Probably the Most Controversial Interview I Have EVER Given

This interview is about Ted Gunderson, John DeCamp, and a lot of things Franklin Credit…

Yesterday ALL of Isaac Kappy’s Social Media Was Taken Down

It is true that when Kappy came forward at first I didn’t trust him. However- at Fiona Barnett’s insistence I reached out to him and realized I was probably wrong about him.

It seems to me that he may just be a guy trying to do the right thing.

However- a few days ago someone made a video entitled “Isaac Kappy is Dead” . And two days later his Twitter and Facebook were taken down- along with all of his Periscope videos.

This is concerning because I have seen this before. They convinced Lori King to take everything down and then they murdered her- and less than a year later her husband was ALSO dead.

They have been blasting me with their directed energy weapons crap trying to take me down. I just went to court over my dogs- where 3 members of the city council came forward and repeatedly lied- offering only anonymous complaints as their proof against my dogs.

The recording is public so anyone can get ahold of the Shelby County IA District Court to get a copy of the tape.

I figure if they can get my dogs away from me- and Doug Mesner aka Satanic Temple’s founder Lucien Greaves and his group has already gone on record that it was THEM that made the anonymous complaints- they will come take me out and claim I “committed suicide” as a result.

Let me say now- I will NEVER commit suicide. My faith is strong- Moreno now than ever- and I would NEVER do such a thing EVER.

I knew what I was getting into before I ever got into this mess but I did so BECAUSE of my faith. My dad TRIED to come clean before he died and because of that whole thing about the “sins of the father falling upon the son’s shoulders” being written- I figured it was the right thing to do. So as hard as this has all been- I have no regrets.

However- tons of people lately have tried to assure me this child trafficking mess is about to be taken care of- but the ONLY thing I see happening is that survivors and their advocates are being taken down.

So what are we supposed to wait for?


This is the FULL Version of the Second Part of My Interview with Out of the Gate

The first copy was only 9 minutes- YouTube seemed to be having issues as I guess it took 3 tries to get it uploaded fully. This version is the full 15 minutes.

Concerning Michael Aquino, Bohemian Grove, and more…

Part 2 of My Interview with Out of the Gate

Bohemian Grove and Michael Aquino

The Attacks Against Me Are Ramping Up

The attacks have always been bad, however, now that tons of people are realizing this child trafficking thing is real- they have increased exponentially. Not just for me but for all whistle blowers dealing with this BS.

Microwave attacks with their directed energy weapons, having to fight in court to keep my dogs, let alone all of the attacks on social media.

And people can see it. This is an example of the comments left on my Twitter feed…

“The even uglier truth is that the attacks don’t stop. Anything they can do to discredit you and drive a wedge between you and those who would listen, they will most certainly try. The fact you hold yourself together and keep going speaks volumes. You have all my support & love”

The first time my sister Cindy’s son Mark ever came forth with these bogus accusations against me was in the comments section on Amazon regarding Judy Byington’s book “22 Faces” .

My 1/2 sister Christina had already attacked me on there- but was closed down when my sister Kathy and her son- the VERY ONE I attacked when I was 13- came on defending me and confronting her.

Then, during all this, my sister Cindy was murdered. Three weeks after our dad died, in 2006.

Cindy had been telling people that her husband Ralph Hester and her oldest daughter- who was not Ralph’s biological daughter- where planning on murdering her. After she told her doctors and nurses- they called Adult Protective Services- who then made a visit to Cindy’s house.

My sister was dead right after that. Right at the start of the APS investigation. The only two people in the house with her was Ralph and her oldest daughter. But Ralph was city manager of Lynn Haven- the Florida town they lived in- so no investigation was done regarding this.

I brought this up in the comment section on Amazon and suddenly there was Mark with Doug Mesner aka Satanic Temple’s founder Lucien Greaves – saying I had raped him to try and discredit me.

Which made it awkward when I and my other half flew down to Florida for a week to attend Cindy’s memorial service. Mark actually apologized to me at Cindy’s service- saying he was trying to protect his dad. I just let it go at the time, as the week consisted of many family gatherings between Cindy’s family and me and my other half.

But now- he, as well as my 1/2 sister Christina- have full heartedly joined forces with Doug’s Satanic buddies to trash me.

(Well, not so much Christina anymore after Kathy and I discovered that our dad and stepmother had been collecting our grandmother’s social security checks- which Christina continued after both of them died- despite the fact that our grandmother had been dead for decades- andturned her in to Social Security).

Funny though that the first person Mark ever came forward to with these allegations was the Satanist Doug Mesner aka Satanic Temple’s founder Lucien Greaves .

Doug and his followers have gone all over social media trashing me with as many lies as they can think of- calling me a pedophile and claiming I am unstable and crazy- using that protection order against me in WA as proof.

