Jeffery Epstein Gets Off Again

There are people who are going on and on about this Qanon- who is supposedly combating this problem with pedophilia.

Qanon keeps saying “trust the plan” but the only thing that is happening is that survivors and advocates keep getting picked off and pedophiles like Jeffery Epstein keep getting off.

So obviously this “plan” is to protect and support child trafficking.

It is my opinion that children don’t deserve to be sold, raped, and murdered and they CERTAINLY deserve more than a bunch of empty promises.

But unfortunately I seem to stand alone in this. Not to mention believing that it is time mankind takes some REAL action regarding this.

They Are ALSO Targeting My Sister with Their Directed Energy Weapons

My sister is experiencing the same torture I am- and it is causing her health to deterirate.

Her doctors have also told her that her parathyroid cancer was a result of her being exposed to high doses of radiation.

And all of her children are ALSO experiencing the same health problems, strongly suggesting they ALL were exposed to high doses of radiation.

When the Cuban and Chinese embassy workers got attacked- professionals believed they were attacked with sonic weapons- however they have now determined that they were attacked with microwave weapons.

The loud electrical buzzing they heard was from these directed energy weapons.

People who wish these weapons to remain secret claim what the sufferers are experiencing is tinnitus but tinnitus isn’t location related.

As it is with my sister and myself- this attack is focused primarily in our house. If we leave our house- the symptoms disappear completely.

Tinnitus doesn’t work that way.

The US government admitted they had these weapons in 2006 to Congress and that they were going to use them on American citizens to show the rest of the world they were safe.

Considering it is almost 2019 and these weapons still remain a secret, (except in Maine, Michigan, and Massachusetts – where their are laws on the books forbidding their use on Americans), one must ask themselves how safe these weapons are.

And the argument is usually “why would they choose you?” but both my sister and I have tried to expose our family for their involvement in child trafficking and a myriad of other crimes that implicate a group of very powerful and rich group of individuals other than our family members- including members of our current government.

Besides- who do you think they were speaking about when our government said they were going to use these weapons on American citizens?

Which Americans were they talking about?

Not to mention attacking innocent Americans on American soil is against the law.

I am reporting this not because I have any misconceptions that they will stop with my sister and I but rather as a warning to others.

If they can do this to us- NO ONE is safe. Not you- not your children- not your grandchildren.

No one is safe.

And this practice is so wrong it defies words and needs to be stopped but it will take us all collectively to do so.

They need to be stopped. Future generations of our children deserve this.

We ALL deserve this.

If I Was Simply Seeking Attention I Would Have Stuck With My Artwork

Coming forward to try and expose my family for being involved with child trafficking in Omaha was NOT about needing attention.

If I had a need for attention I would have simply stuck with my artwork and quilting.

There is a lot of gossip going on- trying to vilify me- but I have faced overwhelming odds doing what I have trying to expose this mess- and I did so because God compelled me to do so.

Trying to do the right thing is difficult- way more than joining with and helping a bunch of child traffickers who are hurting children- and there certainly is more honor in what I’m doing than those trying to defame me.

Crazy people are unable to do what I do. And if I wanted attention- again I would have stayed solely with my artwork.

Most people like it and, more to the point, no one hates me for it.

That is the reason why the person who broke into my house primarily stole a myriad of my fabric and ALL of my quilt batting- because I intend to start a business doing my art so that I can get off social security and the pedophile protection squad doesn’t want me to do anything that may benefit myself.

Just to prove myself- this is my newest finished piece- just finished a few days ago…

The Darkness Is Making Mankind Authentic

This rise in Nazis, families slaughtering each other, the hatred and derision we are watching- this is all happening because of the Darkness that has enveloped mankind.

The Luciferians that were such a part of my childhood always have planned to “break into” Heaven- take it over- and burn it down. Sounds delusional but no one has ever said that devil lovers were the most sensible or rational.

I mean- how mentally healthy can it be to ritually murder people- esp children- in order to give tribute to the Devil.

They built CERN in order to use it as some sort of “Stargate” to facilitate this madness- which is why they built a statue of Kali in order to commemorate their achievement. (Kali is the Indian goddess of chaos and destruction).

However- they failed to get into Heaven- but brought forth the Darkness instead.

Now what we are seeing is the Darkness taking over- making people authentic.

What has truly been within themselves is now coming to the surface for all to see.

The Darkness is here to claim it’s own. It is compelling people to rise to greater and greater atrocities as we can only be judged by what we DO.

Not by what we think- or how we feel- but ONLY by what we do and the intent behind our actions.

It is part of the process mankind is going through- separating the wheat from the chaff.

