My Lawyer Sent Me THIS Article About Earling’s Town Attorney

So I am facing someone who many in Iowa think is corrupt. Yeah- this isn’t a set up at all…

Now I am beginning to understand why God put me in this situation. More darkness to expose.

Chances are Doug Mesner didn’t have to work that hard to set this up.

Greed can get people to do terrible things.

If They are Dealing With Child Trafficking- How Is It Advocate Jenny Moore is Dead

Like so many others- another advocate trying to investigate this child trafficking mess is dead.

Jenny Moore was an ex policewoman who was found dead in her hotel room. She had been investigating child trafficking.

Her YouTube station was under the name Task Force and her are a couple of her videos:

People are talking about these tens of thousands of indictments that are SUPPOSED to happen- but all that is really occurring is that they are picking off survivors and survivors advocates one by one.

Trump, Q anon ( who is either a person or a group fighting child trafficking but in my opinion is nothing more than a psych ops campaign)- these are reported to be mankind’s “savior” however- if this was true, why are we, (and I say we because I am a survivor AND an advocate), being attacked and murdered to such a large degree?

The “leaders” on this front that are being publicly promoted are all pretty much new- and established long time vocal survivors are being ignored.

Put simply- they are doing what they have historically ALWAYS done and are doing their best to contain and dismiss this child trafficking mess in order to make it fade away into oblivion.

And they are murdering people to do it. All the while people are cheering for things that are leading them- and ESP their children- right into the abyss.

I believe mankind is better than this. Hopefully I am not wrong.

The Sheriff Stopped By About the Dogs Again

I was given 10 days- and today was day 10.

My lawyer has tried to contact both the mayor and the city attorney- however he has been unsuccessful thus far.

This doesn’t surprise me considering our mayor Jan Gaul would not let me talk about it at the city council meeting.

The complaint is anonymous and is a lie- which tells me the city of Earling is working on behalf of a pedophile protecting Satanist. Earling’s claim to fame is that it was the last place in the US that had a Catholic sanctioned exorcism- but it seems our mayor is more than willing to help a devil lover- so …

From what I have figured out- the city manager was the one breaking into my house and trying to set me up by giving me my neighbors water bill check. Seems some will do business with anyone for money. Including pedophile protecting Satanists.

They- as in the mayor, the city manager, and the city attorney- wants to keep all of this quiet, which is why I got the email from Jan Gaul under the official title as mayor…

With all the threats- including death threats- I have recieved- and the fact someone has tried to poison my dogs twice while living in Earling- I realize the intention is to get rid of my dogs so that Mesner and his CIA group can come hurt me and claim I committed suicide- as they have done with so many others. Since this immediately followed my interview on Lift the Veil- they are obviously desperate to shut me up…

What I fail to understand is why I could have faced legal jeapordy for having a photocopy of my neighbors water bill check when it was the city manager- who photocopied the check and gave it to me in the first place- faced NO consequences whatsoever.

But as you can see by the letter- the mayor, city manager, and the city attorney ALSO wants to hide this as well.

But one thing is for certain- I’m going to fight this tooth and nail. Just as I have had to do for years now.

Their Game is to Present People and Situations That Can be Discredited to Discredit Everything as a Whole

It isn’t a new game as it has been used extensively and has worked very effectively in the past.

In the 80s, in the US, it was McMartin- which, at the time, was the longest and most costly court trial in US history. Resulting in zero convictions- it was the case that shut everything down.

Along with FBI’s Kenneth Lanning’s report stating there was no evidence of Satanic Ritual abuse.

Now, in the UK- the Hampstead case is being used the same way. It even has a website connected to it called Hoaxtead Research which is solely based to close down whistle-blowers of this mess like Melanie Shaw and Hollie Gregg- whose claims preceeded Hampstead.

Of course they avoid cases like the children’s group home Shirley Oaks as it is hard to attack and dismiss 100’s of survivors who have come together:

But the game has always been to prevent exposure by offering up people who make outrageous claims that end up getting discredited in order to completely discredit the situation as a whole.

Like Hamstead- where I am on record saying the ONLY thing real about that case were the children. But they needed this case when it came out that the UK covered up it’s allegations that came out in the 80s (at the same time the same allegations came out in the US and Australia).

History doesn’t so much repeat itself but rather echoes itself and what is different this time is that we have the Internet. “Pizzagate” was the US attempt to curtail these allegations as well, in the belief that it would be discredited and that people would throw the baby out with the bathwater and turn away as they have historically always done.

But, for a large part, that didn’t happen. In fact- it seems just the opposite has occurred.

Now they are throwing out fake advocates and sometimes “victims” to try and achieve what they have failed to do so far- who throw out accusations they realize will be able to be dismissed. Their game is to discombobulate and confuse the issues to such a degree that people will lose interest.

However, this time it is feeding the situation- peaking more and more people’s interest.

Thus Q anon and rumors of 45,000 pending indictments are being used in hope of placating people. But something tells me this is not going to be all that effective.

