Telling Aquino and His Friends the Truth


Just Saying…

My Access to Facebook Has been Blocked

Their actions aren’t new. They did this to my Gmail account that my YouTube account was connected to to stop me.

They’ve broken into my blog and rewrote my book and God knows what else.

They even broke into my Proton mail account, and I didn’t think that could even be done.

In the End, which is coming fast, it won’t even matter. Nor, really, did it ever.

Didn’t change what IS.

I removed my personal info for obvious reasons …

But THIS DOES matter…


I’m Not Going to Pull ANY Punches

The More Things Change, the More They Stay the Same

My Impressions of Nick Bryant’s Interview with Alisha Owen

Alisha Owen was a victim of Franklin Credit- who, like ALL victims, got surrounded, influenced, and screwed by very bad people. This video are my thoughts and reactions to what was said- and more importantly, what WASN’T said.

My Impressions of Nick Bryant’s Interview with Alisha Owen

Here is her new interview with Nick Bryant.

And here is the link to my interview with Michael Brownell, who was sitting right beside Troy Boner’s brother when he was shot in the head and killed. Listen to what HE had to say about his experiences with Franklin Credit.

They’ve Been In My House Again

They were in my house again- what they are doing I have no idea. Nothing is missing that I can tell.

But they turned on my living room lights so I would know they were in my house. (It was daytime and my dogs don’t know how to turn on the lights).

Yes- I told the police. As good as that ever gets me.


A Video Talking About My Training as a Child and What I Did With It as an Adult



New Video April 16 2022

Department of Defense Secretary Marc Esper Confirms Existence of Directed Energy Weapons

My Personal Experiences with Isaac Kappy

I speak about Isaac Kappy, Max Spiers, and Michael Aquino.