Seattle’s “New” VA Hospital: Our Government’s Little House of Horrors

I know this survivor who told me that they had gone through horrific experiments in this hospital in Seattle- but that when they would talk about it- everyone would tell them that they were imagining things and that no such hospital existed. This has stood out in our relationship- along with the perplexity this survivor felt- even as an adult- believing that it existed but not being able to prove it.

THEN- about 8 months ago- I had to take a friend of mine who was a vet to the VA hospital in Seattle. It was a strange facility- straight in the middle of a fucking ghetto- and you had to drive up this path a WAYS to get to the place- so really- unless you were looking for it- you WOULD NOT find it. But here it was- right in the city of Seattle nonetheless.

And the VA just took OVER this property- a property that has NO real history, but I will talk about that in a minute…

So my friend’s procedure was going to take a few hours- and I had ZERO cell reception throughout the ENTIRE building- so I decided to go outside so that I could talk on the phone since I couldn’t get a signal in the building. So I get in the elevator and hit 1 because it has a star beside it and that- in my world- that means that the FUCKING DOOR is on the first floor. So I get off on the first floor- and I start walking- thinking that I would come up with some sign that would point me to the door.

The hallways in the place are small- almost claustrophobic- and all of the doors have glazed windows in them- but with wire in them- that makes them pretty menacing. But none of this bothered me until about 20 minutes into trying to find the front door- realizing that the place was built like some sort of labyrinth- and if someone WANTED to keep you there- it would be pretty damn easy- as hallways that you think are leading you out lead you to BRICK FUCKING WALLS.

The issue was that about 20 minutes into it- I started to become AFRAID of the open doors. THAT is how it started. I was afraid of looking and seeing what was happening in the rooms. But that soon gravitated to seeing into the rooms with the doors shut- and SEEING what has gone on in them. Knowing that my friend- who told me about this hospital- was telling the TRUTH, I couldn’t stop the energy from flooding through me and I couldn’t shield myself AT ALL from what I was going through. I SAW THE EVIL OF THAT PLACE- WITHOUT A FUCKING DOUBT- I SAW.

It was AN HOUR AND A HALF LATER that I finally found the fucking door- which was in the BASEMENT and by that time- I wasn’t sure I wasn’t going to have to walk through the FUCKING MORGUE to get to it. ONE DOOR- FOR THAT ENTIRE PLACE- THAT HUGE ASS FACILITY THAT HAS HAD ONE GOD DAMN WAY IN AND OUT OF IT SINCE IT WAS BUILT. Yeah- that is fucking normal…

Then- getting into researching the place- according to hospital staff- there is ONLY ONE PICTURE of the place IN ITS ENTIRE EXISTENCE- and the facility itself is OLD. And WHAT WAS IT BEFORE IT WAS A VA HOSPITAL? A GOVERNMENT OWNED FACILITY. A HOSPITAL. A SECRET HOSPITAL THAT NO ONE REALLY KNEW EXISTED IN THE CITY OF SEATTLE. One picture though- of a bunch of female nurses raising a flag. In the entire time that it has existed- ONE picture.

And the two top floors are TOTALLY OFF LIMITS. In FACT- there are posted signs that plainly state that if you are found on those floors- you can be stripped- detained indefinitely- with no rights to call anyone. And they are pretty fucking specific about it.

In a VA hospital. That no one really knew about- that there is no history that anyone can access concerning what it was and what it was doing and how it came to be what it is now from what it was and exactly WHAT is STILL happening on those two HUGE top floors that is so secret that they will revoke anyone’s due process and do God only knows what too- esp. if they find themselves ensnared in their web. THAT is WAY TO MUCH FUCKING POWER for ANYONE TO HAVE- ESP. a hospital- and I AM CALLING YOU YOUR ASSES ON IT.

You’re God Damn right I am calling you on it.

But honestly- that isn’t my point of writing this. What I just wanted to say is that I KNOW what I experienced- and I KNOW the energy that was in that place- and after being SERIOUSLY freaked out after I left- and it taking a couple days for me to figure out what I had just been given-I just wanted to share the SIGNIFICANCE of me going through what I did- and experiencing what I did.

The Order is counting on having rooms in a mansion. A place prepared for all- with ALL the amenities. And each of them wants SPECIAL attention paid to them. This “secret hospital”, as far as I could see- fitted the bill PERFECTLY- so after I psycho-pumped the place and released all of those tortured souls- I took ALL THAT ENERGY- and manifested the PERFECT PLACE for all of you. Where you will all have a room- subject to everything the place has to offer- and special attention will be paid to EACH AND EVERY FUCKING ONE OF YOU. VERY, VERY, VERY, SPECIAL attention.

So for those of you who are pretty sure you are going to find yourselves in the Darkness- you may want to look into this place- because THIS is the place that awaits you the moment you inhale your last breath. And, in the end, that version of American Horror Story that deals with a hospital will become nothing but a lighthearted version of Mary Poppins in comparison to what awaits those of you who find yourselves in this place.

You wanted the Darkness so bad- you worshiped it so hard- I simply gave it to all of you. Or rather- I gave YOU to IT. Enjoy assholes…

Oh- and after everything- I sent my survivor friend to the place. And guess what- IT WAS THE ONE THEY HAD ALWAYS TALKED ABOUT.

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