Hmmmmm- Things Ended Up Missing In This Conversation

“They” Want You To Think They are In Control But They Aren’t- Heaven Is

Yes, they have their weapons. Which they are using on me to make my life a living hell.

Live under attack with their microwave weapons and you’ll understand what I’m saying. But as much as they attack me- I’ll never be an Aaron Alexis- known as the shipyard shooter- who carved “E.L.F.” on his shotgun before killing a bunch of people (E.L.F. stood for ” electric low frequency”).

I’ll NEVER be what they’ve always wanted me to be.

But they AREN’T in control.

This heat we are experiencing ISN’T them controlling the weather.

The earth has been getting blasted with solar flares constantly- and it is that radiation that is being absorbed by the earth that is causing it.

As well as all the earthquakes and erupting volcanoes.

Heaven is causing it- as they have NO control over the sun.

In fact, it was a huge solar flare a month or so ago that 4 days later caused Omaha, NE to have 92 mile an hour hurricane like winds.

And the earth is burning as a result. Just as we were promised.

Mankind isn’t to be taken out by a flood this time ( although there are plenty of those happening worldwide right now) but rather with fire.

The U.S. is definitely on fire. But then so is Siberia.

Crazy times we live in.

Nazis DIDN’T seize control. Evil HASN’T turned all of mankind against God. And try as they might (and they definitely are desperately trying), they can’t keep all of their dark shit from being pulled out into the light.

They’ve lost. Way worse than what they yet realize.

If you serve the darkness- you’ll be claimed by the Darkness. Much like the phrase “live by the sword, die by the sword”.

This goes for us all.

The only thing any of us can do is get right by God. Repent- for the end is here.

Or don’t- and see what happens.

But everything is going to get much worse from here. It already has started. Anyone with a brain can see.

Fire is upon us. Brought to us by God.

As promised.

Just So We’re Clear

First in Heaven, then on Earth.

Those of you watching me with evil intent, (and you know who you are), in order to rectify what’s happening now- you’d have to change what’s happened in Heaven first.

You haven’t obsessively stalked me for years, all the while trashing me to anyone and everyone you can, because you believe me to be crazy nor a liar- but because of the simple fact that I am telling the truth, and you knows this to be truth better than most.

So here is some truth for you- and it’s the Only truth.

The Darkness is here for you all and you’re not going to enjoy it’s embrace.

And the best part is that there ain’t SHIT ANY of you can do about it.

Actually- that isn’t exactly true. To do what I was trained to do, as I’ve said before- I had to offer up a sacrifice.


And I had to get you all to do the dirty deed.

This was enacted WAY before I ever started speaking out, before I wrote my book, and started my blog. Before I made you turn your focus on me.

And you have performed magnificently. In fact, when all has been put into place, just remember I couldn’t have done it without you.

Thank you.


Info for the Daily Beast Regarding the Child Trafficking Ring in Florida


Timothy Holmseth- an investigative journalist from Minnesota- was investigating a ring that was operating in Florida in the same area Matt Gaetz is being investigated for being involved with.

He started by investigating the Jacob Wetterling abduction in Minnesota. An abduction I believe my father was involved with.

I had gone on the John B. Wells program ” Caravan at Midnight” and spent the entire time speaking about the 27 yr old cold case.

Less than 2 weeks later- this “unsolvable” cold case was “solved” with a perp, a confession, and supposedly a body- although NO charges were brought forward, the perp- Danny Heinrich, was already in jail and Holmseth- in his investigation- claimed not only were the remains not Jacob’s- they weren’t even human.

And the abductor’s pics had changed. Not only did the new ones look like Heinrich- it appeared that he hadn’t aged at ALL in the 27 years this case remained cold.

Timothy Holmseth was quieted with a protection order taken out on him in Florida.

The SAME thing was done to me in Kent, WA.

The thing about mine- which you can easily access since protection orders are available to the public- is that the 15 videos listed had absolutely NOTHING to do with the petitioners but only and SOLELY dealt with someone who goes by the name Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves, founder of the Satanic Temple.

Neither are his real name. Doug Misicko is his real name- and he has spent his entire “career” attacking and shutting down abuse Survivors. That is when he isn’t building 100,000 dollar statues of Baphomet- or suing Netflix for an undisclosed amount for them portraying Baphomet in a bad light in their series “Sabrina”, or pulling out his privates for the media and putting them on the gravestone of the late Westboro Minister’s mother, etc.

