An Example of How Satanic Ritual Abuse Claims Are Handled in the US: The Sad Case of Richard Hamlin

It just so happens that on Amazon, being attacked over and over by Doug Misicko about not having any evidence or proof that a highly organized and powerful group of people who are connected to satanic practices are running openly amok, this morning I woke up thinking about the case of Richard Hamlin and the situations surrounding his case.

I was informed about the Richard Hamlin case years ago by now deceased ex FBI agent Ted Gunderson a few years before Ted died, and have not only had personal correspondence with Richard Hamlin- but he is on my extensive email list that I send things out to almost daily. His is one of the most blatant cases of satanic ritual abuse cover-up that I can think of right now.

I believe that Mr. Hamlin was a psychiatrist who had an esteemed career in the military and was working on an air force base in San Francisco when his children began telling him of being abused by their grandfather, a powerful man by the name of Sid Seimer. At the same time, Mr. Hamlin began to realize that there were drugs being shipped onto the base, and was in the process of trying to fight that, when these allegations began. Now don’t quote me on any of this- because I am going off memory of what Ted told me- but this is what happened.

Richard Hamlin went to the authorities and complained about his father-in-law and related what his daughters were saying, but found the police to be their usual unresponsive selves. Sid Seimer was a powerful doctor in Olympia, Washington, and Mr. Hamlin, in looking into his daughter’s complaints, began to realize that Seimer was connected to something much bigger and more vast than he understood getting into it- and at the same time, became what I have come to think of as a targeted individual. Harassed at work, in public, not to mention the pressure at home- Mr. Hamlin’s whole world changed in a blink of an eye, but unfortunately it was to get worse still.

As it happens with children who are victims of satanic ritual abuse, and parents who are divided- as his wife was trying to protect her father, there was a lot of claims and then recanting, so Mr. Hamlin had a hard time making a case with his daughters with Seimer’s and his wife’s involvement. Again- at the same time, he was uncovering a drug trafficking case at the base where he was stationed.

In the middle of all of this- one night, according to Hamlin- a group of people, much like the Manson family, broke into his house- stabbed him and murdered his wife and two girls. However, the court system posed a much different scenario and Richard Hamlin went to jail for the murder of his family. I would have dismissed the whole case but Ted told me that people had come forward who had been there that night- and PART of this group- and had attested to what Hamiln has said (and keeps saying), about a satanic group of young people coming in and slaughtering his family is in fact the truth.

My point is that most whistle blowers who come forward end up either dead or in jail- and that is not just in America- but seems to be that way over in the UK especially. This is one of the reasons why all of the arguments about the validity of satanic ritual abuse have been suppressed in the past decade. And it doesn’t matter how influential or powerful you are- the elite who are involved with all of this will make anyone they want to disappear- examples of that would be Gary Caradori and his plane being blown out of the sky in the police jurisdiction of one of the very men he was investigating, and the prosecuting attorney who was investigating Penn State who disappeared along with his laptop hard drive, (not the whole laptop- but only the internal hard drive). Of course- both of these situations are connected in SO MANY WAYS and with SO MANY PEOPLE, but again, it has been kept quiet. Just as all of the complaints involving satanic ritual abuse have.

But as far as an example of how this has all been suppressed- you only have to look into the case of Richard Hamlin against his father in law Sid Seimer to find an example of how the judicial system is set up, not to protect the people, but rather to protect the elite and their sick secrets.

On a personal note- one of my abusers and a man heavily involved in the satanic ritual abuse that was happening here as well as being instrumentally involved with the child trafficking by the name of Fred Zydek, was from the Olympia/Seattle Washington area and I have often wondered how intricately involved the events in Omaha are connected to a place that Zydek, when he was healthy- traveled too every year. There is SO MUCH MORE to this story than even I know- that is for sure.

This was presented to me on Facebook this morning and I want to present it to show the other side, just so it doesn’t seem like I am just running with my side and not considering others. However, the evidence presented to me by Mr. Gunderson was incredibly persuasive.,hamlin,susansword,3,10,05.htm

and although I won’t publish Fred’s Facebook link on my blog, I will publish this conversation in the chat on Facebook…

Unitarian Church, Zydek. Right?

nevermind. You answered that.

and my reply… Unitarian and Unity Church on the question about Zydek. Interesting thing about Unity- I tried to make peace with them and try to hold a conference on Human Trafficking- esp. child trafficking- and right before it was to be held they pulled the rung out from under me- so it makes me wonder how much Unity of Omaha- formally Unity Church of Omaha- has in their history.

then this was posted…

Here’s a blog that gives grandpa Sid possible connections to the Temple of Set.

and then …

The order gramps Sid supposedly belonged to:


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