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Reply by Doug Misicko Concerning An Open Debate

David — Years from now if 22 Faces is discussed at all, I can say with all due humility, the best thing that will be said about it is that I wrote a review of it. Now you’re asking me to do the same favor for your blog. I really don’t think many people read […]

Douglas Misicko aka Douglas Mesner aka Why Do You Need So Many Aliases?

This is an invitation to respond to me on my blog- as I will publish your arguments in league with my own. I think that this is more appropriate than doing such on Amazon, and considering the hits that I get on my blog- it will reach a much bigger audience this way. I would […]

So Let Me Get This Right…

Rupert Murdock gets in trouble for eavesdropping on celebrities, and this creepy Jimmy Saville is supposedly one of UKs biggest- so your telling me that NO ONE suspected anything about Saville? How is that possible? You can’t have a huge eavesdropping case before you and then feign ignorance to something as large as what Saville […]

And So It Begins…

Douglas Mesner: Disinfo Agent Extraordinaire

I just so happened to run across a posting on Facebook that had a link to a society and culture page on that had an article written by Douglas Mesner entitled “Nightmare Psychiatry: Delusions of Satan, ET abduction, and the cultivation of false memories” that was so full of falsehoods that I feel compelled […]