Looking Back As My Life As a Whistle Blower

This Friday I turn 53 and it is often a time I look back at my life and reflect. (It is also a time where my nightmares come back full force as I relive my childhood at night when I’m asleep).

I have done everything I can think of to get my parents investigated for my family’s involvement with child trafficking and a myriad of other crimes.

I went to Nebraska State Patrolman cold case detective John Pankonin and had him take my DNA to compare to cold cases- specifically the murder of Ricky Chaddick- to see if my dad or brother were involved.

The result? Well, other than Detective Pankonin’s sister befriending my sister and I- absolutely NOTHING happened- despite the fact that Ricky’s family vacationed at Silver Lake, Minnesota where my father and stepmother had their OWN place there.

My Exchange with Nebraska State Patrol Cold Case Detective John Pankonin about the Ricky Chadek Murder

I went to every local media outlet and was continuously met with two words- “career killer”.

I then wrote and published “Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story”, where I received a nomination for book of the year. I also began a blog-


where I have detailed everything I have tried to do and have gone through as a result.

I have contacted the national media, the Department of Justice, and have personally filed a report at the Seattle FBI office. Again- I have gotten nowhere.

During all this- I made YouTube videos and did countless interviews.

The most notable was on the John B Wells show “Caravan to Midnight” where I detailed my dad’s involvement with the Jacob Wetterling case- a 28 year old cold case.

The result of this interview was that LESS than two weeks after this interview an unsolvable 28 year old case was “solved” with a perp who was already in prison, a confession although the case wasn’t prosecuted, and a body although an investigative journalist by the name of Timothy Holmseth reported that the remains were not even human.

Throughout this- I have been attacked and threatened by Satanists. While living in Seattle, I had a protection order taken out on me in Kent, Washington. In the complaint, 15 or so videos were listed that had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with the petitioners but rather ONLY and SOLELY dealt with Doug Mesner aka Lucien Greaves founder of the Satanic Temple.

Funny- later a protection order was taken out on Timothy Holmseth by someone who lives in Broward County in Florida despite the fact that Holmseth lives in Minnesota. This whole protection order scam is an extremely effective way to silence those they deem a threat.

There are a myriad of videos stating 1/2 truths and outright lies about me in order to discredit me and prevent anyone from listening to my allegations about my family. The majority of which are connected to Satanists and those who have sent me threats- most esp death threats.

The police where I live now have the large amounts of threats I have received and have had to file a felony burglary and criminal mischief report after my home was broken into and my house generator was destroyed. Included in those threats were death threats.

Despite everything, I don’t regret doing what I have. My faith in God compels me to stand against evil and to try and make right the damage and pain my family has caused.

However, I have NO faith in mankind. Q Anon, in my opinion,  is a psych op. I have argued with people connected to this lunacy and they have no idea who the key players are- like Col. Michael Aquino. This whole “Have patience and trust in the plan” is nothing more than a way to stop anyone from actually doing anything to try and stop this child trafficking mess.

No one even knows who is behind Q Anon- and although back in the 80s it was the CIA group the False Memory Foundation that gave us the two phrases “satanic panic” a “false memories”, this group’s egos keep them from ever considering that the CIA might be doing the same thing now.

Esp when you consider Jeffery Epstein. It has never been explained what AG Barr was doing at the prison two or so weeks before Epstein died- or how he concluded Epstein killed himself by watching film footage from two cameras he first reported were broken.

But considering AG Barr was AG for George Bush Sr. when he made both the child trafficking mess in the 80s as well as the Iran/Contra scandal go away- it isn’t a big leap to consider he is doing the same now.

I’m not sure what is going to happen in the future- or how long I have in this life. But what I DO know is that when I come  face to face with my maker, I’ll be able to say I tried to make things right.

The Omaha World Herald Publishes an Article Concerning These Microwave Weapons

The Omaha World Herald published an article about the attacks on officials at the Cuban Embassy that was written by the Washington Post.


The symptoms were as follows:

“Hearing loss, dizziness, tinnitus, visual difficulties, headaches and fatigue, as well as cognitive, balance and sleeping difficulties”

The exact same symptoms both my sister and I have been experiencing.