Here are a couple links to show you my interactions with the dude… But you only have to type his name in the search engine on the right of my blog to see the myriad of arguments I’ve had with him.

I Spent All Day Sunday Fighting With Satanists All Day

He has also gone out of his way to try and discredit Holmseth.

He AND his myriad of followers.

Who he got to attack me.

Mesner’s Group of Satanists Collectively Attacking Me On A Saturday Night

He knew they would attack me after I said what I did. And he has always been obsessed in trying to shut me down.

There is more to this child trafficking bs than you probably realize.

And the reason why all of this is being overlooked by the Republican party regarding Gaetz is that, back in the 80s, when this stuff came out simultaneously in the US, the UK, and Australia, the media reported this mess went straight to the Reagan/Bush White House and that one large component of this is that they would set people up in compromising situations to have leaverage over them

Which is why Jeffery Epstein was so protected and ” suicides” in the end to prevent him from talking

But then you should ask William Barr about that and see if that could be why he secretly went to the jail Epstein was being held in 3 weeks before Epstein ended up dead.

Chances are ALL of this is connected in some way.

But this is a good place to begin.

Truth will Out in the End as they say.

The Same Child Trafficking Ring Matt Gaetz Is Being Investigated For is the Same Ring Timothy Holmseth Was Investigating

Timothy Holmseth was investigating the same child trafficking ring that Matt Gaetz is being investigated for. In Palm Springs.

The one they took a protection order order out on Holmseth to shut him up. I’d ask Holmseth what he knows.


Our CIA Is Claiming Victimhood

The US CIA is claiming victimization claiming THEY are victims of directed energy weapons.

This was a FOX news story a week ago…

So I guess this could be true IF you believe the CIA doesn’t know that our US Air Force didn’t go in front of Congress in 2006 to tell them they had these weapons and that they were going to use them on American citizens to show the rest of the world they were safe.

Also- CIA members are secret- so how would Russia know who they were enough to target them?

And the patents for these weapons are held by the US government.

So I call bullshit. They are lying in order to deflect from their own bad behavior.




They Are After Me NOT Because I’m Crazy OR That I’m a Liar But Because I Speak The Truth

You only have to read the myriads of exchanges I’ve published on this blog to see that Doug Misicko aka Doug Meaner aka Lucien Greaves- founder of the Satanic Temple is obsessed with me.

He and his followers do anything and everything they can to discredit me. I mean- just go to YouTube and type in my name to see a perfect example of what I’m talking about.

However- what is obvious is that they want to prevent anyone from listening to me.

This is because I’m speaking the truth.

I mean why would any of their crap be necessary if they truly believed I was crazy or a liar? Wouldn’t it be self evident?

But I’m neither of those things- which is their issue with me. And they OBVIOUSLY have issues with me considering how much time and effort they have spent making video after video trashing me.

Not to mention their constant attacks on me, all the death threats- and the continuous harassment.

Why? Because I am NOT lying. Nor am I crazy.

Doug and his group need to be investigated by law officials as I by far am NOT their only victim.

I’m just one who will stand to expose these idiots until my dying breath despite their attacks on me.

I’ll do the right thing no matter how hard they make it on me.

Why? Because what I’ve done- esp on the spiritual level- is working. The vise is tightening around them- and in the end- when it is all said and done- I just want Doug and everyone he is affiliated with to remember the same thing I told Michael Aquino- I TOLD YOU SO.

God and Heaven are real. As is Heaven’s wrath. And ego does NOT trump truth. No matter how much you lie to other people- most esp yourselves.

But to say Doug and the group he is affiliated with is screwed is stating the obvious. On EVERY level they are screwed- and this was true LONG before I ever showed up.

They are rabid- and God is about to deal with them and their disease. In fact it’s already happening.

But one thing you can count on is that they’ll most likely churn out another video attacking me in order to try and deflect from themselves.

Like that will have ANY affect on what is looming over them.

But like I said- they’re fucked. So can anyone expect anything different?






Their Crap is Collapsing- and They’re About to Reap What They Have Sewn

Nazis DIDN’T take over. Mankind as a whole has NOT embraced hatred and derision. And now their crap is slowly being brought into the light.

