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Website Sent To Me this Morning- Lots of Info on Michael Aquino Blanket Statement: Jeanette Bartha on Amazon- one of my critics and strong supporter of the False Memory Pedophile Protection Squad- brought to my attention a correction that needs to be made with article. F.M.S.F. EXECUTIVE DIRECTORS: Peter and Pamela Freyd ARE NOT PSYCHIATRISTS. She is calling me on this- and since I haven’t yet […]

Links from The TalkShoe Program on 1/30/2013

Last nights program was amazing. The first hour includes Doug Millar and Peter Tscherneff talking about the Kevin Collins Abduction and Murder that took place in San Francisco in 1984. The Second Hour includes Judy Byington, author of 22 Faces, Neil Brick, head of the SMART conferences and author of, and Doug Millar all […]