Hoaxtead’s REAL Issue is NOT Me But Omaha Itself

So it is obvious Hoaxtead will NEVER answer my three questions, but honestly I always knew that. I just wanted to show everyone else what I already knew to be true. But it isn’t me personally that is their issue but the town of Omaha, NE ITSELF.

I knew from the very beginning that I couldn’t do this all by myself and I ALSO knew that what was happening in Omaha was WELL KNOWN BY MANY in town, but that everyone was just to afraid to talk.

This isn’t the case anymore. You see- I said a long time ago that I wasn’t concerned about how many read my blog but rather WHO reads it- and my PRIMARY FOCUS was on the PEOPLE IN OMAHA. I figured if I started talking- chances were I could get OTHERS talking. And funny enough- it seems to be working.

Also- things have transpired that I could NEVER have seen happening- like the ENTIRE 911 CALL CENTER having read my book. And they are in the SAME building with Nebraska State Patrol cold case Det. John Pankonin- who was the “investigator” who sent his sister Tru and her friend Teri into mine and my sister’s lives when I went to him to report my dad and step mother- so chances of him and his friends pulling the same bullshit that they have throughout this are lessoned- GREATLY.

And I KNOW 911 has read my book because my niece WORKS THERE and was complaining to my sister since they obviously came to HER with their questions.

Omaha’s true ability to hide this was in the FEAR they instiled in the population. It prevented EVERYONE from talking about ANY of it- so only the “official” version was allowed- which has ALWAYS been a psych op lie. And I am BY FAR NOT the only person in Omaha who knows this. And PEOPLE AREN’T AFRAID ANYMORE.

Growing up basically in Omaha and living there on and off for most of my life- I know ONE THING FOR SURE about Omaha- PEOPLE TALK. There isn’t much else to do.

I just wanted to get them started. And as far as I can see- my mission is ACCOMPLISHED. lol

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