Despite all their efforts.

But it is just beginning.

The darkness of which they have “served” (although it could EASILY be argued that all they have served is THEMSELVES), is now starting to claim them- as NO ONE lives forever.

And their deeds are beginning to come out into the light.

White supremacists/Satanists are behind Qanon. They are basically doing the same thing that was done in the 80s when all of this came out the first time.

In America, AND Europe, AND Australia- SIMULTANEOUSLY. At a time when there was NO internet.

And the UK has been busted for covering up the alligations. Which is why Hoaxstead Research came to be.

Hoaxstead Research is the UK’s version of Qanon. They have the same exact goal- to contain and discredit anyone who would come forward and talk about any abuse they’ve suffered.

And it is run and promoted by Nazi Satanists- who are OPEN about their beliefs. (Until you call them on it of course- which they THEN cry religious discrimination).

Michael Aquino went all over national television in the 80s- doing just this.

He was accused of HORRIBLE things- esp. concerning the Presidio in California, but was never investigated. Of course the reason given WASN’T because he was being discriminated against because he was a Luciferian but rather our government claimed it was because of national security- although WHY child sexual abuse was part of national security was never explained.

Now Aqino’s “replacement”- who goes by the alias Doug Meaner as well as the alias Lucien Greaves- founder of the Satinic Temple- but who’s real name is Doug Misicko- claims the same thing.

I have a LONG history with Doug- who basically stalks me because I stand against him. You can see some of our interactions by simply tying his name’s into the search engine on my blog David to see what I’ve had to deal with.

His co founder Shane Bugbe has asserted he is working with the CIA.

Of course Doug claims he is a liar.

But then Doug has a long history of claiming EVERYONE who speaks against him is a liar. Or crazy. Or a pedophile. (Exactly like Qanon does).

And if that doesn’t work- he claims he is a victim of religious discrimination. Just like Aquino did all of his life.

Doug IS working with the CIA in my opinion. I also believe he and his band of Satanists are involved with Qanon and other events that help forment the Nazi/Satanist movement.

Like Qanon. Who claim Democrats are behind this child abuse cabal although in the 80s our national media reported it was the Republicans that were involved and that it went straight to the Regan/Bush White House.

Doug and his group have gone out of their way to attack EVERYONE who has tried to honestly expose this mess. EXCEPT Qanon- which Doug and his minions have remained silent about.

And if you have a question about the validity of this child trafficking mess- you only have to look at Jeffery Epstein- who’s activities and who he was working with have YET to be exposed is STILL being kept secret.

Whether or not he committed suicide is NOT the issue ( although anyone who uses their brain can see he didn’t) but the fact that the details of what he was involved with has remained a total secret shows there is a concerted effort to keep this all secret.

While Doug and his minions attack anyone who comes forward. I’m only ONE in a LONG list of people he and his group have gone after.

But their crap is falling apart. The white supremacists are being exposed ( basically after they were behind instrumenting an attempted insurection on Jan 6, 2021) and the American government did NOT succumb to white supremacy as a whole- although it is being reported that our police, military, and government is infiltrated by them.

But it isn’t going to stop there.

God is in control. And the time of redemption is quickly becoming a time of accountability and retribution.

I may not be around on this side to see it as my body is wearing down from their directed energy weapons attacks on me. Most die of strokes or heart attacks- and their autopsies show significant scarring on their organs. I’m sure I’ll be the same.

Mark Esper- when he was acting Secretary of Defense- admitted these weapons existed…

I have repeatedly given the evidence of their existence…

So obviously claiming they don’t exist is delusional.

Doug’s little group has claimed anything and everything to discredit me. And our government has been trying to kill me to silence me.

Why? Because this article is just a small taste of what I have tried to expose in the decades I have been at this.

However, regardless of what happens to me- I know that their ultimate plans have failed- and will CONTINUE to fail.

They will be exposed. And immediately after they take their last breath (and we all will because NO ONE lives forever) the Darkness is standing ready to claim them.

Mankind will NEVER deal with this. God however- most certainly IS.

And the fact they are all ignorant of this fact will make their demise even more sweet.

And you can BANK on that!


They Never Stop Hitting Me with Their D.E.W. Weapons

It is strange how crazy persistent they are touturing me with their weapons to shut me up.