The media pretends they have no idea what could have caused these attacks despite the fact that in 2006 NBC reported that our US Air Force reported to Congress that they had these microwave weapons- called DEW, (directed energy weapons), and that they were going to use them on American citizens to show the rest of the world they were safe.

Considering that was in 2006 and it is 2019 and they are still a secret- and the attacks seem to be referred to as if they are magic, they aren’t safe.

Esp. considering the lasting medical effects that have been determined by the Cuban embassy workers.

My sister and I are being attacked because of all we know about the events in Omaha that culminated into what is known as the Franklin Credit scandal.

Basically because many of the same people who were involved back then are involved with this Jeffery Epstein case.

In fact, this case with Epstein is just a continuation of what was happening back in the 60s-80s in Omaha.

However- just like they have concerning these DEW weapons, the media has decided to keep this correlation secret.

So they are torturing my sister and I with their weapon to keep us from trying to expose our family’s involvement with child abductions and trafficking that was a large part of what was happening in Omaha.

Because that is what their DEW weapons are- torture machines- that they willingly use on anyone they consider a threat. Instrumented by our own CIA- who have ALWAYS been involved with the nefarious atrocities that our government have perpetrated. 

They want to shut us up in any way they can.

So they pay people to help them. Those who are around us, as it is no secret that many people will do just about anything for money.

And it isn’t just my sister and I as 1000s of people have claimed they have been attacked by these weapons.

The very people our AIR Force told Congress they were going to attack with these weapons to show the rest of the world they were safe.

While our media pretends to remain clueless, despite the fact there are laws on the books in Michigan, Maine, and Massachusetts.

The truth is out there, despite how hard our government and media outlets are trying to keep the truth from everyone.

The CIA is Involved with Shutting Anyone Who is Trying to Expose this Child Trafficking Down

The CIA’s MO is always the same.

They make videos and go all over social media trashing a person in order to defame them.

I certainly have been a victim of this- although most if not all have been made by those directly connected with Satanism.

Then they take out protection orders- as they did with me. Of course every video (and there were about 15 listed) that was taken out in Kent, WA had NOTHING to do with the petitioners but only and SOLELY dealt with Doug Messer aka Lucien Greaves- the founder of the Satanic Temple- except for a couple that dealt with Donald Trump. 

Then policeman Ryan Miller of the Algona WA police dept filed a complaint in Pacific WA that I had violated it. He was fresh out of the military and brand new on the force and I was told by the Algona police dept he had been given complete jurisdiction over everything that had to do with me.

Timothy Holmseth is another example of this “game” .

Living in Minnesota he was investigating a child trafficking ring in Broward County, Florida after getting involved with the Jacob Wetterling case. Broward County is right next door to Palm Beach County- where Jeffery Epstein was running a child trafficking ring.

Someone there took out an order on him and while he was in jail- they claimed he violated the order.

It effectively shut him completely up.

These are just two examples of something that is happening over and over to myriads of people.

Shane Bugbee, co founder of the Satanic Temple, claimed Messer was working with the CIA. And Master’s followers certainly have been after me.

You just have to go to YouTube to see this. Type in my name.

Why me?

Because of everything I know about what happened in Omaha concerning Franklin Credit.

A situation that is almost identical to what we are just beginning to watch unfold with this case concerning Jeffery Epstein.

This Epstein Mess Mirrors Franklin Credit in the 80s Incredibly

Mark Twain once said that “History doesn’t repeat itself, but it rhymes”.  In my experience, I think a better way to phrase it is that history echoes itself.

It certainly is in my life right now.

The situation with Jeffery Epstein is actually almost identical to the Franklin Credit scandal in Omaha in the 80s.

A group of rich and powerful men raping, trafficking, and hurting children with a political and legal steamroller engaged to quiet any whistleblowers.





I won’t be surprised if, under further investigation, this mess will include murder, drug trafficking, and the exact same things Franklin consisted of.

There are also other similarities. 

Qanon is being used like the CIA based group the False Memory Syndrome Foundation that coined the phrases ” false memories” and “satanic panic”.

Those who have joined this movement are being completely discredited just as victims were in the 80s.

