What Is Happening In Earling, IA is Hurting More Than Just Myself. There is a Reason White Supremacist Steve King was Just Reelected

Yes it is true that I am being attacked by the city council here- but I am far from the only one. Nazi type bs seems to be alive and thriving in small town Iowa- esp considering Iowa just reelected white supremist Steve King in the state.

Due to the harassment a fellow town’s man suffered, a man by the name of Vaughn Gross just put a gun in his mouth and killed himself this past Christmas.

First- the city council published in the local newspaper in Harlan, IA an article that his house had been foreclosed on due to back taxes- which wasn’t true.

Vaughn was in his 60’s and had no money- so he was unable to obtain a lawyer and fight back.

Just before his suicide- they (Earling IA’s city council ), then condemned his house. He killed himself as a result.

Worse, the town knew his family had a history of depression – as Vaughn’s brother had committed suicide years before.

In my opinion, what is happening closely resembles some type of Nazi Agenda- which, considering the state just reelected Steve King- who has proven ties to Nazi groups- seems logical to me.

This town approved me to move in with my three dogs- two of which are incredibly loveable pit bulls and then- 8 months later- they tried to charge me with a crime for having them and took me to court at the Shelby County Court House.

Before that they tried to shut off my water for being 27.00 behind on my bill.

I thought it was because I was disabled, poor, and gay (although I have been celibate for years now because of my faith)- and because I had made a complaint against Earling’s city clerk Lori Ahart- but now, after what happened to Vaughn, I’m beginning to think it is because they are doing some sort of land grab and want my house.

I am being systematically harassed- house broken into, things stolen, and esp considering someone has tried to poison my dogs twice.

The Pacific Northwest, where I just moved from, has been inundated with Nazis and unfortunately I seem to have moved to a state that is just as bad.

Immediately moving here, I was receiving emails telling me that my house was going to be broken into a day or two before it happened, that my dogs were in danger a day or two before someone tried to poison them, etc. etc.

Later on I figured out that it could have easily been city clerk Lori Ahart- who at the time, had befriended me and who had keys to my house. During all of this- she was trying to convince me it was my next door neighbor- going so far as to giving me a photocopy of my neighbors check that she had written to city hall for her water bill.

The local Sherriff’s dept knows about all of this- as I have sent them every email as well as a picture of the photocopied check and have even gone in for an hour and a half interview- but as of yet they have not helped in the slightest.

Less than a year later I have had to put my house up for sale in order to try and move from here due to the systematic behavior.

I have been attacked for trying to expose my family for being involved with child trafficking in Omaha in the 80s – who’s friends were all Nazi affiliated.

But I am also gay and disabled- which would put me high on their list of hated individuals.

However- what is happening in this town extends beyond me- and judging by what just happened to Mr. Gross- it seems to involve some sort of land grab.

And considering Steve King was Just reelected, it is safe to say that Iowa condones white supremacy and of their tactics.

Because what is happening in Earling IA is strait up Nazi bs. Not just for me but for others. So bad in fact a man just put a gun in his mouth and killed himself.

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