Some of the Tactics Being Used Against Survivor’s Trying to Expose Their Abuse.

1) Call yourself a “skeptic”, so that easily swayed people will, in one fell swoop, think you are using logic, science and evidence in your discussion.

2) Accuse your opponent of being a liar, or try some other tactic that will (hopefully) make him angry. If he responds in kind to your endless taunts, change the subject to his anger, and accuse him of name calling. If he accuses you of provoking him, then you have changed the subject of the debate. If he stays on topic, keep the heat up. The Believers in the audience will forgive the worst verbal attacks you use, but they will think even the mildest replies he makes to you are personal attacks that undermine his argument.

3) Ask questions. That makes it look as though you’ve done some thinking (or parroting). Ignore answers. Keep asking the same questions. Think, “Wooooo”. It’s fun to say, “Wooooo”

4) Have inflated self-esteem. “All the structural engineers in the world are wrong, but I know the TRUTH”

5) Once your “obvious” “common sense” has been shown to be insane gibberish, create a sock puppet, and then make the exact same arguments,
6) Never engage people who respond politely and factually. Only engage those who are clearly irritated with having rebutted the same tripe over and over. Then complain that they have resorted to taunts and insults because they can’t rebut your claims.

7) Never post on topic – when backed into a corner change the subject. This prevents any subject from being resolved and allows debunked material to be recycled.Bring up previously debunked material. This cycle of the same material will prevent anyone from realizing that any one of the many theories lacks a cohesive narrative or makes sense globally.Treat all information and sources as equal. Youtube, AFP, other conspiracy sites, are equal to the NYT, scientific reports, and expert opinion. Anyone who disagrees is calling your sources liars.Never answer questions – your job is to ask the questions. This allows you to keep enough control of the debate to prevent the house of cards from falling all around you. Ban anyone who asks too many logical questions from your forums.” Written by Orphia Nay –

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