In These Dark Days- We Are All Called to Make a Choice

I truly believe that in these dark times the only thing we can do is hold strong to our faith.

God lies within us and all around us.

In the past three years I have been attacked ferociously. All due to the fact that I have tried to expose my family and their involvement with child trafficking going on in Omaha in the 80’s.

The Franklin Credit mess may be in the past but this child trafficking abomination is STILL heavily in effect. I mean- what do you really think happened to the 1000s of immigrant children that were taken at the southern border- of who there is absolutely no account of their whereabouts?

Evil has become pervasive in our society. As it was foretold- good would be touted as evil and evil would be prevailed as good.

To simply speak the truth at this time has become an act of extreme defiance- and is met with vicious opposition at every turn.

However, it has become time to choose a side and take a stand- as it has ALSO been foretold that the lukewarm will be vomited out like all the rest.

It is time each one of us choose that which we find acceptable and that which we don’t.

I have done what I have because I love the Word. And that Word is simply love. I love my Creator, I love mankind, and above all- I love life.

Life is sacred- and it is to be cherished above all else. ALL life.

Which is strange considering I have put my own life on the line to do what I feel is right. In many ways I have chosen to sacrifice myself.

Both my sister- who has fought against our family’s crimes like I have- and myself feel the same. Which is why we both have found ourselves under serious attack.

Many of those who my family were in league with are still very much alive, and have an army employed by them to help them hide their crimes.

To protect their status quo and keep the profits of their child commodity trading flowing, they have an army of pedophile protection squad members who are pure evil- as there is no other word for it.

However, my faith assures me that no matter what happens to me- or my sister- that this, in the end, will be dealt with in the harshest of ways.

This group will, in the end, face retribution.

We have given our lives to do what is right. And we will continue till the end- no matter the personal cost.

To conclude- I believe we are in a period of judgment- and that our choices will dictate what our individual outcome will be.

This life is bigger than any one of us- and there is much more at stake than personal wealth or security, and I pray that our Maker keeps me in hand- and that my sacrifice helps to awaken and save those who can be awakened and saved in the end.

Despite all of my fears- and all of my trials, I pray that am able to prevail this test of fire- and that others are able to follow on the same path.

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