MKUltra, Project Monarch, and and Explanation of the Connection between These and S.R.A.

First, before I go any further, I would like to warn people that I am about to write could be very triggering, as I wish to go into some of the things that happened to me during my MKUltra exposure as a child, and it might be painful for those who have also gone through such things to read. This post is spurred by an email I received this morning and I am choosing to share some of that correspondence and answer publicly some of the questions in order to help the majority of people understand where I am coming from.

This was the part of the email I would like to address:

“I was wondering if you could potentially describe the type of rituals you had under gone. I found this really good website that describes what Project Monarch is, as well as detailed information as to who gets “chosen” and how it all works. I would like to compare and contrast your experiences with those found in this detailed report. I was also curious to know if you are able to provide the names of the Satanic group you were forced to be a part of,that your father was a high priest for. Also, do you have any photographs (or know where I can view some) of Hummel and Forest Lawn at the time these event were taking place (60s-80s). In one of your YouTube videos you mentioned “the Devil’s Head”. I know of Devil’s Slide and am curious to know what it looked like in those days.

Of course I still have a lot more research to undergo before I completely understand, but I was wondering how SRA at Hummel Park and Forest Lawn ties in exactly with the Franklin Credit Union scandal. If MKUltra and Project Monarch are government experiments involving the occult, what does that have to do with kidnappings, and child trafficking, and drugs?”


First off, from my research, there was never an official program called the Monarch project. A man by the name of Ron Patton has a paper on the web about the Monarch project- and I have found a lot of that info to be spot on, but the name itself is not anything but a diversion from the true culprit, and that is MKUltra. You also have to understand that the satanism that was being practiced here in Omaha, although it was fashioned to be part of the MKUltra experience, stood alone and actually came well before any MKUltra experiments. In fact, my older siblings don’t remember ANYTHING AT ALL about Offutt Air Force Base, which was where all of the experiments were taking place, which is the biggest difference between my older siblings abuse and my own, being 13 years younger than the youngest of them.

I personally think that is was my father’s Jewish heritage that linked us to the cult, as the abuse that has run through my family has been concurrent and generational, and we are just a generation off from being raised Jewish. Not that I believe that all Jews are satanists, nor am I saying that it was only Jewish people involved in my abuse, because there were Catholics involved, Christians, Jews- in fact it transcended all religions and really the only common denominator connecting the members was money and power. However, I believe that it was our Jewish heritage that kept us involved with this group- that and my parents were willing to sell off us children for sex at a drop of the hat, as there was a HUGE market for underage sex going on at the time.

As far as the operations that were going on at Offutt, some of my abuse consisted of, what I refer to, as a spin program. Like what has been shown on television about how they train astronauts with a machine that spins them around over and over, the difference was that they were adults and my abuse started right after conception. Another form of abuse was electrical torture, as they fit apparatuses in my mouth and on my genitals that ran an electric current through my body. Sensory deprivation was also used, not only in large tanks full of water, but also in occupied caskets buried underground. (In fact, putting children in caskets with dead people and burying them alive was a favorite of the group). Experiments that consisted of extreme periods with light and dark were also used, as well as using flashing lights like a strobe. All of this was, I believe, attempts to break me down and it’s intentions lied with child soldering and the hopes of developing infallible, highly lethal toys who could be sent out into the battle field and expected to perform miraculously. Or that is what I was told anyway.

The satanic stuff is separate from the MKUltra stuff in that it was first, and has a long long history way before the military applications became available. Just as some will say they can commune with Jesus Christ, this group believed that it could commune with fallen angels, and human sacrifices were often called for in order to do this. The reason why I believe that some have desperately tried to join the two together is because the validity of MKUltra has been established, whereas the satanic history is still deep within the confines of conspiracies, and I think that there are some who use the belief that satanism is bogus to help soften the impact of MKUltra and the fact that our government was, and probably still is, performing secret and immoral experiments on common citizens without the country being aware of it. However, I also believe that it is only a matter of time before this all becomes common knowledge as well.

As far as the name of the group my parents were involved with- I was never given it. Nor was I ever introduced to my abusers, nor was anything ever explained to me as a child. I have had to go back into my own memories and try to put all of this together- but I want to reiterate that I was little more than a piece of meat, and no explanations were ever given for anything that happened. At best, the only thing that was explained to me was the parameters of the games we were to play-as it was always presented as a game. Children died in the most horrible ways- and yet, to many of my abusers, it was just simply all a game.

I have no pictures nor any concrete physical proof of any kind. When I left my father’s house three days after graduating, I left with one suitcase and the clothes on my back and nothing more. I have tried to go back and look for pictures at the time, but have not been successful as of yet. As far as the Devils Head becoming the Devils slide- the reason why this occurred is because the area was deforested in order to make a lookout point way back when. Even now- when you go to Hummel Park- both areas adjacent to the area are densely forested with trees and shrubs, and it is only due to the fact that this area was cleared and has gone through serious erosion in the decades that it was created that made it into a slide rather than a peak.

Lastly, the connection to MKUltra and kidnapping, child trafficking, and drugs is that these three components help PAY for all of the experiments and man power that was needed. Of course, considering the money that each of these factions make, one could also assume that these practices are helping pay for nefarious activities all over the world, and it is not just limited to the MKUltra experiments. Billions of dollars are being made on these black markets, and it is this income that is helping to fund secret things like CIA prison camps all over the world and such. As far as the money one can make, take the child trafficking for example.

You get a child, beat them into submission, then sell that child over and over making huge profits daily for as long as you can sex the child out. Then when that child is no longer desirable, you either sell them into slavery or you kill them and film their death, making 50,000 or more on the snuff film. Then, you take that child, cut them up, and sell their organs on the black market- where there is a huge demand for human organs. Each of these practices live in the shadows, but has prospered by the billions throughout the years, and are well known to be still in existence today. It is this that I am desperately trying to fight.

I hope this answered some questions, and I just ask to keep the questions coming and I’ll deal with them as best as I can accordingly.

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