handiwork- not mine.

So their rituals didn’t work. In fact- they are backfiring.

The election didn’t go the way they had planned. And everything they’ve done has failed and more so- is going to continue to fail.

Thus- let me be clear about this in no uncertain terms-

Not only are they going to figure out about everyone who was behind what happened at the Capitol-they’re going to figure out who is behind Qanon.

After all- it is Qanon that has set this all up and fueled it in the cult surrounding this mess for years

When people find out they’ve been dupped by the very Deep State they have been so against all along- with a bunch of satanists who have been directing it.. I think people are going to be pissed.

If I were to start looking into individuals- I would start with the weakest link. The one who has attacked every single victim who has ever come forward- who has his own cult of 50,000+ people according to him. The same one who argues that sticking your dick in a babies mouth doesn’t cause any lasting neurological damage.

Of course I’m speaking about Doug Misicko aka Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves- founder of the Satanic Temple.

Notice how although he has attacked every legitimate victim who has come forward claiming they have been a victim of satanic pedophiles- he has his cult hasn’t said ANYTHING about the validity of Qanon.

And it has been my personal experience that many of his following are in fact Nazis. Who LOVE to give death threats.

If I was too start looking who is behind this whole Qanon satanic pedophile mess- I might start with the very group who are publicly on record as self professed satanists.

More specifically- I would begin with the leader who again argues that sticking your dick in a babies mouth leaves no lasting neurological damage- as you can see for yourself in the argument I had with him on Twitter…

My Conversation With Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves- Founder of the Satanic Temple

That is my two cents on the matter.

The Reason I Keep At This Despite the Devil Lovers Constant Attacks

I received a message today- once again the devil lovers are dancing around with glee with regards to the fact that they have their directed energy weapons on me 24/7.

They are under the delusion that they are winning.

But I know this is deluded. They believe this life is all there is and that it is all that counts. But it isn’t.

The first rule of Thermodynamics is that energy can neither be created nor destroyed. And our souls are nothing but energy.

Years ago- before I wrote my book or did a blog or was involved in any way in trying to expose my family’s role in child trafficking, I woke up in a dream

In this dream I was standing in front of a friend’s husband who was a pedophile.

This blue beam was eminating from me and was flowing into the man, which I could see was causing him discomfort. So I increased it.

He lifted off the ground about four feet and he was writhing in pain when his feet burst into flame.

It was at this point I looked down and realized my feet were ALSO on fire.

Immediately after this realization, I was spun around 180 degrees and I found myself standing directly in front of God.

He told me that if I was going to do what I was going to do- and I went after the pedophilic devil lovers- this is what I would face.

To burn them up I would have to face being burnt up first

Without even a moment’s hesitation, I responded “if it saves the children so be it!”

When I turned back around to finish what I had started, I woke up.

Since that dream many years back, I have been tested repeatedly to see if I still have the same resolve as it did in that dream.

What was true then is still true now.

These devil lovers don’t have the slightest conception of self sacrifice- nor the inheriant power within it. All they know is how to take and consume. And they believe this life and their place in this world right now is all there is.

They are wrong. And the Darkness they have served all their lives is hungry to claim them.

I offered myself up as a sacrifice to see that happen. It has been God’s promise to me.

This life is an illusion. Nothing lasts on this side. But the Darkness- that is eternal. As is their place waiting for them in the Darkness.

My focus was NEVER on this life but for what lies ahead beyond it.

They laugh now. But I have absolutely NO doubt that there is coming a time- not so far into the distant future- that their smirks are going to be replaced with eternal looks of anguish.

I know their rituals no longer work and that the spiritual principalities that aided and abetted them- and more importantly- protected them- are no longer able to do so.

They are on their own. And they are directly facing Heaven’s Wrath.

This is their own fault- their own doing.

And in the end it will be by their own hands that will cause their fate.

It is THIS thought that makes all the pain and suffering they have inflicted on me in this life worth every second.

And in the end- it will be a smile on MY face that all this will lead too.





Now They Are Trying to Suggest That I Personally Am a Satanist

They are doing what they have all along- trying to discredit me in order to keep anyone from listening to me- and going out of their way to make my life hell.

