Regarding The Claim That Fiona Barnett and I Are Government Agents

First there is this claim that I am just some guy sitting at my computer- now I am a government agent who has become Fiona Barnett’s handler. The stories keep changing to suit the opposition’s needs. But let me point a few things out.

If I was a government agent, wouldn’t it be logical that I would have a mass of people working beside me and supporting me? But I don’t. That would be the OTHER SIDE. It seems now that the Hampstead folks are in league with the Australian folks and the little group of Satanists I have been fighting for years. They have all joined forces in order to do their best to discredit and trash Fiona Barnett and myself. THIS seems like a government group as there are WAY MORE of them than those who are behind Fiona Barnett and myself. And they are all working in league with each other.

Also, let me point something out. Fiona Barnett is MUCH stronger than I am, and yet claims are being made that I am her handler. Truth be told, it would be more logical to believe she is mine. We just met and started working together 5 weeks ago, so believing that I have been behind her every move is silly- esp. When you consider that I live in the US and she lives in Australia. I am not hers or anyone else’s handler. This group, who are all working in CONJUNCTION with each other has no basis or proof for their claims- like saying that Fiona and I are sending out death threats- but that doesn’t stop them from shouting their accusations from the rooftops. ALL OF THEM TOGETHER, I might add.

When you look at all of this as a whole, it is easy to see that Fiona and I have been working to expose this large, organized, and well-funded pedophile child trafficking ring alone for a long time now. Not even with each other. But our opposition- they are all working in conjunction with each other. They now have stopped fighting their own little cases to join together and fight for each other all around the globe and they all seem to have this vast knowledge of each other- even though this mess has only exploded in the last month. Considering that, how can anyone believe that they weren’t secretly aware of each other and ONLY came out in support of each other after Fiona and I started to call them out.

This group is LARGE, they are working IN CONJUNCTION with each other, and their attacks are vicious and never ending. So it seems reasonable to me that THEY are the ones working with the government to shut all of these accusations down- in the UK, the US, and Australia, and not Fiona and I- who have had to endure this groups constant attacks. Obviously NONE OF THE GOVERNMENTS have come to our aid, but the same can not be said of this group. THEY are the ones being promoted. THEY are the ones getting media air time. THEY are the ones working together and supporting each other. So why anyone would believe this group isn’t working in league with each other to cover this up is beyond me.

One only has to look at what is happening and how this is all playing out to see something is not right here and that these situations are NOT what is being presented.


So Sonya Vangelder, Kathy Devine and Amanda Prosser- the three Australian “advocates” who are claiming Fiona Barnett is a fraud- this is the guy they think everyone should believe…


Who is obviously PRO HITLER. Just like the “good guys” who are involved with Hampstead- who ALSO went on Pro Hitler rants- that somehow became my fault.

Here are those links… Today’s Backlash from Posting This Mornings Homophobic Pro Hitler Argument from the Hampstead Supporters Mafia These are Some of The Supporters Supporting Abe and Ella in the Secret Facebook Group H Res

So they quote Satanist Doug Mesner/Lucien Greaves CONSTANTLY- are PRO HITLER- but they want everyone to believe that they are the GOOD GUYS. Interesting how that works…

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