An Introduction to the Victim Bashing Fight Club on The Internet

Lately I have been busy fighting with a group of people on Amazon who have done their best to trash, not only me, but anyone and everyone who would come forward claiming that they are victims of satanic ritual abuse or extreme ritual abuse at the hands of our government. Making narcissistic claims that they are “saving” society from our own superstitions and lack of reasoning when it comes to the claims of victims regarding satanic and extreme ritual abuse, they have set themselves up as both judge and jury- discrediting any and all claims even though they have openly claimed they have usually have no knowledge of the specifics, (such as myself and the things I have been trying to do). Determined that ALL such claims get discredited, they have made themselves known all over the web and esp. on Amazon- where they attack in a group, much like a pack of rabid dogs- flinging insults and demeaning comments in hopes that quieting victims and anyone who would stand against them and what they believe. So, I wanted to give those people who would be interested in looking into this, a heads up as to who is who in the land of SRA skeptics.

I have spoken about Doug Mesner, whose real name is Doug Misicko, who has made it his whole life purpose to attack and destroy anyone who would believe in SRA and extreme ritual abuse. He has several aliases, and interestingly enough- since I first introduced this man on my blog last week, he has completely disappeared from making comments on Amazon- as Doug anyway, even though before that he was instrumental in the arguments against Judy Byington and her book 22 Faces and a huge support of False Memory Foundation advocate Debbie Nathan’s Sybil Exposed. From what I have discovered- these people don’t like exposure- and often hide like roaches when anyone shines the light on them, which makes me wonder how solid their arguments and sense of integrity really are.

There are some of us who believe that another ANONYMOUS member on Amazon named Critthink may actually be Doug Misicko, as this person, (who claims she is a woman), has taken up where Doug left off. Whatever is true about Critthink, one thing is certain- he/she has openly admitted and bragged about calling establishments and trying to prevent Byington from having book signings (much like my step mother Joanne C Shurter and her cousin/lawyer Gerald Friedricksen have done too me). Stalking Byington, not only on Amazon but in real life- this group claims that it is trying to save Americans from a “witch hunt” by preventing all claims of SRA from seeing the light of day, saving society from our own superstitions and illogical misconceptions that we would have if we actually LISTENED to the survivors who have come forward. Whoever Critthink is- he/she openly admits to having caused Byington such issues, and Misicko has even bragged about helping to cancel Byington’s book promotions on his website. Much more than just advocates for accused pedophiles, they have aggressively attacked anyone who would claim they were a victim, as well as those who would stand up for survivors.

Another anonymous member who is attacking survivors goes by the name of Karmakaze, and generally jumps into the mix to support Critthink whenever Doug is in fear of losing his argument. Why all of this is important- is that I have found that this group is incredibly organized and very well-orchestrated- and ALL over the web as group trying to suppress and defame any claims of SRA or governmental abuses, and I personally think that this is not only being done intentionally, but purposely in order to keep all of these types of claims quiet and away from the public eye.

Another member of this group is ac2012, of course, when you google ac2012- what comes up is Aleister Crowley’s website ( granddaddy of most satanic beliefs. Now this member has claimed that they had no idea, and that it is just a strange coincidence- but there seems to be quite a bit of mystery when it comes to this group and their activities, and it has been my experience that those who adhere to satanic principals like to flaunt it in people’s faces, although often in ways they can’t be held accountable. Here we have a member who is fighting ALL claims of satanic ritual abuse whose screen name doubles EXACTLY for Crowley’s website. Coincidence? Well, ask yourself this- if you were Satanist- or you appreciated Satanists, would you want the claims of abuse to come out and get investigated- or would you work to keep them quiet and covered up? It isn’t that hard to figure out- I mean, look at what the Catholic Church did- who are guilty of many of the same tactics of cover-up as this group on the internet is.

I have already mentioned Sheri Storm, who has been trying to sue her therapists for “implanting” memories in her head for 17 years now and whose story was written up in Scientific America (see earlier posts on my blog for more info). I have found her to be an opportunistic woman who is trying to acquire money through the court system by trying to disprove real and honest claims of SRA because she herself was guilty of deluding herself into believing she WAS a victim when she really wasn’t. Lying to herself then, and lying to herself now, her perceptions of reality can hardly be respected as she has a history of telling herself whatever sounds good and is beneficial to her at the time. Besides- what kind of ninny WANTS to be a victim of SRA, unless of course they were looking to profit by it-(which Storm is desperately trying to do)?