They don’t do this to their own. I am NOT a satanist and I truly believe they are about to face Heaven’s retribution, which is why they are attacking me so hard.

Their directed energy weapons are on me 24/7 and they do whatever they can to hurt me. The resources they have put into this highly suggest this is a government operation- but then Col. Michael Aquino IS government and I DON’T believe he is dead regardless what his Temple Of Set devil lovers claim.

The devil lies, and so do his followers.


An Observation Concerning Our Recent Presidential Election

There is a thread that binds all that we have seen during this past election.

Why Trump told his followers NOT to mail in their ballots and why he began demonizing the mail in vote.

Why the election polls were SO FAR off this election, unlike any other time before and instead of Biden being reported as having a 10 point lead the margin ended up RAZOR thin against an incumbent President who had no more than a little over 40 point approval rating.

Why NO Republican will say BOO to Trump and how Lindsey Graham, who days before the election was begging for money and claiming people hated him- WON his election despite his opponent beating him in fundraising 3 to 1.

And lastly- why China has come forward claiming the American democracy is a fraud before we even know who the President will be.

But then THEY would know as it was THEM that sold Ivanka Trump 7 trademarks for VOTING MACHINES.

China doesn’t USE voting machines. And why would Ivanka Trump need or even WANT trademarks for Voting machines?

Because with them- the Trump administration can program and control the vote.

Republicans would bow to Trump being guaranteed to stay in power- and would NOT DARE to go after Trump for fear of losing it.

Their issue is NO ONE could have foreseen the number of people voting. Which is why the Trump administration is trying to stop the vote count.

It is my contention that the vote WASN’T close. And it wasn’t the Democrats who are trying to steal the election. It is the Republicans.

And those voting machines that Ivanka Trump owns the trademarks too need to be looked at.

Criminals do what criminals do. And what they do is steal.

And stealing elections is what REPUBLICANS historically have been good at. Not Democrats.

Oh- and by the way- I don’t like Biden. But I like fascist dictatorships even less.

Fuck Nazis and white supremacists.

Being A Whistle Blower Isn’t Easy

I’ve done pretty much everything a person can do to try and do the right thing in trying to get my family investigated for child trafficking.

I started with the Omaha police who didn’t want any part of it, including going to the cold case detective at the time John Pankonin and demanding that he take my DNA to compare it to the Ricky Chaddick case.

The only thing THAT resulted in was that John Pankonin’s OWN SISTER Tru befriended both me and my sister Kathy right after.

Going to the local media- I consistently heard two words… “career killer” .

I’ve written a book, hosted a blog, and did countless interviews and made even more YouTube videos to no avail.

The interview I did with John B Wells about my father’s involvement with the Jacob Wetterling case ended up with an unsolvable 28 year old cold case being “solved” LESS than 2 weeks later.


Of course it was by a man already in prison who was never charged with the crime and the “remains” they discovered were animal remains and not Jacob’s.

That was according to Timothy Holmseth- an investigative reporter- who they silenced with a protection order. (They tried to do the same with me).

I’ve had death threats and stalkers- by self proclaimed Satanists like Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves founder of the Satanic Temple.

My Conversation With Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves- Founder of the Satanic Temple

The police are useless. In Algona WA I was told to “stop poking the bear”. It has been my experience that police do everything to PROTECT the child killers and silence the victims who come forward.

Now there is Qanon. But this video sums up the truth about Qanon perfectly in my opinion…

Now- one of the major players, Michael Aquino, is supposedly dead. I first heard about it when a bunch of Satanists DM’d me on Twitter demanding I apologize for the things I’ve stated about him.

That will NEVER happen as what I’ve said is the truth. I also DO NOT believe he is dead. And if you simply Google Michael Aquino death- you’ll find I’m by far not the only one.

This is just ONE person. There are a ton of others…

Michael Aquino is (apparently) dead


I figure only God will be able to deal with this mess as mankind most DEFINITELY won’t.

The police never will, the media never will. The FBI (who I reported my family to in person) never will. The Dept of Justice (who I’ve contacted over and over) won’t.