We are fighting spiritual principalities. Many have lost faith in God- only believing in themselves. This is ALSO part of the process.

The issue the Luciferians have is that they don’t truly serve demons- but rather themselves. Their ONLY loyalty in fact is to themselves.

They wish to bring forth hell on earth- which they believe they are going to rule as “God’s”- and are working diligently to achieve their objectives.

Look around- you can see it plainly. Mankind is in hell right now and there is little hope of it getting any better.

The only way to fight what is happening is to love all that you can. Help every one you can- care about those less fortunate- get involved with those who need your help.

Live the Word.

It has nothing to do with church- or Christians. Fact is- most so called Christians are fake. They are nothing more than judgemental loud mouth hypocrites and they in no way represent God or the Word.

Have faith in Love as the Word IS love.

Don’t let these devil lovers force you to stray from the true path. Their way ONLY leads to the aybss and they will do whatever they can to envelope as many as they can in their misery.

They only wish to rule you so do yourselves a favor and follow your hearts and love as much as you can.

In the end- this is the only way to save yourselves.

I Am Being Targeted for Trying to Expose My Family for Being Involved with Child Trafficking

They wish to discredit me in order to prevent anyone from looking into my family who were involved with adbucting, selling, and killing children in Omaha NE.

My father may be dead- but his co conspirator – my step mother- is still alive- along with their two children. Other family members, who have been involved with a myriad of crimes- are also still very much alive.

I have dealt with not only being attacked with directed energy weapons, but have also been gang stalked.

This is pretty easy to see if you type my name into the YouTube search bar and see the myriad of disparaging videos desperately trying to discredit me.

And if you Google my name- you can also see the concerted effort they are taking to disparage me.

But this is also happening not just online but also in “real” life- (not that social media doesn’t have a real effect on a person’s life).

In Seattle- I got several death threats- which I forwarded to the Algona WA police- specifically Officer Gilbert Lungren.

I also had a protection order taken out against me- although the 15 or so videos that were listed on that order had NOTHING to do with the petitioners but SOLEY and ONLY dealt with Doug Mesner aka Satanic Temple’s founder Lucien Greaves.

Directly after moving back to Iowa- I continued to recieve harassing and threatening emails. All of which I believe were sent from Doug Mesner.

I was told someone had already been set up to help them and attack me before I even arrived here, all of which I forwarded to my local Sherriff’s dept.

Funny enough- my city clerk- who informed me she had moved to my town three years previous and yet had no friends- befriended me before I even left Seattle.

I ended up trusting her enough to give her keys to my house after arriving.

I say this because soon after I moved into town- I began to experience break ins. But during this time- I was receiving emails detailing what was to occur BEFORE it would happen.

So obviously I was told the truth of someone helping my stalkers in my town- unless you believe they were psychic and could forsee the future.

Just recently- I had to go to court HERE to fight over my dogs- although the town council had approved them eight months ago when I moved here.

This happened because of supposed complaints against them- all of which were anonymous.

And who submitted these complaints? None other than the city manager who had befriended me. Who ALSO appeared in court to testify against me.

The thing is- although the city had approved of my dogs eight months previous- they tried to now charge me with a crime.

The reason for this is- due to the protection order- and the charge that I had violated it- (which was ALSO a set up)- I can’t commit any crimes for a year.

So they did their best to try and get me convicted for a crime for having my dogs- although they were approved eight months previous by the very town council who had approved them.

And all of this is public. You only have to contact the Shelby County Court House in Harlan, IA to get a copy of the transcripts, as they are available to the public.

And for those who wish to read the protection order hearings- contact the Kent, WA court house and the Pacific, WA court house for the hearing about the violation- all of which are ALSO public.

THIS is the kind of harassment I have gone through.

They want to silence me and stop me from trying to expose my family- thus the ring my family was/is connected too.

And they will use anyone they can and will do whatever underhanded thing they can think of to achieve their objective.

However, the difference between MY case and others they have done this too is that there is an extensive paper trail showing what I am speaking about.

And what they have tried to do with me they have ALSO done to others- using the court system to silence anyone they feel may be a threat to exposing them.

There is More To These Raging Wildfires Than What We Are Being Told

Regarding these fires breaking out- if you listen to and believe Dutchsinse- the fact that earthquakes have broken out around volcanoes which directly have caused fires eight times in the past two years denotes that this is beyond coincidence.

He speaks about this around the 19 mark on this video.

I realize that PG&E came out and immediately claimed responsibility for the fire in Northern California- but this fact, in my opinion, is suspicious.

When has a corporation EVER willingly taken responsibility for any mishap they have caused- opening themselves up for massive lawsuits?