Orphia Nay is also a member of this group- and is the author of what I published right before this article- which I personally entitled “Some of the Tactics Being Used against Survivor’s Trying to Expose Their Abuse”. Showing the tactics that this group uses, it spells out how to misdirect and control the conversations surrounding victims and their claims of abuse- used to intimidate, frustrate, and hopefully close down any survivor who would come forward claiming abuse. These tactics have been used ferociously by the False Memory advocates on the web- and have been successful in the past of quieting those who would come forward by ways of attacks, emotionally, intellectually, and psychologically. You can Google this woman and see that she is all over the net as a “skeptic” who attacks victims, and so you don’t have to take my word for it. I have also heard tell that she might be Doug Misicko’s sister, but I haven’t been able to determine that- because, for the most part, all this group offers up is attacks and rarely do they share any real information.

Last but not least- there is a 30 year old Seattle Washington policeman by the name of Charles S. Gaston, who actually has threatened to “destroy” me. Now why a policeman would be online trying to destroy victim’s claims and credibility is a question, but my question is whether or not he is involved with Sid Seimer’s group in Olympia- since it is only an hour south of Seattle. Reactionary, aggressive, and insulting- this example of Seattle’s finest has done his best to try and “destroy” anyone who would come forward claiming abuse, and uses threats and insults to try and intimidate and control the situation.

Now again- all this matters because these people are not only on Amazon- but they are ALL OVER the web fighting any and all claims of anyone who would claim SRA abuse. It makes sense the False Memory Foundation would have followers policing the web, because if real SRA claims (such as mine), ever did hit the light of day- their credibility- (what they have left anyway), would be shot- and everything that the FMS people have done in the past 30 years trying to keep all of these claims quiet would come into question. However, since I am on the battle field trying to have my claims looked at- I thought that I would offer a playbook so that anyone who comes after me can be aware of the group that they are going to have to come up against in order to have their abuse complaints looked at. It will make no difference who you are, or what the specifics of your particular case are- if you are an SRA victim- they WILL judge you a liar and proceed to relentlessly attack you- all the while claiming they are the victims. However- knowledge is power- and the other side knows that which is why they fight so hard against anyone considering the validity of SRA claims.


CORRECTION TO THIS BLOG… Charley Gaston- who I said was a police officer after he told me that he was a man in blue yesterday- was obviously misleading me as I have checked and no such person is a police officer. Sorry for the mistake- but I was just going off what he told me in the conversation yesterday as he was threatening to contact the feds and tell them I am “stalking” him, although I live 2000 miles from Seattle. This just goes to prove that NOTHING that comes from this group can be trusted- as they will just talk out their butts and say whatever sounds good to them at the time. The only thing for certain about Gaston is that he hates victims- and voraciously protects abusers, and he lives in Seattle.

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  1. TheAnthem

     /  January 27, 2013

    David, I appreciate your hard work and efforts to shine the light of exposure on ‘the cult’. (Cult not pertaining only to the satanic aspect out groups but to every single person or ideology that protects wrongdoing and evil among these people and that uses a variety of ‘weapons’ to fight against and suppress the truth. I’ll just call them cult for short since there are so many different arms of their variety.) You definitely in this article spelled out many tactics of these groups to intimidate, suppress, discredit, and disqualify the truth.

    As I said in my recent post from today, they are very organized, and it will take the same and even greater a level of organization and determination from ‘the liberation’ (short for all those who work on the side of truth: victims, survivors, advocates, etc.) to truly make progress. Accountability has a way of breaking up the intention of intimidation. Where the cult works together so well from organization, the liberation can work as well and better through relationship and organization. The cult doesn’t have relationships, i.e. they don’t love or care for each other. They think it’s a sign of strength, but it’s the biggest breach in their armor. The only thing that can truly exploit this is love, relationship, and accountability in the camp of the liberation. The cult has no power to love or care for people or each other which leaves them far behind for anyone who can see it. They have to use fear and intimidation which will actually locate (like a heat-seeking missile) any self-preservation in their targets and use that to achieve their purpose of getting people to back off or wash their hands of this particular arena and destructive counter-culture. They are smart, but they aren’t intelligent or else they would be quietly seeking an opportunity to abandon their slowly-but-surely sinking ship.

    Whether there’s hope for ‘victory over this present darkness’ or not isn’t something I care to discuss; however, there certainly is hope for change, for the cult to be exposed to society, for victims to experience redemption, for good to have as much or more say as evil. That is my focus.