Another Strange Connection between MKUltra, Omaha Events, and My Brother Stephen

I have detailed before that my brother Stephen was a photographer, both in the armed forces, as well as when he returned to civilian life. However, I never realized how close he was to the events that played out in 1975 with Senator Frank Church- who was a democrat from Idaho. Frank Church is important because he is the one who tried to get MKUltra exposed back in 1975 during hearings conducted by the US Senate Select Committee on Intelligence.

My older sister told me recently that Frank Church and my brother Stephen are connected in that the official picture that Frank Church used during his life and career was taken by none other than my brother. Although my brother died a broken and alone drug addict and alcoholic, he was a gifted photographer and again, due to the fact that he returned from the service with a portfolio full of pictures of dead people and graves and because I know he was involved as a photographer in the Franklin Credit mess, I am curious to know if the collection of satanic ritual child porn found on Larry King in Ocean City Maryland could be my brother’s trophy pictures.

I find it interesting though how close, once again, my family has involved itself when it comes to trying to expose this mess. I wonder if the man in front of the camera ever realized how close he was to a true victim of the mess, in that my brother was groomed to be part of the cult as were myself and all my older siblings. But it is quite a coincidence indeed that my brother was involved in such a way- knowing what he did.

I have said before that I have no evidence, but that is not all together true, as I was given pictures of my brother by my oldest sister right before she ended up dead, which are what I used when five different people ID’d him at a private function in Florida regarding the abducted child Johnny Gosch, although I have been corrected in that it was in Tampa, and not Miami that this occurred. Making a complete idiot out of himself, which was usual, he made quite an impression from what I understand and almost ran people down in order to get out of there before Noreen spoke. Yet again another connection my family has with all of this mess, I have often wondered exactly what my brother, who at that time was dying of Hep C and a homeless alcoholic, was trying to accomplish showing up as he did- and how exactly did he find out about a conference that was supposedly supposed to be private? Finally coming to believe that it is connected to the phone call Noreen told me she received from my dad right before he died, I am pretty certain that my brother and step mother wanted to know what he had told Noreen about the circumstances surrounding her son’s disappearance.

Lastly, I want to impress that although I do not trust any of the people officially connected to the Franklin Credit scandal, I do have to say that Rusty Nelson claiming their were two photographers is quite possible, as my brother had the same scruffy unkempt dirty look that Rusty did, and they looked remarkably similar to each other. Also, considering that I know that my brother once had a vast array of child porn in his private portfolio collection- it is yet another reason why I highly suspect that my family was heavily involved in the abductions that were occurring all over the Midwest at the time.



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