Many are claiming these fires are being caused by the directed energy weapons (DEW) which is strange considering there is another group claiming there are no such weapons.

However- claiming that these fires are a result of DEW does two things: 1). It puts the perception these fires are a result of man into this misconception that man is in control- rather than God or nature.

And 2). It prevents mass fear that there are horrible consequences to the Ring of Fire heating up- which is obviously the case considering how many volcanoes are exploding- including those that haven’t erupted in 1000’s of years.

I am obviously not saying that these directed energy weapons don’t exist- as they have been trying to murder me with them since a year ago last March for trying to get my family investigated for being involved with child trafficking along with a myriad of other crimes.

I’m just saying I believe they are not the result of these devastating fires.

And what is causing them is BEYOND mankind’s control.

And lastly- I believe that our powers that be and lying to us- which really should come to NOONE’S surprise.

These CA Wildfires are NOT a Result of Their Directed Energy Weapons

There is this idea going around that these California wild fires are a result of their DEW bs and that the Rothschilds are behind it but this is not true.

Each one of these fires broke out around volcanoes that had earthquakes. You can watch Dutchsinse to see the truth of this- around the 36 mark of this video…

Besides- do you think that the Rothschilds were behind our US Air Force going in front of Congress in 2006 and telling them they had these weapons and that they were going to use them on American citizens to show the rest of the world they are safe?

Are the Rothschilds behind the myriads of people claiming they are part of a targeted campaign?

Which American citizens do you believe they were speaking about when they claimed they were going to use their DEW bs on them?

This claim that these California Wild Fires are a result of their directed energy weapons are a lie to make people believe in the power of man instead of God’s power.

Why? Because all of this is a Sign of the Times and it forfeits their perceived power.

The Rothschilds are NOT behind my own targeting. Of course they are claiming I am lying about being targeted- but then they claim EVERYONE who says they are being targeted is crazy or a liar.

Of course they never say who they planned to target when they told Congress they were planning to use their weapons on American citizens.

And considering they said this in 2006 and now- 12+ yrs later- they are denying the existence of these weapons that they are already on record saying exist- how safe do you think they are? If they were so safe- don’t you think they would proclaim them to the entire world?

Regardless- they aren’t the cause of these CA wild fires. With just a little research- this is easily discernible.

This Child Trafficking is NOT Being Investigated

Survivors and their advocates wouldn’t be under such attack if it was.

Many people are content just to stay online and read Q posts- which breeds apathy by telling people to “trust the plan” when it is obvious the plan is to keep people from doing anything.

Qanon is nothing more than controlled opposition – pretending to be heroes but in reality is just a psych op to keep people placated. Not that is hasn’t attracted a myriad of concerned people but it has all but hog tied them into doing nothing.

Survivors and our advocates are facing prison or death. If this was truly being dealt with- this would not be the case.

Max Spiers, Jenny Moore, Lori King- all dead. They are trying to murder me with their directed energy weapons. And people like the VOP and Timothy Holmseth are facing jail for fighting to expose this child trafficking mess.

The lies that are being perpetrated are keeping people from doing anything meaningful to try and stop these evil practices of touring and murder children.

And Trump is NOT secretly organizing forces to take these groups down. This is obvious since NOTHING has happened thus far.

But still we are told to KEEP WAITING and “trust in the plan”. But in truth- the only “plan” is to wait this all out so this mess can continue unbated- as it ALWAYS has.

While anyone who tries to do anything meaningful to help stop this are murdered or imprisoned.

Who loses? Society- and ESP our children.

Info on Directed Energy Attacks On Others

They are claiming the attacks are Russian based- however, the US Air Force went in front of Congress in 2006 and said they had these weapons and they planned on using them on American citizens to show the rest of the world they were safe.

So two questions- 1). Which Americans did they go after to use their weapons on and 2). Since they are still secret- how safe can they really be?

The city clerk of my town- the one I believe got contacted by Doug Mesner aka Satanic Temple’s founder Lucien Greaves- (who bragged to me about it over and over)- tried to convince me SHE was being targeted- but I realize this was just one more of her lies.

But it was just one more indication of the connection between the city clerk, the Satanists attacking me, and my targeting.

It is ALWAYS Satanists who have attacked me throughout me trying to get my family investigated for child trafficking in Omaha in the 80s.

The attacks in Cuba and China started AFTER Trump took office- as did mine (a year ago last March). I had contacted Trump’s Twitter account a year ago last January and February.

I’m not sure how this fits together but the coincidences can’t be denied. Nor can the attacks with directed energy weapons (microwave weapons).

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