There Is A Larger Picture Concerning Earling IA Going After My Dogs

Despite the fact that the Earling City council approved of my dogs in January 2018- when I bought my house- 8 months later they tried to charge me with a crime for having them.

This was all done at the Shelby IA County Court House.

The thing is- due to that protection order that was taken out against me in Kent, WA, of which every video listed on it had absolutely NOTHING to do with the petitioners but only and SOLEY dealt with Doug Mesner aka Satanic Temple’s founder Lucien Greaves (except for two that dealt with Donald Trump), and the consequent accusation I violated that protection order in the Pacific, WA court house- I signed a contract with the court that if I kept myself from committing any crimes for a year- it would be wiped clean from my record.

If I didn’t, I would consequently be remanded to jail.

This contract is up at the end of this month- February 2019.

And I haven’t committed any crimes (which wasn’t hard since I am not a law breaker and at 52 yrs of age- don’t plan to start).

Which is why they are after me with my dogs- trying to convict me of a crime for having them despite the fact they approved of them in the first place and both my therapist and my psychiatrist are on record declaring them as emotional support animals.

They are using that which I love the most to try and convict me of a crime for having them in an attempt to put me in jail, where I have been assured repeatedly that I will be murdered.

All to silence me and stop my attempts to get my family investigated for child trafficking in Omaha in the 80s.

The court case the city tried to convict me of a crime for my dogs was tossed out on a technicality, and so this past January 2019, they implemented a new law- and now, despite the fact that I have put my house up for sale in order to move out of town, it seems they are going to move forward to try again.

Here are links to the back story of all of this…

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What Is Happening In Earling, IA is Hurting More Than Just Myself. There is a Reason White Supremacist Steve King was Just Reelected

And here is an article concerning the city of Earling’s lawyer- Clint Fischer- who is the one helping the city of Earling to go after me…

This is a Des Moines Register Article Regarding Earling IA Attorney Who Tried to Charge Me With a Crime Concerning My Dogs 8 Months AFTER Approving Them

There is more to this than what lies on the surface- and all I want is to try and get out of town- with my dogs- and try to live my life in peace.

However I am facing great adversity- simply because I tried to do the right thing. Child trafficking is wrong and I come from a family of monsters- which needs to be exposed.

I need help from the authorities but since that has NOT been at ALL forthcoming, my faith can only be on God.

May Heaven help me.

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