But as I have said before- every video of that long list included in that protection order involved had ZERO to do with the petitioners but only and SOLEY dealt with Doug Mesner. If there was no connection between them- how is that even possible.

And very few could withstand the attacks I have endured. My neighbors now- and the people I have dealt with- actually like me, which wouldn’t be so if I was such a crazy person and liar.

Of course this group has threatened to tell all my new neighbors- assuming they are too stupid to think for themselves and need this group of devil lovers to do it for them.

It is as the person sent me a message this morning said. They are doing anything they can to discredit me and their campaign is obvious. If I was such a liar- you would think, after 18 years- that this would have become self evident and there would be no need for this campaign of Satanists who are desperate to convince people of this.

The reason why they are so desperate to spread lies is that I am NOT crazy- and more to the point – I am telling the truth.

Doug Mesner is Running with Lies From My Nephew

Since my nephew Marc Hester is so eager to help Doug Mesner aka John Kilrush aka IEATBABIES aka Satanic Temple’s founder Lucien Greaves run with lies about me molesting him, let me explain why.

This is BS- meant to demonize me. But let me tell you why…

The Hester’s are desperate not to be investigated. Like for gun running. every time they have visited their cousins- they have been looking to sell guns illegally.

In fact my nephew- Kathy’s boy- just recently told me this involved two Uzi machine guns.

However- if the authorities would like to ask my niece- they can. And she is a 911 operator so I it isn’t like she would lie about it.

Mesner’s attacks never stop- as you can see from our email exchange with his IEATBABIES account…

This Is The Email Exchange Between Myself and IEATBABIES Who I Believe Is Doug Mesner aka John Kilrush aka Satanic Temple’s founder Lucien Greaves

This is Where the Anonymous Complaints Against My Dogs Came From

This was left in the comments last night on my new interview with Out of the Gate along with a myriad of lies. It explains where the anonymous complaints concerning my dogs came from.

This is who the city council is working with to try and decimate me. People who attack and lie in order to protect their child trafficking enterprise.

My New Interview with Out of the Gate

This is Part 1 of my newest interview with Out of the Gate. She couldn’t use the video of me speaking because the video lagged so bad.

There is more to come so stay tuned…

More Evidence Concerning These Directed Energy Weapons and My Police Interview

Doctors reveal possible ‘neuro-weapon’ used in alleged attacks in Cuba

These are the same weapons being used against me and so many others. This was shared on my Twitter page…

Then yesterday this was left on my twitter page

“I don’t know what intent they would have to target him. Microwaves fill our atmosphere, is he super-sensitive? Does his family have such assets to carry through such a campaign? There are weapons of this caliber, but why so much attention to him to warrant such a campaign?”

And I responded…

“They don’t want me exposing my family- thus Omaha- thus giving credibility to this child trafficking. What would warrant this campaign? Protecting their multi gazillion dollar child trafficking enterprise. It ain’t my family- it’s the people my family were connected with… ”

And also with this…

“I live in a small town in Iowa of less than 400 people. There are NOT a lot of microwaves here. I have no WiFi in the house (can’t afford it) and I’ve never had a sensitivity to microwaves before. This is just another “he’s lying- don’t listen to anything he has to say” argument.”

And then today…

“They are BLASTING me- they are obviously pissed about my interview with Isaac and Fiona and the one today with Out of the Gate. Every night I go to sleep I am never sure I’m gonna wake up in the morning. Please share my info- it can’t just die with me. That is how u all can help”

“Woke up at 3 :45 this morning with their shit blasting me. Same as every other morning. However- I knew what I was getting into before I got into this. I made a choice. But these losers couldn’t survive even a day of my life. Hurting children does NOT make you powerful.Weak asses”

And finally…

“I know all about not getting an investigation. All I have EVER wanted was my family to be investigated- for 18 yrs now. All I have ever gotten was making it all about me to avoid investigating my family- and it has been based on lies and distortions. And here I still am- waiting.”

However, my local police DID have me in to have a recorded hour and a half interview concerning all the threatening emails I recieved when I first got into town in conjunction with the break Ins I experienced, someone trying to poison my dogs twice, and all the other crap that came AFTER each email so now at least there is official police testimony.

Among a few OTHER things that have happened here in town.

They believe me so maybe there IS hope.

Fiona Barnett, Isaac Kappy, and Myself Talking About Everything

This was an “impromptu” interview which started with Isaac Kappy and myself and during our conversation- Fiona Barnett joined in.

There was an amazing amount of information shared in this two hour conversation.

We speak about Franklin Credit, Michael Aquino, the VIP Arizona pedophile situation, and much more.

Here is the link to my book that I speak about…

Original EXTENDED Version of Rabbit Hole- Under the Name Confessions of an Antichrist