False Memory Foundation just LOVES its Pedophile Protection Squad… Although the Squad Denies It.

“Doug Mesner, a young investigative journalist”

SMART’s reply to the FMSF

SMART’s reply to Mesner

Interesting who the FMSF promotes:

People such as Mesner having Satanic rallies. And there are those who wonder why I refer to this group as the FMS Pedophile Protector Squad.

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  1. Omg, really?

    The FMSF is ‘backing’ Doug Mesner as what – an “young investigative journalist”. He is no such thing – except self-proclaimed. Wow, if there was any thought that the FMSF believed in what they do or are ‘professionals’ – though they pride themselves as being such, it all just went down the drain now.

    Anything the FMSF folks every wrote, published, said – etc., should be put outside as trash.

    Thank you, David, for bringing this to our attention.

    Way to go revealing how low first Doug Mesner is (not his real name) – and the connection he has with the FMSF – also, now connecting both to the Satanic groups that Doug Mesner has always participated in.

    I really would like to pursue this further. The public really needs to be aware that many who have considered some of the articles, books, etc. that the FMSF have put out were at not at all professional, but based on an agenda to defer people away from their ‘true’ agenda – that of Satanists and child abusers. I am very serious here. All evidence is pointing in that direction.

    Thank you again.

  2. The FMSF has NO credibility at all – they don’t even use Mesner’s real name.

    Are they just ignorant of who he really is or do they back him 100% – well, it seems so – I read the same thing everyone else did.

    Wow, they are lower than I had imagined. Just out to promote Satanism and child abuse – not any semblance of even what they perceive as truth.

    They have a long history of hiding what they ‘really’ stand for. That needs to be changed in the public eye.