How Victims of Child Sexual Abuse Are Treated Globally- the Case of Dean Henry in Australia

There has always been a strong push to quiet victims of child abuse- esp. when that abuse is linked to a large, well organized, and well-funded group of elite pedophiles. They will do just about anything they can to stop victims from coming out and telling their stories, and this elite group of pedophiles do not like their names being called out. This is a global phenomenon as we can see from the examples in America, the UK, and Australia. This elite group of pedophiles will always use their incredible influence and vast resources to keep victims from talking and having the accused names called out.

The new push is to keep only those accused who are dead being named, giving the impression that no one alive is doing this- although people like Jimmy Saville and Lord Janner obviously didn’t work alone when committing and covering up their crimes. This group of elite pedophiles wants everyone to think that these types of situations are historic in order to distract from the fact that this disgusting mess of selling and raping children is rampant everywhere in the world and is ONGOING and still happening today.

I received what I am about to post from a third party, (not Fiona Barnett), who wanted to show me the issues that victims in Australia are dealing with if they come out and speak about being abused as children. This case deals with Dean Henry- who was horribly abused in a boys home in Australia and shows just what victims have to face when they come forward and tell people about their abuse. It is representative of what EVERY victim faces when they come forward, and this is GLOBALLY. If there wasn’t a cover-up being enacted with this, one would think that victims of childhood abuse would be welcomed to tell their story in order to prevent other children from experiencing the same fate- but the fact that these horror stories against victims are WAY TO PERVASIVE with EVERY victim who comes forward- and it clearly shows that a cover-up to hide these situations and protect the accused is INDEED happening today- still.

I am Dean Henry’s wife.
I want to confirm a few things.


I made contact with Fiona asking her to help Dean and I put his story out there. Dean spoke to Fiona and told Fiona that Amanda Prosser had put information in regards to Dean on line which resulted in Dean being bashed in jail.
Dean was informed of this by the Manager of Junee Correctional Center.
Amanda had ceased all contact with me once Dean had been incarcerated in February 2015. ( why? I don’t know).
Yesterday on a private number Amanda got a hold of me, Amanda informed me that Fiona was posting information about Dean and myself on her Face book page and that she was concerned for mine and Deans safety.
I made it very clear to Amanda that Dean and I were not concerned for our safety as Dean had already been smashed in jail. Amanda did not question this
I told Amanda Dean was currently in hospital and I needed to go.
Amanda continued to quiz me on who made contact with who and I made it very clear to Amanda that I made contact with Fiona and I had requested to put Dean’s story out there and Dean had told Fiona what had happened to him in jail.
Amanda continually discredited Fiona to me in this conversation even after how many times I told Amanda the information came From Dean and me.


In October 2014 for the third time Dean was court ordered to reside under The Criminal Justice Program In western Sydney this time being a lock down facility. Previous to this Dean had reported to police and the Royal Commission the abuse he had suffered by staff from the Criminal Justice Program.
The Royal Commission said there was little they could do while Dean was in jail but once released they lead us to believe they would intervene but they failed to act.
Dean and I left N.S.W. and went to John Brown’s believing that John would get Dean’s information and help us get Dean safe.
I had to leave Dean with John to go back to Wollongong and put my house up for sale.
This is when Dean says John Brown drugged and raped him. John brown said to Dean the following day “Once you’ve been raped your open to anything”.
I rang John asking John to put Dean on a coach and I would start heading up there to meet Dean halfway. John refused.
I told Dean to get out of there and catch a bus to the Gold Coast and I headed up there immediately.
If this had all been in Dean’s head and John Brown was innocent of any wrong doing wouldn’t he have approached Dean and I along time ago and asked why did Dean do a runner from his place??? Acting on the information he had received from Dean and still working in Dean’s best interest?

Once again Dean and I told this information to Fiona and asked her to share this.

Dean’s mental state has deteriorated not for sharing his story but because while Dean was in jail this last time, Dean assisted police with ongoing investigations and Dean was promised by Dave Granger from the Legal Commission and Chief Inspector Thompson from the AFP that on his release from prison Dean,myself and our son would be given housing and protection. Dean was released nearly three weeks ago and we’ve heard nothing.

