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David — Years from now if 22 Faces is discussed at all, I can say with all due humility, the best thing that will be said about it is that I wrote a review of it. Now you’re asking me to do the same favor for your blog. I really don’t think many people read your blog, David. And as for debating you, I’ve already had a few exchanges with you in your vying for attention, and it’s quite apparent that you don’t know what debate IS, nor do you know what relevant facts are in a discussion. A case in point is the fact that you bring this idea up here. How is it relevant to 22 Faces? It is your position that Satanic Ritual Abuse is a real phenomenon (however you define it). Therefore, 22 Faces is a true story? Is that your logic?
Let’s look at it this way — let’s pretend for a moment that your concept of Satanic Ritual Abuse is as common and mundane as robbery. Nobody doubts robbery exists. Now let’s say that 22 Faces was the story of a woman with ESP, who was born under the auspice of prophecy, suffered demonic possession, met Jesus, etc. — but she was ROBBED by a levitating man in an alleyway.
Now, would you and Felicity defend this story from the skeptics by declaring “robbery is real”, and that to deny this story was to deny the victims of robbery peace?
David, you want to “debate” me on the topic of Satanic Ritual Abuse? What makes you think you’re qualified to do so? Because you claim to have been Satanically Abused? So you want to debate me about your story? Or you want to debate me about 22 Faces (because you seem to think your cry for attention has a place here)? What is it, exactly, that makes you think you have an expertise on the broad topic at all?
So I guess we’ll have that debate right here where neither of us have to worry about selective editing.


So I replied on Amazon…

Well Doug- I am just going to cut and paste your replies on my blog- since I would rather have what I reply NOT removed by Amazon- which you have a tendency to do. It is interesting that you complain about selective editing and yet you are guilty of doing just that on here.

I have had arguments with you before- that is true- and you fail to live up to your reputation, in that I generally find that you’ll attack without supporting your situation with any logic. Anyway- whatever we post WILL go up on my blog since people DO read it- and I would rather that venue than on Amazon- where you suggest that I am crying for attention.

I don’t need attention- but you are right in a way- in that eventually you will find that I am DEMANDING your attention. Criticizing me personally is what you are good at- lets see if you are as good debating the facts of the situation.

This situation with Jimmy Saville being part of a satanic group- how exactly does that fit with your notion that there is no evidence of any satanic wrong doing? I am not going to debate Twenty Two Faces- it isn’t my story. However- you are more than welcome to read what I have on my blog- and check out my book Rabbit Hole- A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story. There are no stories of levitation or anything like that- and I think it would be interesting to hear what you have to say about it.

That is if you aren’t too afraid of me and would rather keep attacking Felicity, which at this point doesn’t look to promising.

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  1. Paula

     /  January 20, 2013

    Dave keep on keeping on, PEOPLE ARE READING AND MORE AND MORE PEOPLE ARE PAYING ATTENTION TO THIS HORRIFIC SITUATION! There is plenty of evidence to support SRA and more and more people are becoming aware of this fact. The monsters responsible for these atrocities are being exposed more and more every day! This asshole, doug is just helping your cause and exposing himself! Because of your bravery, more victims are coming forward all the time! There time is coming to face the REAL JUDGE and don’t let them fool you, the older they get the more terrified they become of THAT PROSPECT!!! I think you may start seeing some of these monsters coming forward in an attempt to save their own souls!!!