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Doug Misicko’s Attempt to Discrediting SRA Claims with Mock Rally Of course- this guy, who sets himself out to be crusader for Pedophiles as a Pedophile Protector, fights all claims of satanic ritual abuse while at the same time promoting satanism with his rock band (which can’t be that good since no one has heard of Doug or his band until recently). And because […]

Douglas Mesner and the Lucien Greaves Satanic Temple Connection

Douglas Mesner and the Lucien Greaves Satanic Temple Connection Background At the beginning of the year, a group called “The Satanic Temple” Facebook page was created apparently to promote a movie. A few weeks later, this group convinced much of the US media, including TV networks, they would be supporting Florida Governor Rick Scott and […]

My Issues with the False Memory Foundation’s Pedophile Protector Squad

Whether I can prove that these people are connected physically is totally irrelevant to me, as I have pointed out that I have noticed that there is a distinct presence on the web of people patrolling and discrediting anyone who would come forward with history of abuse, specifically satanic ritual abuse. Such cells work independently […]

For Those Who Would Like More Info About the Founders of the False Memory Foundation In case people don’t know, Dr. Freyd’s parents founded the False Memory Foundation, after accusations from their daughter. (The False Memory Foundation- a group started by pedophiles to protect pedophiles from their victims claims of abuse.)

An Introduction to the Victim Bashing Fight Club on The Internet

Lately I have been busy fighting with a group of people on Amazon who have done their best to trash, not only me, but anyone and everyone who would come forward claiming that they are victims of satanic ritual abuse or extreme ritual abuse at the hands of our government. Making narcissistic claims that they […]

Some of the Tactics Being Used Against Survivor’s Trying to Expose Their Abuse.

1) Call yourself a “skeptic”, so that easily swayed people will, in one fell swoop, think you are using logic, science and evidence in your discussion. 2) Accuse your opponent of being a liar, or try some other tactic that will (hopefully) make him angry. If he responds in kind to your endless taunts, change […]

About Being Defensive

There has been some concern that I have a very defensive stance concerning what I am doing, and I would just like to say, in my defense, that it has not been easy putting my story out there and having the group of people come down on me as they have. Instead of considering what […]

A Reply to Scientific American’s “Brain Stains” About False Memory and the Sheri Storm Story

So the Sheri Storm that left a review on my book Rabbit Hole- A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story without reading the book first has quite the history herself- which is detailed in a Scientific American issue published on Wednesday, October 2, 2007 and written by a Kelly Lambert and a Scott O. Lillienfeld entitled […]

Domestic Torture via Radiation Weaponry: America’s Horrific Shame

Vic Livingston – Public Now December 30, 2008 The reality of domestic torture delivered by ideologically-driven, cold-hearted agents of government and their vigilante citizen operatives is finally gaining public exposure by way of first-hand accounts — including that of this correspondent, a mainstream journalist who has been “community stalked” and tortured by means of silent, […]

More Amazon Attacks on 22 Faces Comment Sections….

In reply to your post on Jan 22, 2013 9:14:41 AM PST Charles S. Gaston says: “If you guys understood what happened in Omaha- you would understand that I could show up with a dead body and probably get no reaction from the authorities around here. “They” have worked really hard to keep all of […]