Because Dean was involved in these investigations Dean is fully informed on anyone and everyone who are involved in every area of this corruption and pedophile network.
Dean told me to contact Fiona.
Fiona has been the only one who has acted on and done what we have asked without dictating to us. The information we have given to Fiona has not changed to what she has posted.
If anybody’s safety was put at risk for posting Dean’s stuff more so then it already is that would be Fiona’s, not mine or Deans.

Fiona and many others that are working/supporting with Fiona made the difference for Dean yesterday because if there is a small chance of having Dean sent back to the Criminal Justice Program they’ll send him back. I truly believe the chances of this happening has significantly minimized this happening due to all the support Dean had yesterday.

And for the record Dean loves the attention.

One more thing!!

Two years ago when I first found out about Dean’s childhood, I went on a desperate rampage trying to find others who would help Dean.

I contacted the Royal Commission the NSW and Federal police and I made contact with apparent advocates for victims.
All who either blamed Dean for his abuse or had me running around like the idiot I was believing they we’re legit setting Dean up and ultimately sending him back to jail.

Dean was sent back to jail February 2015 and I was to frightened to contact anyone while Dean was inside as everyone I had trusted in the past had set me up at Dean’s expense.

Dean was released as you all know at the end of December 2015,
Dean then told me to contact Fiona.

We just wanted to say this!

Fiona not only put herself out there for us both, Fiona put me in contact with all of you.
People she trusted and knew who wanted to help.

Until Fiona everyone else had tried to get Dean’s story and keep for themselves or reported it back to the authorities.

Not Fiona and not has she just put herself out there but has put us in direct contact with all of you giving Dean an opportunity to make direct contact with those who may have been able to put his story out there.

When Dean was in hospital a couple of weeks ago I had a call from an apparent advocate who showed no concern about Deans welfare and kept talking even after I had told her many times I had to go as Dean was in emergency.

I then contacted Fiona to tell her of this conversation and explained to Fiona I was wanting to tell her straight away before I forgot because Dean was in a bad way in hospital.

Not once did Fiona indulge in my prior conversation with this person.

Fiona only wanted to know why Dean was in hospital, wanting to talk with him and then taking on the system with all you guys.

We are just so thankful to all of you and Fiona for putting us in touch with you all.

And then the couple who have given us a place to live.

The NSW government have now proven that a child who was severely abused and then spent 23 years of their adult life in jail who has been diagnosed with multiple mental and behavioral issues on top of his physical disabilities is more capable of finding help and housing and treating his own health issues then any of the government paid departments are capable of providing.

House With No Steps

Dean was released from jail in 2011 as Dean had nowhere to live the social worker at Bathurst jail Fiona Innes encouraged Dean to sign up with The Criminal Justice Program, The Criminal Justice Program being a service for those who had an intellectual disability and high risk re offenders. Dean agreed and was sent to live at Lander Ave Blacktown which is a locked down facility for those with mental health issues, mental health nurses observe their clients behind glass windows and cameras in the individuals bedroom. Once the client is believed to be ok to live out in society they are then moved on. In Deans case he was sent to live in a unit in Warilla Shellharbour ran by the criminal justice program through the House With No steps.
Dean was court ordered to be placed under the public guardian NSW and the financial guardian NSW. The Criminal Justice Program was funded over $500,000 a year to over see Deans needs.
At the time of being at Lander Ave Dean was taken to the Criminal Justice Programs offices in Parramatta where a meeting was held along with Deans mother and managers and case workers and the public guardian James Conna. Dean was sent alone into a small room alone with James Conna where James Conna pulled down Deans pants and penetrated Dean.
Dean moved into the Criminal Justice Unit at Veronica Street Warilla and was placed with 24 hr supervision Dean was assigned a Key worker ( key worker being an assigned staff member to over see medical appts etc) Deans key worker being Phillip John Williams.
Dean initially did well finding work and painting his unit but once again Deans mother organized for Dean being sent to live with her every second weekend so she could sell Dean to her friends for sex.
Dean told the manager Julia Davis and Phil Williams of this and Julia ignored Deans abuse. Dean slashed his arm up over this. And Dean resorted back to his drug use.
To keep Dean from rebelling Phil Williams would take Dean to his home in Unanderra and he would rape and torture Dean.
Dean reported his abuse to Detective Phil Briffer at Lake Illawarra Police and Det. Briffer refused to act.
Told Dean he was mental.