Personally- I am NOT a believer in Qanon. I believe it is a psych op. And “pizzagate” was designed to get people to dismiss any belief in child trafficking as it is hard to traffic children in a basement of a pizza parlor- Esp when there IS NO basement under Comet Pizza.

It was designed to get people to throw the baby out with the bathwater.

The Iran Contra affair- the one William Barr handled- was also handled in the 80s.

And now he is back to “handling” things.

In my chapter “It’s Not What You Know but Who You Know” in the extended version of my book “Rabbit Hole: A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story” I speak about the case of America vs. Gilberto Montoya who was Pablo Escobar’s nephew. It was HIS capture that the CIA used to bring Escobar down, despite the fact they were flying TONS of cocaine into Offutt Air Force base that was supplied by Escobar. 

Original EXTENDED Version of Rabbit Hole- Under the Name Confessions of an Antichrist

“United States of America v. Gilberto Montoya, submitted August 26,1991 and decided Dec. 26,1991. Montoya was the nephew of Pablo Escabar, the Contra cocaine dealer the CIA was colluding with. Steven M. Watson argued for Montoya and Donald L Schense for the U.S. government.

In June 1989, Florida residents Montoya and Juan Garcia-Escobar drove from Miami to Omaha with two kilograms of cocaine concealed in a cooler. They delivered it to their customer, Kevin Dobson, in the presence of Mike Dillon, Dobson’s friend and a cocaine and marijuana user. Montoya and Garcia-Escobar remained in Omaha for several days until Dobson had sold enough of the cocaine to pay them for one kilo. They then returned to Miami where they were arrested some months later.

…Montoya was convicted of a conspiracy to distribute cocaine in Omaha in June 1989. The alleged conspirators were Montoya, Garcia-Escobar, and Dobson. Although the only transaction proved was the transporting from Florida and the distribution in Omaha of two kilos of cocaine in June 1989, the testimony tended to prove that the conspirators viewed this transaction as the start of a continuing relationship.

…an almost offhand comment by Dobson during his direct testimony:

Q. Mr. Dobson, what was that discussion in regards to fronting cocaine to you from Miami from Mr. Montoya and Juancho [Garcia-Escobar]?

A. Juancho had told me that [Montoya] said that he would bring me up six kilos of cocaine and leave them with me, that I could sell it at my leisure along with a couple hundred pounds of pot… for Mike Dillon to sell at his leisure….”

So it is history echoing itself once again now that Barr is involved with all the messes our current administration is involved with.

Concerning Kevin Dobson – my sister was best friends with him years ago. Which is one reason they (the CIA) is trying to take us out. BOTH my sister and I.

One last thing… Seth Rich was FROM Omaha- and since most everyone who is from Omaha knew at least SOME things about Franklin Credit- I have always believed this was why he was murdered and why Republicans were so quick to claim it was Democrats that had him murdered.

After all- as it was reported back then- this child and drug trafficking that was happening in Omaha (and coincidentally Houston TX as well), went straight to the Regan/Bush White House. Seems to me they would have more reason to dispose of Rich than anyone.

But things NEVER happen the same way twice.  So maybe- this time- there is hope for justice.

The Game Being Played with Issac Kappy is Identical to the One That Was Played with Franklin Credit in Omaha in the 80s

Issac Kappy, an actor who was supposedly exposing the pedophilia in Hollywood, is dead. At least that is the story.

Despite doing a Periscope video a day and a half before where he repeatedly stated that he was in no way suicidal, it has been said that he drove to Arizona and jumped off an overpass bridge into an oncoming truck.

According to what has been reported- first there were two teenage boys trying to stop him on the bridge in the middle of nowhere at 7:30 a.m. and now it has grown to 18 people that were standing on the bridge.

The problems with all of this are that the family didn’t identify the body and he was immediately cremated.

However my main issue with this mess is that now- the conversation has been changed from what Kappy was “exposing”- and I use parentheses because other than a lot of talk and allegations nothing was ever really exposed- to a complete focus on who was involved with Kappy’s before his death- and who is and is not a shill.

Children and their abuse and trafficking are no longer part of the equation.

Distraction has become the game- just as it was with Franklin Credit in Omaha in the 80s.

What do I mean?

Well, Franklin Credit became about ONE boy’s abduction- which occurred in West Des Moines Iowa.

