@NotMyRabbitHolewithTereJoyce  This Fool Just Makes Herself Out to Look Bad

Detailing with Everything That Happened DURING My Last Live Vid and AFTERWARDS When I Was Done

David Shurter is Live! They Were in My House Today and Put My Dog Out in the Heat!

They Just Came In My House This Afternoon and Let My Dogs Out In the Heat After I Posted My Last Vid

A Perfect Example Why You Can’t Believe @NotMyRabbitHolewithTereJoyce Because the Hag Lies

And THIS is what started this attack…

Obviously @NotMyRabbitHolewithTereJoyce Needs Me to Explain Who I’m Accusing of What

Shelby IA Sheriff Neil Gross is Telling Everybody I’m Paranoid Schizophrenic- So Let Me Deal With It

Need MORE Proof @NotMyRabbitHolewithTereJoyce is Working with Doud and Farnsworth- Here Ya Go…

And this came on the heels of THIS video…

Daniel Doud aka Pootie Twang. You Like Games? Me Too! So Here- Let’s Play a Game

My Shelby County IA Sheriff Neil Gross is Working Hand in Hand with The Nazi Pedo Ring- Helping Them

There Is an Inordinate Death Count Regarding Those Who Openly Don’t Join the Dead Issac Kappy Club

If Crimes Keep Occurring and Your Local Law Officials Are Helping the Perps- What Does One Do?

I Believe ThomasSchoenberger is the Head of the Snake and He’s Working Hand in Hand with My Sheriff


It’s a Longer Video But I Want to Put Things Into Perspective About Me and What’s Happening

Since Thomas Schoenberger Is Trying to Ingratiate Himself with Me

Let me make one thing crystal clear



This is What I’ve Dealt With JUST TODAY With Tere Joyce Randolph

To Say I am Sick of This Crazy Woman is an Understatement. @NotMyRabbitHolewithTereJoyce




Funny How She Didn’t Mention TODAY’S video @NotMyRabbitHolewithTereJoyce