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Remember- the Kindle Version of Rabbit Hole- A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivor’s Story- is FREE Today 1/15/2013

Check it out and see the foundation of my arguments that are furthered on this blog. The information is no good unless it gets out there, and so I am once again offering for free to those who are interested. For more info, check out Amazon, or http:/ for more info on situations that desperately […]

An Example of How Satanic Ritual Abuse Claims Are Handled in the US: The Sad Case of Richard Hamlin

It just so happens that on Amazon, being attacked over and over by Doug Misicko about not having any evidence or proof that a highly organized and powerful group of people who are connected to satanic practices are running openly amok, this morning I woke up thinking about the case of Richard Hamlin and the […]

Message to Doug Misicko, False Memory Advocate, on Amazon 1/15/2013

Mr. Misicko, of course I have questions for you- but you seem to have a psychological problem in that you only answer in circular arguments that have little to nothing to do with the question asked. There is more to you than what people are seeing in here- and you seem to be compelled to […]