Links from The TalkShoe Program on 1/30/2013

Last nights program was amazing. The first hour includes Doug Millar and Peter Tscherneff talking about the Kevin Collins Abduction and Murder that took place in San Francisco in 1984.
The Second Hour includes Judy Byington, author of 22 Faces, Neil Brick, head of the SMART conferences and author of, and Doug Millar all speaking on our current issues with the False Memory Pedophile Protector Squad. Links are offered at

Critiques of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation and its theories

In reply to a TV documentary about FMS, William Freyd, (Pamela Freyd’s (one of the founders of the FMSF) step brother and sister-in-law) wrote
There is no such thing as a False Memory Syndrome.”[2] “In addition, Peter Freyd’s own mother (who is also Pamela’s step-mother) and his only sibling,

Underwager Paidika interview

critique website

The ordinary response to atrocities is to banish them from consciousness. — Judith Herman, M.D.Trauma and Recove

Treating Abuse Today Interview:
A Conversation With Pamela Freyd, Ph.D.
Co-Founder And Executive Director,
False Mememory
Calof, D.L. (1998). Notes from a practice under siege: Harassment, defamation, and intimidation in the name of science, Ethics and Behavior, 8(2) pp.

Information on Paul McHugh

Information on Ralph Underwager

Confessions of a Whistle-Blower: Lessons Learned by Anna C. Salter

Media Manipulation by False Memory Proponents


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