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As little good that it does

New Video- Dealing With the Free Range Humans Article- My Side

Dealing With the Free Range Human’s Article

A few things I missed. This Free Range Human woman contacted ME- not the other way around. I had only spoken to her for a short while before Zachary came out to film my documentary. She set HIM up- convinced me he was bad- and I told him to leave. However- after the Free Range Human woman was gone- he returned and we DID my documentary.

And she never helped me with my book. Other than maybe reading it, she did NOT do ANYTHING to help publish it. That is what I paid my publisher for. COMPLETELY. To think she helped was laughable.

What she was is what the government calls a “honey pot”. She attracts her (their) mark- in this case me- ingratiates herself in every way she can in that person’s life, the more inappropriate the better- then works on getting as much information as she can (which is why she secretly recorded everyone in my house for 4 days- which she admits too). In the end- she goes out of her way to discredit the mark in any way she can. Which is what she is doing with this article that comes up when you google my name.

Like I’ve said before, if they thought telling people that I was a “7 headed hydra that ate small children in one bite” would keep people from listening to what I have said these many MANY years, they would tell people that I am a 7 headed hydra that eats small children in one bite. Anything to discredit me.

Need another example? Read the comments for my book on Amazon- the one that was nominated for book of the year in 2012. It is like people have read TWO DIFFERENT BOOKS. Just for the record, my book is NOT about gay sex, nor is it in any way about my sex life and was I NEVER a gay prostitute so it isn’t about me looking for redemption for being a gay prostitute because I have never BEEN a gay prostitute.

It’s THIS Kind of Thing that Got Lucien Greaves’s Pedophile Protection Squad to Make a Video Calling Me a Super Sorcerer

Matt Gaetz- this video should interest you.

What I claim in this video, in my past experience, will become self-evident sooner than later. But I wait with bated breath. LOL.

Just saying.

Oh, and it is NOT that I haven’t done what I explain in this video before- to a LOT of people. I just generally don’t see the reason to announce it. But in this case, obviously, I’ve made an exception.

Examples MUST be made.

Death is Coming- and Not Just for Me

I’ve Been Told By Several People I Have Some Explaining to Do- So Here is My First Attempt

David Shurter on the John B Wells Show

The REAL Extended Version of Rabbit Hole: Confessions of an Anti Christ

The Jacob Wetterling Abduction Case ISN’T Solved, and I Am Not the Only One Who Disagrees With the FBI’s Conclusions

Hey Shelby County IA Sheriff Neil Gross-We May Finally Be Able To Deal With Each Other Directly

If tonight’s city council vote goes the way everyone thinks, and your department absorbs the local police department.

Then you don’t have to go after my dying disabled elderly sister anymore. You and I can deal with each other directly. And there won’t be anymore of this “I can’t deal with you directly because you aren’t in my jurisdiction” any longer.

Yet ANOTHER prayer answered by God. Can you give a big ass Hallelujah?

I Almost Passed Out on My Floor This Morning So Something Tells Me that For ME this is Almost Over

Look What Happened After My Last Video

Chuck Grassley and Mike Pompeo- This Video is For You- Make Sure You Go Tell the Rest of Your Group

What I Said About Scalia in Yesterdays Video WASN’T New

Breaking News About Anton Scalia

VeteransToday Article “Scalia Sleeps with the Fishes” Is Being CENSORED In the United States

Concerning the Ranch Anton Scalia Was Murdered At

Chuck Grassley and Mike Pompeo- This Video is For You- Make Sure You Go Tell the Rest of Your Group


Chuck Grassley and Mike Pompeo- This Video is For You- Make Sure You Go Tell the Rest of Your Group

Mr. CIA man- this morning you tweeted that the truth would set you free- and you are SO right.

Anyway- here is MY truth.

“By the pricking of my thumbs, something wicked this way comes.”
“Then rang the bells both loud and deep. God is not dead nor doth he sleep.”
“The wrong will fail, the right prevail, with peace on Earth, goodwill to men.”


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