After 8 months of living at the Criminal Justice Program Dean struck up a relationship with a support worker (me) Deborah Buchanan.
Dean and I kept this hidden. Dean told everyone he had met a girl named Amanda and Dean got off the drugs lost weight and was on top of the world.
After 5 months Dean was found out to be seeing myself and I resigned and Dean came to live with me and and my son.

Criminal Justice was furious as management at House With No Steps and The Public Guardian were all involved with a cult where they meeting weekly taking clients and having orgies etc they were terrified Dean would tell me their sick little secrets.

(House With No Steps are also involved in trafficking children for these orgies.)

Criminal Justice Program decided they would work with Dean in my house and they expected me to leave my home at their will.
I also had James Conna ring me telling me to read between the lines and if I did not kick Dean out someone might make allegations against Dean resulting in Dean going back to Jail. I told him to do his own dirty work but I wouldn’t be kicking Dean out.

I was unaware of the abuse Dean was copping and Dean went down hill real fast after moving in with me. I blamed myself and Criminal Justice Program blamed me.

One day dean came home from being out with Phil Williams and Dean was talking like a child took his pants off and showed me his blood drenched undies.
I asked Dean what the hell happened and Dean starting shouting at me so I let it go. Dean never really came back from that state mentally and Deans drug use was out of control.

I wrote a complaint to the department of Aged and Disability Housing and Community Care stating something was wrong with the service Dean was receiving.
And I feared for Deans mine and my sons safety.
They said it was Deans fault for not wanting to work with Criminal Justice as he had been avoiding services and they strongly suggested Dean to continue working with Criminal Justice Program.

Dean occasionally would go out with Phil and every time this happened money would go missing and mine and my sons belongings.

I reported this to the police and Criminal Justice Program they did nothing.
They’d all respond by saying that I needed to kick Dean out.

I refused and in the following months Diana ,( Deans mother ) died under very strange circumstances.
Dean dealt with this well surprisingly because she was such a strong presence in his life.
Dean told me she would make him have sex with her as far back as he could remember and I tried reporting this to the police ,( Detective Stacey Baker) and Phil Williams.
Stacey put it back on Dean and said he needed to report it and his mums dead now so he has nothing to worry about any more and Phils response was that pedophilia is a sickness and it wasn’t her fault.

Dean was threatened if he didn’t get rid of me they would.

Dean then abused drugs and was out of control so I had Dean arrested to be scheduled to deal with his mental state but after four days Shell Harbor hospital released him worse off then he went in.
After a couple of weeks I had Dean re arrested and mental health refused to take Dean stating it was behavioral not mental and Dean was back to jail.

House With No Steps came to me begging me to have Dean live with me again and promised to support Dean and my son and I properly this time.
And that they could have the courts release Dean back to me if I agreed to continue with their services.

I went along with it but the police had taken an avo against Dean residing at my place and the courts released Dean to Disability Services Australia.
In Goulburn. Once Dean arrived at Goulburn Dean found himself living next door to drug users and Dean was expected to stay in his unit all day not even allowed to find work.

The other residents were allowed to have their partners and children stay in their units but I was forced to sleep in my car across the road in a truck stop when I went to visit Dean.

Phil Williams also started harassing Dean trying to have him meet up with him.

I contacted Deans parole officer Lee Crawley to discuss Deans conditions in this conversation Lee discloses to me Dean had resided at Renwick Boys Home as a child and that there was a Royal Commission into institutional abuse as she had reason to believe Dean had been abused there and I should contact the Commission. Not long after I confronted Dean about this and he told me had been abused by Mr Shiels and Mr green.
I went straight to the Royal Commission reporting this information.

