Doug Misicko’s Attempt to Discrediting SRA Claims with Mock Rally

Of course- this guy, who sets himself out to be crusader for Pedophiles as a Pedophile Protector, fights all claims of satanic ritual abuse while at the same time promoting satanism with his rock band (which can’t be that good since no one has heard of Doug or his band until recently).

And because this group likes to have my comments removed from Amazon- here is some of my conversation with Critthink- who is probably Dougy himself.

Yeah- that you guys are doing your best to put fake SRA claims out in the public again- just like last time- and hope that you can discredit it in people’s minds enough so that they never actually consider the valid claims of people who are actual victims. It is a spin campaign- and one that is going to have a hard time working because people are becoming aware of it this time. You see- you laugh at me- and berate me- but you weren’t trained like I was- and I can figure out your games cause you guys never change the paradigm of what you do.

Again- what you are is an acting attacking Woo Woo practicing group of FMS pedophile protectors- and you think that your games are so bright- and people are just so stupid- that they can’t figure it out. And you try to do it in such a way that you believe you can never be held accountable. However- that only stays true for awhile.

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