It is my opinion that God is fulfilling Heaven’s promise that all that has been hidden is being brought out into the light.

And it makes no difference how bad one believes themself to be- how much money they have- or how much perceived power they believe they have- NO ONE – not man nor angel- has the ability to thwart the Will of God.

So we will see what happens. But it has often been said- where there is smoke there is fire. And this fire seems to be growing. Exponentially.

The Sherriff’s Dept Has All The Emails I Recieved

Including this whole exchange :

This Is The Email Exchange Between Myself and IEATBABIES Who I Believe Is Doug Mesner aka John Kilrush aka Satanic Temple’s founder Lucien Greaves

And within 30-45 minutes after I published this exchange was when my Gmail account got hacked- preventing me from making a YouTube video about it.

And this group of emails was NICE compared to others I recieved.

But the Sheriff’s dept has them all- as I was just forwarding them as I got them.

Despite Going Through Hell- I AM in NO WAY Suicidal

This whole situation with my dogs is being done as an attempt to destabilize me in hopes I become suicidal. OR they want to hurt me and CLAIM I hurt myself- although doing such is COMPLETELY against my faith and would NEVER happen.

There have been NO calls to the Sherriff’s office regarding my dogs EVER and I have letters from my neighbors completely discrediting the one ANONYMOUS complaint my city hall is using to try to take them away from me.

This is not, in my opinion, a coincidence that this happened within days after my interview on Lift the Veil…

The attacks against me have been crazy. My Gmail account davidshurter1@gmail was hacked- effectively preventing me from making YouTube videos.

Someone has tried to poison my dogs twice.

I have an army of trolls online trying to discredit me to try and prevent anyone from listening to me- generally using anonymous or fake names.

The good thing however about my Gmail account being hacked is I no longer have to deal with emails from Doug Mesner aka John Kilrush aka IEATBABIES aka Justin Sanity aka Satanic Temple’s founder Lucien Greaves.

So at least there is THAT silver lining.

I have to admit don’t trust the new “leaders” of this mess who only seem to focus on their OWN claims while completely dismissing the history of this mess.

And have NO doubt- what happened in Omaha in the 80s DOES matter. It IS part of the history of this mess- and those who dismiss it or discredit it are not to be trusted in my opinion.

But let me say- no matter WHAT happens to me I will NEVER commit suicide or intentionally hurt myself in ANY way.

The Drama Surrounding My City Manager and Doug Mesner

I spoke to the Sheriff who has been working with me since I moved here with concerns to the break Ins and attacks and now I understand why things are playing out as they have.

First of all, let me say I trust this Sheriff and realize that my belief that they are working like the Algona WA police did is COMPLETELY unfounded.

Right when I moved to Earling I got threatening emails from Doug Mesner- bragging that he already had contacts in Earling who were going to get me. The Sheriff I spoke to HAS these emails and every other one I have recieved since coming here.

The city manager befriended me before I had even got to Earling- as we would have hours long conversations on the phone before I ever even left WA.

I trusted her so much that I gave her keys to my house and she was one of the witnesses on my Last Will and Testament.

During these constant break ins I was going through- she was telling me it was my neighbor- who she told me police were investigating for manufacturing meth in their basement, however today the Sheriff told me this wasn’t true.

My neighbors were NEVER being investigated. Let alone for anything doing with narcotics.

At the height of all of this- the city manager gave me a photocopy of a check my neighbor’s had written the city for their water bill.

I didn’t understand why but at the time I just thought, as my friend, that the city manager was just trying to help me.

Now- talking with the Sheriff for an hour today- I know this is FAR from the truth.

Today I learned that had I done ANYTHING with that check- like posted it on my blog- I could have faced criminal prosocution.

In doing so I would have gone to jail as that protection order would have put me in jail for a year. But all I did was throw it in a pile of stuff in my office- as it seemed useless to me, and- until just recently- forgot about it.

I went in search of it after realizing what had been stolen from my house and figuring out it was the City Manager. Consequently I notified my Sheriff AND my neighbor who’s check was photocopied.

But this was a setup the entire time. Doug Mesner was directing it- my city manager was helping- and with the break Ins and threats- they thought I would be reactionary and do something stupid- which would have landed me in jail- thus allowing Mesner to follow through with his promise to have me murdered in jail.

As far as the dogs- the Sheriff informed me they have NEVER recieved any complaints about my dogs until this anonymous one that the city of Earling filed. However he told me that Earling is just following the direction of their city attorney and that they have the right to reject putting me on the agenda.

I, however, have every right to be in attendance at that public meeeting.

The Sheriff’s dept is just doing their job and are not acting nefarious. At least that is what I believe to be true right now.

However, I believe Doug Mesner DID get someone in Earling to help him- and all facts point to the city manager- who Mesner would have first gotten in contact with simply by calling city hall.

And I was given a photocopy of that check by her in hopes that I would have done something stupid with it- which would have landed me in jail, where Mesner would have had me murdered.

Just as he has bragged about. Just as he has promised.