The Royal Commission took my information and gave me the number of a men’s sexual assault service in Canberra so with the approval of parole and Disability Services Australia I arranged counseling.

Dean was only able to access this service once as soon as Linda the manager of Probation and Parole at Goulburn heard of this she called a meeting with Dean and I calling me an irresponsible parent and demanded Dean tell her who he named to the Royal Commission. Dean refused to tell her.

A few days after this Linda called Dean into see her alone. Dean says she tried sexual advances and Dean rejected her so Linda immediately put Dean on a curfew.
I was back in Wollongong when this happened and Dean rang me shortly after this meeting. Dean was really upset but wouldn’t tell me what happened.
As soon as I could I jumped in the car meeting Dean at moss vale. Dean seemed really mentally unwell so I had Dean stay with me in the car that night at the truck stop across the road from his court ordered residence. Linda had the police turn up that same night to ensure Dean had followed her curfew but he wasn’t there.
So Dean ultimately ended back in jail.

,( a lot of mine and my son’s belongings were at Deans unit, the government refused to give our items back,)

During this time my son became very ill.
My son could not attend school due to the severity of his illness the doctors at Dapto kept giving me the run around refusing to refer my son to a specialist, after a number of months I finally got the referral to one in Canberra. When we saw this specialist he quizzed my son on my personal life asking questions about Dean and ignored any health concerns. We were told to go see another GP in Canberra. My son and I left in tears.
A couple of weeks later the specialist rang me late on a Sunday night telling me not to see the GP he referred us to and that I would see my sons health improve soon.

Not long after this my son starting improving, he started back at school but I shortly pulled him out of school and sent him to live with my parents due to my car being sabotaged, dead tortured animals being left at my property and Phil Williams turning up at my house in the middle of the night.

I reported to Detective Stacey Baker about the animals and my car being sabotaged. And Stacey dismissed this by saying that’s because people don’t like having criminals living in their streets so it was revenge for allowing Dean to live with me.

I then confronted Stacey about cult like practices being run in Wollongong and Stacey raised her voice saying are you insinuating there’s a pedophile racket running in Wollongong. I responded by saying I don’t know what it is but its messed up. Stacey replied that if there was a pedo ring they’d know about it.
Stacey stormed out highly unprofessional I felt.

Whilst Dean was in jail I had no support from any of the promised services. I had made contact with John Brown through a Facebook site with the Royal Commission. I found John to be a great advocate for Dean and me helping us to put Deans story out there and collecting evidence and someone I could vent to.
In the mean time Criminal Justice Program were making contact with Dean without my knowledge using their government positions to threaten Dean if he didn’t leave me he’d never get out of jail. Wayne Zhara and Vanessa Miller being the two mane culprits. I had made contact with a Detective Daniel Maybury at St Marys police who was to investigate some of Deans claims he’d made in regards to his perpetrators but Detective Maybury always had some pathetic excuse why he hadn’t followed up on these claims.

Dean in October 2014 was sent once again to the Criminal Justice Program this time in Liver Pool.
By this time Dean had reported his abuse by the Criminal Justice Program to everyone he could think of. The Royal Commission stated they were limited while Dean was in jail and made me believe that once Dean was out they’d act.
I also had informed by Patrick Smith AFP officer through the Royal Commission the abuse I was copping from from police etc from Wollongong and Patrick advised me I needed to best leave Wollongong and find somewhere safe till Christmas.

Dean was released in October 2014 to Roswell house Liverpool and the parole board had put a band on Dean and I seeing each other. ,( no one told me). I get a call Deans in hospital with an apparent heart attack, so I rush up to Westmead to see him and Dean looks like Death. I contact again the royal commission reminding them they were suppose to intervene the day he was released but they hadn’t acted but I got the we’ll get back to you.
A week or so later I’m requested by The Parole person for a meeting with Criminal Justice and Parole to discuss mine and Deans situation. I arrive at this meeting Vanessa Miller, Wayne Zhara, Peter Townsend ,( corrections,) Sandra parole officer and staff from Roswell house are there with Dean. They tell me I am only to see Dean when approved by parole and that I had broken Deans parole. I reminded Sandra all their mistakes they’d made in the past and Sandra responded by I don’t like to live in the past and think of a positive tomorrow and Dean was to reside in Liverpool for at least a year and then they’d decide if Dean and I could make steps into one day living again with each other.