Of course I am speaking about Johnny Gosch- who was one of THREE newspaper boys who disappeared at the time although few even know about the other two boys- Eugene Martin and Marc Allen.

His mother Noreen- who many consider a ” saint” in all of this- has done nothing but discombobulate the situation and we are nowhere closer to knowing what happened now than we were back then, despite the fact that both my sister and I have told her that the three brothers involved were the Aquazino brothers (not sure of the spelling), who grew up with my older siblings and who I knew as waiters at the French Cafe.

Or that Sam Soda, who has been alleged to be involved, was a manager at the Stage Door bar- an establishment directly across from the Omaha Police headquarters.

Noreen, after speaking extensively with me, then proceeded to call my sister late at night, after my sister had taken her Ambien, and ply her for information. This stopped after my sister told her ex husband if he woke her up and handed her the phone one more time she would throw him out.

Then there is Paul Bonnaci who is also regarded as a hero, although it was HIS testimony and his weird multiple personality act- that rivaled Edward Norton’s performance in “Primal Fear”- that brought the grand jury to call the allegations a carefully crafted hoax.

And logically it was an act. MKUltra victims were designed to be spies- but watching his performance- what secrets would YOU have told him and would you actually believe he would have kept your secrets private?

And yet we are to believe this group of child abductors- whose whole focus was secrecy- did just that.

Michael Brownell- who was present when Troy Boner’s brother was shot to death- had no idea who Bonnaci even was when he came forward. But don’t take MY word for it- hear it in his own words in our interview…

John DeCamp- the lawyer who was involved with Franklin Credit (as well as the Oklahoma City bombing and the Columbine shooting), is regarded as another hero, having written a book about the Franklin Credit scandal.

However, his book didn’t include the Old Market, which was where children were being abducted- like 13 year old Todd Bequette, or the Hollywood Bar- where when allegations came forward that snuff films were being produced there was demolished and a city parking garage was built over it, or that Sam Soda worked at the Stage Door a block up from the Hollywood Bar- (despite the fact he was working hand in hand with Noreen Gosch)- not to mention the satanic rituals that were being performed at Hummel Park- which was a few miles right outside of town.

My point is that controlled opposition is ALWAYS used in these situations to distract and discombobulate the issues. They pose as heroes- gathering people and directing them into dead ends until they grow tired and drift away.

And controlled opposition is on BOTH sides- playing the parts of both villains and hero’s. Controlling the narrative is ALWAYS the goal.

The same is happening with Kappy. Now it has become all about his death rather than the pedophilia he was constantly talking about.

With this- I have to disclose I didn’t trust Kappy.  For a myriad of reasons but mostly because he was reckless and surrounded by people I felt could not be trusted.

But what my sister and I know about Omaha is the very reason they are doing what they can to silence us.

Thus, despite him reaching out to me repeatedly, I came to constantly decline his pleas to work with me.

The focus should be on STOPPING this child abuse and NOT on personalities. But what I am watching with Kappy now- I am beginning to realize this is a pipe dream- as people still- 30+ years later- seem almost eager to be lead by intrigue than discovering the true facts even now- let alone doing anything to bring all of this to a halt.

Issac Kappy – Another Child Advocate- is Dead

Supposedly Issac committed suicide- but none of the details make sense. Especially considering a day and a half before he uploaded a Periscope video saying repeatedly that he wasn’t suicidal and that if he ended up dead it would be because he was murdered.

Issac was one of three of us on the forefront trying to expose this child trafficking mess – along with Fiona Barnett and myself.

He joins the list of dead advocates- in the company of Max Spiers,  Jenny Moore, and Lori King.

Doing this kind of work is not only difficult but obviously lethal.

I had issues with Issac when he was alive, not sure what side he was playing on. I often told him he was reckless which was a serious liability to both himself and others.

However- he didn’t deserve what ultimately happened to him.

This is an excellent article about the situation:


And this is Fiona Barnett’s eulogy for Issac:

Fiona Barnett’s Eulogy to Isaac Kappy

Considering how many of us trying to expose this mess have ended up dead- just assuming the official story is true is illogical.

It isn’t as if ANY of the deaths involved have been classified as murders. And yet we are dropping like flies. 