What I Endure Trying to Get My Family’ Child Trafficking Mess Exposed

Right now I am fighting to keep my dogs based on anonymous lies that are negated by my neighbor’s signed declarations. Jan Gaul- Earling IA’s acting mayor- sent me an email telling me I could not come to a public town hall meeting and plead my case.

The Sheriff ‘s dept told me they have never recieved any complaints- esp of them running around in loose in town- although Sheriff Donovan- who delivered the order to me last Sunday- told me city hall said it had happened three times.

However- Earling IA is a tiny town with less than 400 people and had this EVER happened- the Sherriff’s dept would have been flooded with calls.

My neighbors have said they rarely bark- that they are gentle and sweet- as did my vet who also declared they were current on their rabies shots.

The Sheriff read Jan Gail’s letter three times- told me he didn’t understand it and ended up calling the county attorney for clarification- who didn’t understand it either.

And I can PROVE this conversation with the Sheriff’s dept because I have the entire conversation on video. (I have learned these many years NOT to trust the police).

I figure those I am fighting think that if I loose my dogs- I’ll either commit suicide or they can make it LOOK as if I did. However- this will NEVER happen as it is against my faith and I will NEVER risk my soul regardless of how much pain I am forced to endure.

I am even expected to do the impossible and register my dogs- despite the fact Earling IA has no such thing in place on the books.

This is NOT the first time I have had to deal with things like this.

On the protection orders granted against me in Kent WA- it was put on the documents and even mentioned in court that I threatened the Algona WA police. However- had I actually done this- I would have gone to jail and since that never happened- it is obviously a lie.

And the Algona WA police knew this- as after the fact I told them every video listed on that protection order had NOTHING to do with the petitioners but ONLY and SOLELY dealt with Doug Mesner aka John Kilrush aka IEATBABIES aka Justin Sanity aka Satanic Temple’s founder Lucien Greaves – and they responded with “we know” .

So they obviously had read the orders and knew the claim that I threatened them was a lie. And yet they delivered the order and I lost the case anyway.

These people will do anything they can to shut me up. And they will hurt me any way they can.

All to protect their secrets regarding child trafficking and pedophilia.

This Organized Pedophilia is NOT a Partisan Issue

There seems to be this push to make this organized Pedophilia about either the Democrats or Republicans. One or the other.

But this is disingenuous and a lie at best, as it is BOTH. What we are fighting is not based on one political party- but the SYSTEM as a whole.

There simply are no more “Mr. Smith’s” in Washington any more.

This world is pretty much evil in my opinion. Not that there isn’t good in it- but often you have to look REALLY hard for it. And those who serve this Master will throw up anyone they can to serve and promote their house.

I am not political really as I don’t much care for either side. There are two times I refused to vote in my adult life- the first was when Obama ran against Mitt Romney. I disliked them both.

The second was this last time with Trump and Clinton. Basically it was the same situation. In the end I decided I didn’t hate my fellow man enough to vote for either of them. And I wasn’t alone as the majority of Americans followed the same suit.

In the end I couldn’t decide who was the lesser evil and either way it was a vote for evil- as BOTH camps were running as false prophets- claiming to be mankind’s savior.

The SYSTEM is the Devil’s house. It does not, has not, and never will offer redemption. Nor will those who serve that house.

Voting for the lesser evil is STILL a vote for evil in my opinion.

And it is the SYSTEM that is behind this pedophilia, as it offers amazing amounts of money and power- and worst of all- gives the finger to our Father.

And no one who serves the System can fight the System.

Our salvation resides in our Father and serving the Word. And our Father doesn’t vote.

So I am neither against Republicans nor Democrats- but rather the SYSTEM BOTH serve.

You can only serve ONE master- and there are only two to choose from.

I’ve made my choice.

They Are Now Using the City of Earling IA to Target Me

Right after I did my interview with Lift the Veil- my city manager and mayor sent the Sheriff out who told me I had 10 day’s to get rid of my dogs based on lies the city manager told them.

I have letters from every single one of my neighbors disputing what the city said.

When I moved here in January I was experiencing break ins which I reported to the police and the City Manager was doing her best to convince me it was my neighbor next door and even went to far to photocopy my neighbors check she had written to the city for her water bill.

The thing is- I was sent emails from Doug Mesner aka John Kilrush aka IEATBABIES aka Justin Sanity aka Satanic Temple’s founder Lucien Greaves bragging he already had contacts in Earling who were going to hurt me.

The most logical person to be breaking into my house was the City Manager- who had befriended me even before I left Seattle.

She would also be the most logical person that Mesner contacted.

Unfortunately trusted her so much I gave her keys to my house because, not knowing anyone in town and afraid I was going to be hurt, I didn’t want to rot in my bed before someone found me.

Now they are trying to make me get rid of my dogs because in doing so I will be completely vulnerable.

I am not going to publish my neighbors check because that isn’t right but I will publish the letter’s I recieved.

I will also include the letter from my mayor who is trying to hide the fact that she is trying to cover up their city manager’s impropriety.