CBS Sixty Minutes Show Entitled “MPD” Introducing Sheri Stone.

November 30, 1997 CBS did a show on Dissociative Identity Disorder, which they didn’t even bother to call it by its real name. The fact is that this diagnosis is in the MOST RECENT copy of the DSM manual, but I guess we should over look specifics and just go with it. MPD- is actually Dissociative Identity Disorder- and if anything could be said of these women- many who were financially compensated for their trouble- is that they OBVIOUSLY have no sense of identity.

Sheri Stone sat in the back of a woman suing the doctor- and 17 years later has STILL to be compensated for her claims. But just for those of you who are interested in who is attacking me religiously online- I wanted to point her out and give people the chance to see a woman who is able to be convinced that she has over a hundred personalities, when the question is- does she even have one?

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  1. TheAnthem

     /  January 30, 2013

    People can have personalities and attack the good guys. You have to remember (or know) that many cultists and people who abuse others and pedophiles are themselves survivors (or were victims) of ritual abuse and pedophile networks. Being a bad or troubled or confused person or a cultist or satanist or pedophile doesn’t exempt a person from being DID. In fact, DID often lends to one’s ability to have so many different facets and personalities possible.

  2. I got the feeling from watching the video that she was trying to be ‘one’ of the other girls. It mentioned that they did complete lawsuits against the pdoc. Why didn’t she? The way that she talks, both on the video, and around the net – it sounds like she is an ‘attention-seeker’ wherever she view the ‘action’ being.

    That is just the overall sense that I got from viewing.