And just so we are clear- I am in NO WAY suicidal. It goes directly against my faith.

The Case Regarding Me, My City Council, and My Dogs

I did not want to get involved with a “he said, they said” situation concerning the situation concerning my dogs and the city council- but considering the gossip campaign being waged against me- I don’t see much choice.

First of all- I personally am NOT suing the town. When I was facing them taking me to court last year- trying to charge me with a crime for having dogs they had approved me having eight months before- I contacted the Iowa Civil Liberties Commission on the advice of my lawyer and made a complaint.

It is my opinion that anyone who has a lawyer and doesn’t follow their advice is a fool.

They did an extensive investigation that took months to complete- and concluded that there were reasons why they should take the town to task.  They not only contacted me but the entire council as well as several people in town in order to make their determination.

It is the ICLC that has filed suit against the town- NOT me.

The thing is- the city council was given ample chances by me to drop all of these proceedings if they would just lay off me and the dogs. They refused and proceeded to try and charge me with a crime- which was eventually thrown out of court.

From what I’ve been told- people in town are being told that I specifically moved here in order to sue them- but this is ridiculous as things were fine for eight months UNTIL they went after me immediately after I made a complaint about the city clerk.

I made my complaint on a Friday and that following Sunday they sent the Sheriff to my house.

But the town is not the only entity named in the complaint as both the mayor and the city clerk are also specifically named in it.

And from what I understand- the town has insurance for these type of matters- so the city council claiming everyone’s taxes are going to go up as a result is blatantly false.

In my opinion this is just being claimed in order to vilify me.

Not saying they won’t raise people’s taxes- but it will NOT be directly linked to the ICLC the taking the city council to court.

And the ICLC decided to proceed with all of this NOT because of my actions- but rather the city council’s,  the mayor’s and the city clerk’s actions. I simply made a complaint- which was investigated and determined to have merit.

And immediately moving into town, I began receiving threats against me- including threats against my dogs- all of which have been given to the Sherriff’s office.

Personally I just want to sell my house and get out of this town. I never wanted this mess but I also couldn’t just lay down and take it either.

But when it comes to this lawsuit – all I did was file a complaint. It was the actions of my town council and specific members of the city council that brought everything to where it is now.

Timothy Holmseth- Investigative Reporter Looking Into the Jacob Wetterling Case- is Jailed By the Same Means They Tried to Do to Me

Timothy Holmseth is an investigative journalist who has been investigating the Jacob Wetterling abduction- a 28 year old cold case that was “solved” LESS than two weeks after I gave this interview on the John B. Wells show Caravan to Midnight…

Danny Heinrich, a man already in prison, gave a confession and told authorities where Jacob’s body supposedly was- again- less than two weeks after my interview. 

Heinrich was NOT charged with the abduction afterward.

Holmseth, in his investigation, discovered the remains that were supposed to be Jacob’s were not even human remains but rather animal remains. His investigation supposedly extended to leading him to a child trafficking ring in Broward County in Florida.

How or why I don’t know. But I believe it might be worth looking into- considering the illegal actions surrounding the Jeffery Epstein case.

Although Holmseth was living in Minnesota –  a protection order was taken out by someone in Broward County and resulted in Holmseth going to jail.

Bogus protection orders are a typical MO for this group- as they tried to do the same to me. The reason I suspect this action was done for bogus reasons is that the order taken out on me in Kent, WA listed around 15 videos on the original order that had absolutely nothing to do with the petitioners but only and SOLEY dealt with Doug Mesner aka Satanic Temple’s founder Lucien Greaves.

I was then brought to court in Pacific, WA saying I violated the order- but I got a lawyer and moved six states away and although I spent a year trying to avoid a set up (as I was told I couldn’t violate ANY laws for a year), it wasn’t easy as they tried to say I violated the law for having my dogs- although the town I moved too had allowed them months before. 

Had it not been thrown out of court- I could have been put in jail for a year- where I was being assured through emails that I was going to be murdered.

What ALSO leads me to believe Holmseth was targeted was that when I began posting about Holmseth on Twitter- a brand new account began attacking me, using the exact same arguments and games that have been used repeatedly against me consistently for years by the group trying to shut me up.

