The Conjoining of the T.I. (Targeted Individual) Community with the Ritual Abuse/S.R.A (Satanic Ritual Abuse) and Mind Control Community: True Power of Voice in the Making

Standing within both communities as I do, not only having been a victim of satanic ritual abuse and mind control when I was a child but also as a targeted individual who has experienced organized stalking and electronic harassment as an adult, I realize that these two groups couldn’t be more different. One thinks the other is paranoid while the other feels the other is crazy, and each side dismisses the other even though both are in the same boat when it comes to society as a whole dismissing our concerns. Knowing the true validity of each situation, it is my hopes to try and bring these two groups together and show that, despite our differences, the cause of our problems is the same culprit- and that is our power hungry government which is guilty of running rogue and doing whatever it wants to try and maintain and control this increasingly fascist regime.

Despite what people think, my satanic background was more about hedonistic ideation than it was conjuring up demons, and I often remark that I don’t once remember bringing Lucifer forth and having tea and conversations with him as a child. It was more about hegemonic domination than anything, and practicing an idealism that has a lot to do with philosophies of the new world order with regards to ruling and control. Yes, we practiced blood sacrifice, but as I explain in my book- it was believed that endorphins are released in the body of the sacrifice at the height of their suffering and fear that act like an aphrodisiac if consumed, and so it was more about “getting off” than it had to do with communing with any demons. Not that I believe that communing with the other side is impossible, because I know for certain that it is, but when considering the whole satanic aspect of our nation’s background- in conjunction with the whole MKUltra experiments and such, it was more about power and control than anything. That and fear.

With regards to the T.I. community- I am not sure why people would discredit the fact that our government- with the help of our CIA and FBI, would harass and terrorize those they would consider “political dissidents” when we have the background and history that we do concerning groups and factions being targeted and destroyed, like the situation in Waco, TX years ago. The validity and realism of our government owning sonic and microwave technology is well known, and so why people don’t consider that these weapons have become sophisticated enough to use on mass groups of individuals is beyond me. Contrary to some people’s perceptions, the commonality that I have found with most of the T.I.s that I have been in contact with is that many, if not most, are outspoken proponents of our nations governmental policies, and not only are they intelligent, they are often articulate and can more than adequately explain in sensible and rational terms what is being done to them. I consider myself to be one of those people I am speaking about.

Both of these factions, the T.I community as well as the SRA/mind control community; have been deemed to be conspiracy theories only offered by the crazy, and yet we are all beginning to realize that when it comes to conspiracies, often when there is smoke there is also fire, as we have seen with the Catholic Church and Penn State conspiracies, (just to name a couple). Having experienced both sides of the fence, I understand personally how valid the concerns are being presented by BOTH groups, and it is my hope to bring both groups together to help educate the other on what we have gone through- as it has ALSO been my experience that we are fighting the same foe.

Asked what we can do to bring us together, I have decided that the best way to start is by hosting a Talkshoe Internet Radio Program on Sunday, January 20th 2012 at 4 PM EST. (The toll free phone number is 724-444-7444 and the access code to join the call is 123756#). I am designing this call so that members of both the SRA community and the T.I. community can learn about each other in a way that hopefully enables us to come together and begin to work together to uncover these injustices that have transpired with all of us. Educating each other in order that we may understand each other better is imperative in my opinion, and there is no better time to join together than now to expose all of these matters so that we may prevent such things from happening to others, not just in America but all around the world.

So please join me- Sunday, January 20th, 2012 at 4 PM as we try to grapple this path together, and perhaps we will find some of the answers we are looking for together as one voice!

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