Dean begged sandra if he could visit me just for an hour the Sunday coming Sandra agreed.

The following Sunday Dean was dropped off and was told if he wasn’t out the front in one hour they’d have him arrested.
Dean wasn’t out the front and the police turned up threatening me if I didn’t tell them where he was Id be arrested. I told them I didn’t know where he was but they didn’t arrest me and eventually left.

Dean and I headed to John Browns in Toowoomba where we believed we could have John Brown get Deans statements and hopefully have someone do something. I left Dean in Johns care as I had to go back to Wollongong to try pack up as much as possible as I had my house up for sale. The day after I arrived back two young male police officers turned up asking to come in. ,( I had just driven straight from Toowoomba to Wollongong and had only a few hours sleep). They introduced themselves but I did not get their names. They asked to speak to Dean and I said hes not here, and I asked why they wanted him and they said I needed to ask him, I said I couldn’t hes not here, they asked to go through my house and I told them do what you want. I went to my room and they came in asking me why I was selling my house and suggested I could have the pair of them right there and then I laughed and stated I was married. They told me they liked anal sex etc. Also telling me what a good job I had done renovating my house giving me the impression id been under surveillance for some time. They eventually left with no dramas.
I was waiting for my next pay to head back up to Dean but I noticed when talking on the phone to Dean something was wrong after a couple of days Dean admitted that John Brown had made some sort of sexual advances to Dean. I told Dean to get out of there and Id head up immediately.
A day later Dean and I back together sleeping in the parks.

By February 2015 the police caught up with Dean and he was back in jail. I rang crime stoppers to report the abuse Dean received by Phil Williams and police from Wollongong went and saw Dean in Nowra jail. Dean never heard back from them and I rang Chief Inspector Gordon Dunlop from Lake Illawarra demanding that he follow up as not only had the government been raping my husband they had enforced pedophiles work in my house around my son. He stuttered and said he’d follow it up. But he didn’t.

Dean was told some time later by a prion superintendent that charges were later charged against Phil Williams as at least two other clients from the Criminal Justice Program had been raped by Phil.

Whilst Dean has been in jail this time round he has had a number of investigators ,/ afp, come to him in regards to Deans life time abuse. He was promised once again that we would be taken care of and protected the minute he was released.
Dean has continuously put himself out there to bring this pedophile ring down.

Dean has been bashed raped threatened and left out to dry once again.

Dean was released on the 28 /12/15. And they’ve done nothing.
Dave Granger from legal law access promised wed be looked after along with Inspector Thompson from the AFP the moment Dean left jail. And once again we,ve been back living on the streets.

In regards to Deans sentences. In the past two years Dean has fronted the courts and the parole board approx 6 times. Not once was the Criminal Justice Program questioned to Dean faulting so many times under their care. Not once was it questioned that maybe the Criminal Justice Program maybe not the right service for Dean. Even after Phil Williams arrest and it was brought to the surface the abuse Dean suffered from the Criminal Justice Program the Parole board still tried to have Dean sent back..

I myself Deborah Buchanan was not even queried by community corrections or legal aid. Karen Psaltis from legal aid told me Dean told her that he wanted to go back to the criminal justice program and said she was not legally obligated to discuss my husbands matters with me. The following day when Dean fronted the parole board Karen tried to have dean sent back against his dean told the board to punch it and walked out.

I reported this to the legal commission and assigned Katherine Knight, I had evidence to prove Karen Psaltis had lied and after a week I was sent a letter dismissing my claims. I rang Katherine knight to discuss this and she screamed at me its not going to happen, And hung up.

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