And after what we saw with Jeffery Epstein- all officials will do is everything they can to keep it quiet.

Do I regret my decision? Not at all. Better to do what I have and failed rather than be a child killer- or worse- those who would do everything they can to protect the child killers. And believe me- there are PLENTY of those eager and MORE than willing to sell their souls for a bit of money to do just that.

In the end- I think they’ll regret their choices. Me- even though I failed to accomplish what I set out to do- can at least say that I tried everything in my power to do the right thing.

I’d rather that than be a self serving child killer any day!

Department of Defense Secretary Marc Esper Confirms Existence of Directed Energy Weapons

In the End- everything that was hidden in the shadows is pulled out into the light…

9/16/2020 Secretary of Defense Marc Esper Confirms The Existence of Directed Energy Weapons.

Of course he says Russia and China have them but leaves out that we have them as well.

This is being done I believe because Hutchins and others have caught the evidence of beams of energy occurring in California where the fires are occurring…

But we have them as well…


So, once again, they are lying to the American people.

I Believe Qanon is a CIA Operation. Here Is Why


I’ve spoken about my distrust about Qanon often but here is the main reason why I believe Qanon is a CIA operation.

Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves founder of the Satanic Temple has spent his entire career discrediting victims who have come forward alleging being victims of satanic ritual abuse and yet has failed to say ANYTHING about Qanon.

His co founder of the Satanic Temple Shane Bugbee has said he quit because Mesner told him he was working with the CIA



I have been repeatedly attacked by Mesner and his minions.

The argument I got into with Mesner on Twitter

My Conversation With Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves- Founder of the Satanic Temple

Was preceded by Shelby County Sheriff Donavan killing himself a week and a half later.

I can’t say for certain if his suicide is related but I figure if he was being blackmailed into doing something to me (and it WAS Donovan who went after me with my dogs), chances are if he choose death over what they had on him he wouldn’t have said what they had on him.

Then a week and a half after Donovan’s death the gas station across the street from my house blew up.

And the reason behind the first explosion was never able to be determined.

But I’ve spoken with several town folk and it seems, in my experience. That everyone keeps referring to it as “a bomb”.

But then there was a group of men across the street from the gas station the Sat before (the gas station blew up on Mon) between 2-3 am. My neighbors were woken up by them but they couldn’t see what they were doing.

But a day 1/2 later the gas station across from my house blew up and no one knows why. However- if the first explosion had brought down the side of the garage that faced my house- and it very well could have since that is where the first explosion happened (there were 2 explosions 10 minutes apart), the 300+ lb pieces of concrete that landed 9 blocks away in a field would have directly impacted my house.

Since I was home- chances are it would have killed me.

And why would they want me dead? Well- Qanon talks about victims of satanic ritual abuse and it is almost impossible to Google stuff like this and not have my name come up.

But there are no real victims associated with Qanon- which is another reason why I believe Qanon is a CIA distraction.

Now- this week- I got attacked by an anon on Twitter over me attacking my nephew 41 yrs ago when I was 13.

This is the LAST Time I Will Deal with What Happened 40 Years Ago With My Nephew

But this attack is hypocritical when you consider that at the end of my argument with Mesner he- as an adult- admits that he argues that sticking your dick in a baby’s mouth causes no neurological damage. As an adult. And THIS is who people like this anonymous account follow and support.

The question is what kind of man argues this? What kind of adult man? Who tries hard to lie about it when confronted (as you can see in our conversation) but then finally proudly admits it.

What I did at 13 kind of pales in comparison in my opinion.


So God only knows what they have planned now.

But they have broken into my house repeatedly, tried to poison my dogs three times, destroyed the generator to my house, hurt one of my dogs, and sent me countless death threats and threats in general (which my local police have).

Not to mention attacking me with their directed energy weapons which Michigan, Maine, and Massachusetts have laws against and that the US Air Force told Congress in 2006 that they had and planned on using on American civilians to show the rest of the world they were safe…

So the fact that I am under incredible attack makes me convinced that the powers that be are NOT trying to help survivors of ritual abuse but rather are trying to shut us up.

And it is all being done by our own CIA.