Despite What People are Hearing- I Have NO INTENTION of Attending Another SMART Conference EVER

My feelings towards Neil Brick- founder of SMART- are WELL KNOWN. The fact that he and his group are deperately trying to associate me with them is a pathetic lie.

But then THAT is how I view Brick- as a pathetic liar.

These “self reported” heroes- and I use that term VERY LOOSELY- are fake ass shills- which is WHY they are either trying to diss me for not supporting their bullshit OR are trying to make it seem like I am aligned with them.

But I DON’T support them NOR am I in ANY WAY aligned with them. More so- NONE OF THEM are aligned with me and since I have NO NEED of them- nor do I have ANY DESIRE to associate with them- it is safe to say I won’t offer them even a MOMENT of my time.

But to reiterate- I am NOT attending this years SMART conference- nor ANY SMART conference that will be held in the future.

I would say that Brick can kiss my ass- but I don’t want his hairy monkey lips anywhere near me so..

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