Hoaxteads “Answer” to My Three Questions…

LMFAO. So THIS is Hoaxtead’s answer to the three simple questions I have asked.

Again- my questions were:

Since we have irrefutable evidence that the UK covered up allegations of extreme child sexual abuse in the 80’s-

1). What exactly were the allegations?

2). Who exactly was involved in these allegations?


3). If these allegations were so bogus- why was so much time, money, and effort spent to cover them up?

Hoaxtead’s reply?

But NOW that the Portuguese Supreme Court has just ruled there is a STRONG chance Madeleinen McCann was SOLD TO AN ELITE PEDOPHILE RING- their constant lies and deflections are looking more and more pathetic.

One probably should ask themselves why.


I guess that the Portugal’s Supreme Court DOESN’T read Hoaxtead’s blog. LMFAO.


LOL-claiming that I am obsessed with them- here is another of Hoaxtead’s reply to my questions…

And YES- I DID write this. During the most heartbteaking moment in my adult life. I was in the beginning throes of a divorce- and I was TOTALLY BROKEN for awhile.

But THIS is something they NEVER mention. And they GOT this quote DIRECTLY from Doug Mesner/ CIA satanist Lucien Greaves- the guy involved with the murder of survivor Lori King and who is reportedly secretly giving people STD’s.

Which should TELL ALL OF YOU exactly who they are working with and which side of the fence they stand…

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