Hoaxtead’s Latest Article…and Still No Answer

So, according to these people- reporting crimes of extreme child abuse, murder, and trafficking is dependent on popularity. I wasn’t aware of that.

And no- I DON’T talk to these people and never really did. They are all fake- and so I set my sites on those who are REAL- and I AM associating with THEM.

This pedophile bullshit is NOT losing steam- which is why Hoaxtead is so DESPERATE to claim it is. Pizzagate opened Pandora’s Box and there is NO closing it now- ESP. with the internet.

This idiot plan by this group of assholes had with this Podesta crap could not have been MORE effective in helping me so I owe you all a HEAP of gratitude. Lol.

It will be by your OWN INTENTIONS that you will be brought down- and it will be by your own actions that you will cause your own destruction.

Good luck with that…


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