Not just about my family being involved with their child trafficking ring that made them all very rich, but about their directed energy weapons themselves.

Recently on YouTube one of their shills tried their old arguments to say I spoke about “talking rocks” involved with these weapons.

However, I have never even suggested they were talking rocks. Satanist Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves-founder of the Satanic Temple- was closer when he called them “burning rocks”.

In Algona, WA I found 12 very large rocks in my yard- planted in the ground as if they had always been there although they just “appeared”.

The tops of each of these rocks was exposed and covered with a black metallic looking mold. I found the SAME black metallic looking mold on the top part of my window air conditioner vents in my bedroom. Not inside- nor even on the bottom part of the vent slates but ONLY on the top- as if it had been painted there.

What is notable is at this exact same time I started dropping loads of weight. In fact, in two months I dropped well over a hundred pounds.

Then someone told me I should look and see if there were any rocks that had appeared in my yard. I was told they would be covered with a strange black looking metallic mold which they told me was called “smart dust”.

Sure enough- I found 12 large rocks- many just pieces of concrete- buried strategically around my house like they had always been there- although they hadn’t been.

Immediately after digging them all up and removing them- I stopped losing weight and began gaining back what I had lost.

These rocks are of particular interest to satanist Doug and his group as they bring them up often- usually claiming I said they were “talking rocks”- which I never have- and now Doug claiming I said they were ” burning rocks” which I never have but honestly is closer to the point.

Doug and his merry little band of evil lovers are not only Satanists but they are also Nazis.

Richard Spencer- a well known white supremacist- and his group have been known to work things in a way that they are able to take people’s homes from them in the Pacific Northwest. The same crap was attempted on me.

My house in Washington was in a good spot- directly in-between Tacoma and Seattle.

Now they don’t want my house (they have no interest in small town Iowa)- they just want me dead and gone.

They don’t like that I have suggested they are involved behind the scenes with Qanon- radicalizing people to hate and violence.

They don’t like that I have suggested their behavior needs to be investigated concerning driving people into being insurrectionists who stormed the Capital.

And they don’t like me pointing out their use of these directed energy weapons. The SAME weapons that were used on the U.S. Cuban and Chinese Embassies.

I don’t know why I’m not dead yet. My only guess is God. But they are torturing me with their bs- and have now for 6 years this coming March.

But I believe they will one day experience retribution. They don’t believe in God- let alone God’s wrath- but I do.

I know it’s true.

And one day- soon I hope- so will they.

I Spent All Day Sunday Fighting With Satanists All Day

Doug Mesner aka satanist Lucien Greaves- WAS behind the attacks from a plethora of Satanists Sunday. He tried to make light of it- claiming I was all into a “conspiracy” but he admitted it was him that was behind it.


This was my original tweet I posted…

So it is obvious to me that Mesner wanted to deflect attention away from himself so he sicked his minions on me.

I mean he knew what would happen when he retweeted it.

His minions did what they always do- what Michael Aquino did in the 80s when allegations came out against him concerning child abuse. They decried “religious descrimination”.

So the argument is ” no one can investigate satanists for anything whatsoever because doing so is religious descrimination”.

But after fighting with Mesner and all of his minions, I am more certain the he and probably members of his group are behind radicalizing people on Qanon.

What a leap- a Satanic cult leader radicalizing people in a cult- this being Qanon.

Shane Bugbee- who was Mesner’s cohort in establishing the Satanic Temple- has said this. .

Of course Mesner claims Bugbee is a liar. But then Mesner always claims that anyone who speaks out against him is a liar.

According to him he is ALWAYS the ONLY one who tells the truth.

But Qanon is a psych op in my opinion and it is increasingly becoming more radicalized and more violent by it’s extreme members.

Finding out who is working behind the scenes is important in containing it’s influence.

In my years of experience dealing with Doug Mesner- who obsessively watches everything I do- going on my Twitter account to “stalk” me and sick his minions on me is the LEAST of an examples I can give, I think that looking into his activities could truly be beneficial in learning more about Qanon.

He certainly doesn’t want anyone to even consider it. Because if Sunday showed me anything is the Mesner doesn’t want anyone to even QUESTION if he could be involved with Q.

I’m not suggesting he started it. I’m not even suggesting he came up with the idea. But could he be a little worker bee behind the scenes?