Douglas Mesner: Disinfo Agent Extraordinaire

I just so happened to run across a posting on Facebook that had a link to a society and culture page on that had an article written by Douglas Mesner entitled “Nightmare Psychiatry: Delusions of Satan, ET abduction, and the cultivation of false memories” that was so full of falsehoods that I feel compelled to not only share the article but speak out against Mesner’s outlandish claims that the yearly S.M.A.R.T. conference (Stop Mind Control and Ritual Abuse Today) is a “cult-like conspiracy theory-based collective”, not to mention that the title of the article itself is inflammatory and false. Misrepresenting himself and obtaining admittance into a conference under false pretenses, he was planning on “exposing” the SMART conference from the very beginning and as such, he has not only gone on to misrepresent the facts of Neil Brick’s conference, but has personally attacked any and all who would go against Mesner’s opinions. Well, now I guess he can add me to the list.

It is no secret that I have attended SMART conference for the past three years, and have spoken for the past two years- a fact that I am very proud of. It is also true that I didn’t start attending until 2010- a year after Mesner’s charade, so I can’t speak for certain what he experienced and didn’t experience. However, having worked with Neil Brick, not only as a speaker at the conference but also as a co-founder of the North American Truth and Reconciliation Coalition, I can- with some certainty, say that Mesner’s accounting of his experience is mostly fabricated- and since his intention was to discredit the issues that the SMART conference has dealt with for 16 years now, I feel his deceptions are the only genuine parts of the man’s character. However, my intent is to deal with Mesner’s assumptions and not to defend Neil Brick, who is simply a colleague of mine and has no need of me to defend anything about him. His work and his website at stand on its own merit, and Mr. Brick doesn’t need me or anyone else to speak in defense of, what I feel is impeccable research.

Mesner’s push to claim that all people who have attended the past SMART conferences follow Dr. Colin Ross is absurd, esp. since I had no idea who this person even was until recently. In the three years that I have attended the conference- what I have found is a group of people who are just grateful that they can talk about their experiences of being tortured by our own government and be supported by the professionals that generally attend- and those include therapists, social workers, and other victim advocates that are connected with national organizations. Mesner calls upon the influences of Ross, but has been my experience that people such as Dr. Randy Noblitt and his wife Pamela are called upon much more by the recent attendees at SMART, which is probably because their research and data are both up to date and also impeccable.

In the three years I have attended, I have NEVER ONCE heard of lizard people, or alien abductions to make alien babies and such- and in fact, I thought it was a joke. Unlike Mesner, I have never heard of anyone AT THE SMART CONFERENCE talk about such things, although I must admit that personally this argument frustrates me because it is one that Col. Michael Aquino uses against Diane Niapolis and others who have gone against him claiming that he is a sadistic, child killing pedophile. Claiming that his victims are claiming this crazy crap about aliens diverts the argument away from what he is responsible for and puts it in a realm that is so outlandish that most just dismiss it, which IS ITS WHOLE INTENTION. Not to digress here though, my point is that in all the time I have spent at the SMART conference- never once in the past three years has this subject even come up- let alone been spoken about.

Claiming the same old bull that the False Memory Foundation claims about “Satanic Panic”, Mesner parrots the decades old argument that our nation’s problem with child abuse connected to Satanism was all due to a bunch of ninny’s who were following their therapists who were claiming that children were being abused, even though this argument- in black and white- makes no sense to me at all. Therapy- esp. back then- had a stigma about it, and- at least here in Omaha- to assert that all of the complaints stemmed from therapists is about as off base as you can get- esp. considering that the kids were coming home with STDs, and even now the psychiatry system in Nebraska heavily lacks funds. To argue that every parent in the nation who made a complaint about their children being abused and connecting it to satanic practices was being manipulated by a therapist is also absurd, esp. considering that the media reports that were being made at the time either downplayed the situation, or outright ridiculed the whole thing. Geraldo and his fiasco with a satanic family that was a no show was the crescendo of this media manipulation, and afterwards- anyone who even spoke about satanic ritual abuse were in fear of legal repercussions, not to mention the therapists that treated them.

Mesner argues all kinds of points in his paper that mean absolutely nothing, but if you read between the lines, (and it is pretty blatant so it won’t take much work), what he doesn’t want people to consider is that our government, who was guilty of secretly conducting MKUltra experiments on people for over a decade or more, continued on with the project just like before, in secret. As such, many of us have gone through incredible trauma, which has caused many psychological problems in all of our lives. Mesner suggests that DID is caused by severe sexual abuse, and tries to discredit it completely- but it was my experience that the sexual abuse was the easy part. It was the being part in murders of both animals and other children that caused the breaking point in most of the victims of DID, which was THE WHOLE POINT OF THE PROGRAM, so of course it would be the first thing that proponents of the False Memory Foundation would fight against. In other words, those in power who were guilty of trying to cause DID are also the ones who went on a crusade to say that this condition is fictitious, in order to prevent anyone from actually going further and investigating what most survivors of DID report- that their condition was caused by severe and systematic extreme abuse, often connected with the government and/or a group of Satanists.

I have no delusions of Satan, nor have I ever “inter-dimensionally conjured up a demon” of any sort, nor have I ever met anyone else who has claimed to do such- esp. at the SMART conferences. Most of the conversations are about healing, and how each one of us is doing within the context of that personal journey that we were all set upon by our abuse. Trying to learn from other’s experiences, not only concerning the abuse of our pasts but also with the daily tribulations of being such a survivor in today’s world, we join up once a year to glean what we can from each other in order to acquire the tools and support we need to live our lives healthily and happily even with the knowledge that what has happened to us is happening to others around the world, and it is because of the disinfo that people like Doug Mesner puts out there that helps make all of this possible.

Tearing at my therapist won’t work with my relating what happened in my past in that I brought my memories to my therapist and not the other way around. I have never had nor do I ever intend to go through “regression therapy” or “guided imagery therapy” and the five times in my life that I went to a hypnotist I found it to be nothing more than a relaxing technique, helping to calm my nerves rather than retrieving anything that might be hidden. Like I said, very little of my past was repressed, neither by me nor by my siblings- it was just that nothing could be done so it was always considered better left unspoken. Not that I remember everything with exact detail thirty/forty years later- esp. considering that I was a child at the time, and I went through my own drugging and severe torture, but I know enough- esp. being involved with things later as an adult- that I don’t need anyone to validate my past. Esp. people like Doug Mesner, who has an outspoken agenda against any who would speak in support of those claiming they went through MKUltra’s mind control program, or endured satanic ritual abuse or systematic ritual abuse by the hands of our government and our elite.

Mesner is nothing more than a False Memory crusader, and considering as much time and energy that he has put in, not only going to and trashing the SMART conference continuously but also hitting the reviews on Amazon and attacking anyone who would defend DID, (which is Dissociative Identity Disorder- once called Multiple Personality Disorder), the question as to why comes to mind, as the history between Mesner and Brick has been almost stalker-ish. Relentless in his attack on Brick, Mesner has proven himself to be strongly against the idea of anyone considering our nation’s history with abuse, and the question again becomes why. Instead of listening to Mesner trash the SMART conference, I, for one, would be interested in why Douglas Mesner is so consumed with such a drive? And who are HIS associates?

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