Then another account reached out to me- asking me to call them- because they wanted to speak to me about Holmseth. I ended up calling wanting to know what they had to say.

The conversation about Holmseth was much like like they do with me- discrediting Holmseth and trying to vilify him while avoiding any and all conversation about what he was uncovering.

Much like it is with me- the argument is “ignore what Holmseth is saying because he is crazy, unstable, and a liar”.  But of course my question is why does it matter so much what I think? Why was the focus to discredit Holmseth in my mind so important?

I mean- according to my dissenters – I am a crazy unstable liar who is a nobody as well. So why would it matter what I think or believe?

To be honest, I have no idea who Holmseth is as a person nor am I up to speed as to exactly what he was uncovering.

What I DO know is that this case “solving” the Wetterling abduction is bogus and doesn’t make any sense on the facts.

They again are desperate to prevent anyone from looking into my family and their involvement with child trafficking in the Omaha area- which is why they are so dedicated in trying to keep anyone from listening to what I have to say. 

Me or really ANYONE who tries to expose this mess. Timothy Holmseth is just one more example of this.

On a much different note- I obviously didn’t die from that chemical that came through an open window in my house at 9 pm at night- although it made me sicker than I have ever been for several weeks afterward.

The attacks against me have been constant and furious but at least they weren’t able to fulfill their promises of having me murdered in jail.

I Figure This Is the End Game

Last Tuesday night, April 16th- around 9 pm- a chemical smell came in through a open window in my office- which is located directly beside the rural highway which is a few feet away- filling both my office and bedroom.

The smell had an unusual and strong chemical scent to it- with a heavy ammonia quality to it. I got out of bed to investigate- shutting the window and going back to bed.

Later that night- around 3 am- I woke to my throat and sinuses on fire.  I have been incredibly sick since.

My neighbor across the street informed me the next day that he was taking the garbage out around the same time and that the strong smell came out of nowhere and dissipated just as quickly.

I have seen a doctor since- who put me on antibiotics that haven’t helped much at all- and it is Easter and I am incredibly sick still.

Coincidently I had just had a conversation with Fiona Barnett a day or so before where I remarked that during the past three years they have been attacking me with their Directed Energy Weapons (DEW)- which, funny enough- began at Eastertime- March 2016, I hadn’t had so much as a cold.

The chemical that came into my window last Tuesday changed that.

I am battling the CIA trying to expose my family’s involvement with child trafficking in Omaha in the 80s, commonly known as the Franklin Credit Scandal. 

I am far from the only one they have tried to silence. Anyone who has honestly tried to expose this has ended up dead.

Like Seth Rich, who was ALSO from Omaha.  My guess is that Rich knew about Franklin Credit (most people from Omaha DO know about it to some degree or another) so considering that Franklin Credit was reported to go straight to the Regan /Bush White House – it seems that the Republicans had FAR more reason to kill him than the Democrats. Which may explain why several in the Republican party jumped at the chance to claim the Democrats had Rich murdered.

It’s called “projection”. Controlling the narrative so that no one questioned the truth.

Regardless – considering how sick I am since that chemical came in my windows and that it is getting worse by the day- I figure none of this will matter for me much longer. 

However – it- like everything else- is in God’s hands. I’ve done what I can to try and expose my family’s crimes and so I face no regrets. I don’t believe the same can be said who have done nothing but attack me these many years- nor those who turned a blind eye to this mess.

My conscience is free. I’ve done all that I could.  Regardless of what happens to me now.

60Minutes BS Segment on the Cuban and Chinese Embassy Attacks

60Minutes just aired a segment dealing with the microwave attacks on Cuban and Chinese Embassy diplomats and basically they acted like these attacks where magic.

Or worse- they might as well of claimed they were an attack from aliens from outer space.

NBC news reported in 2006 that the US Air Force told Congress they have these weapons and that they were going to use them on American citizens to show the rest of the world they are safe.

Every patent concerning these weapons are owned by the US government and there is AMPLE proof of this.

I am not schooled in journalism and yet I can find this information so either they are completely inept at their jobs- or they are flat out deceiving the public.

The question, of course, is why? What is their objective?

More importantly – is our government making good on it’s promise?

More so- does anyone care enough to stop it?