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I was asked yesterday by Critthink on Amazon comments regarding 22 Faces as to why I have not had any local officials investigate my claims and suggested that it was because there was no conspiracy to hide pedophiles in such a way. Obviously I disagree and believe that my situation definitely needs some checking into- and I just try to ask the question as to why this hasn’t been done thus far…

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  1. Christina Ladevig

     /  January 28, 2013

    Hi David-
    I think you are right in saying “strip away the satanism and the mkultra” as I feel like a lot of ppl refuse to listen once they hear words like mindcontrol and Satan. If removing those words makes the subject easier for the public to swallow, well then perhaps thats a way to make more take action as opposed to just labelling the whole thing “conspiracies”
    At the end of the day, SO many children are used, abused, bought, sold and killed to please a bunch of sick, twisted souls. Who cares what we call it, as long as it is stopped?!
    I realise ur question is retorical, but Ill say it anyway- nobody wants to look at everything u have dug up as it is inconvinient. Much better to call u crazy and continue on with their horrible deeds. I know what u say is true, and so do a LOT of ppl!
    Keep reminding everyone u will not kill urself- the more of us know that, the safer u are. And u are needed!

    Much love