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The Reason Why I Am Being Threatened and Attacked

For those of you who wonder why I am being threatened and attacked- here is what started it all… Original EXTENDED Version of Rabbit Hole- Under the Name Confessions of an Antichrist The edited version is on Amazon- Rabbit Hole; A Satanic Ritual Abuse Survivors Story – which I was nominated for book of the […]

The Airing of More Dirty Laundry

Christina Shurter/Blumpkin, who many believe to be my niece on my brother Stephan’s side, rather than my 1/2 sister since my father had a vasectomy and couldn’t possibly be Christina’s father, has been chasing me around the internet trying at assert that she knows what my childhood was like- although she was 9 when I […]

A Reevaluation When It Comes to My Advocacy Work

I have begun to learn the hard way that, once again, very little is what it seems with his mess- and I have grown weary of people coming out of the woodwork trying to screw with me. After being secretly recorded, and then told that she does it with everyone, I have realized that those […]