About the Camera and Things in General

Found One of Their Cameras in My House

I Speak About Jacob Wetterling

In Response to Allegations I am a Child Killer

So NOW I Guess the Reason I Have NO Criminal Record is that the Police are Too Soft On Me

A Simple Truth About Child Trafficking

Craig Sawyer Seems to Be Continuing His Attacks on Me

So Those Trying to Murder Me Sent Me an Offer Today- Here is My Answer

An Offer Made For Them to Shut Off Their Weapons

So they will stop murdering me if I take down the videos detailing where it is coming from and who is doing it.

Like I can trust them.

And NOW it is full blast since I have declined…

They Are Murdering Me to Prevent My Family from Ever Being Investigated for Child Trafficking

No. 174-00303
No. 174-00304

MRJC Courthouse
401 4th Ave N
Kent, WA 98032

Phone: 206-205-9200

Despite All the Claims Against Me-NEVER ONCE Have My Dad’s Hospice Records Been Looked At