A Reevaluation When It Comes to My Advocacy Work

I have begun to learn the hard way that, once again, very little is what it seems with his mess- and I have grown weary of people coming out of the woodwork trying to screw with me. After being secretly recorded, and then told that she does it with everyone, I have realized that those who come forward to “try and help” generally have their own objectives to the situations- and I am just glad that I wasn’t stolen from as well as having my privacy violated.

The people trying to expose Franklin- and anyone involved with it- are pretty unscrupulous, and though they will immediately respond that they haven’t broken any laws- there is a definite reason why they are alone and in the life situations that they are. The pain of losing someone I thought was my friend is difficult- esp. considering the amazing work that lied before us, but it is better that I know what I know now instead of finding out that I was duped later. Everyone is looking to make a buck on this situation, and will do it any way that they can- generally cutting off their nose to spite their face.

I want to make something quite clear in all of this- I don’t OWE anybody ANYTHING- regardless of how entitled they feel. And those out there who come forward because of this acting as if they are my friend are anything but. Who exactly is targeting me is a question, but the fact that I just had two people come forward claiming they wanted to help but were here under false pretenses the whole time makes me realize that there are those who will stop at nothing to either deter the truth from coming out- or will do whatever they can to ensure that they profit from it when it does.

Unscrupulous people always get theirs and so I don’t much worry about it. The “friend” who recorded my house secretly- well- there are reasons why she is alone and I don’t think that will change any time soon. A leopard doesn’t change it’s spots- and you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. Trying to go for the dirt and giving up the chance to change the world for the better, she sacrificed a good friend (me), and in her mind, will continue to justify herself and blame me for being angry at her betrayal. But that is what narcissists do.

I am redoing projects that I have done before- such as the walking tour through pedophile Omaha and the whole case of Hummel Park and such- so that I can not only add more info to the situation but also do it in such a way that it is palatable. I am also filming everything else- as I am not retracing anyone’s step but my own. Am I angry for being played? More irritated than anything- as this has simply been par for the course. Everyone wants what they want, and I get blamed for being the “bad guy” when I end up sending them on their way. Do they work for someone- or are they working on their own behalf? Who knows. I just realize that I will not work with people who are ignorant of common decency and respect. They end up spending their time very lonely- and, having no boundaries, are generally the victims in everything that they do.

Contrary to popular belief- Omaha and what happened here IS NOT ABOUT ME. And since I am hardly the only one who experienced what happened here- I have every intention of showing how true this statement really is. Again- anyone who claims to be an expert on Omaha- esp. when they don’t live here and didn’t at the time- is NOT TO BE TRUSTED. As I was told this weekend, even though it was meant to be flattery- but if I am anything it is consistent in what I have said throughout the years that I have been doing this. And discrediting me- doesn’t change the facts of what happened here and that LOTS of people have their memories of it.

One last thing. There is a strong push to corral survivors onto places like Facebook- where leaders of the community are opening “secret” groups on Facebook- even though anyone who knows anything about Facebook knows that they SELL EVERYTHING and that nothing is private. Unless you OWN Facebook- you can’t claim that anything is private- and I think that this is a large scale attempt to bring forth survivors and trash the whole movement. It may not be a “conspiracy”, but it is definitely being waged on a large scale concerted effort. Again- for those of you who are compelled to spill your guts to anyone who will listen- there are those out there who are WILLING and EAGER to set survivor’s up in any way that they can in order to get any gossip or dirt they can on their victims, and even the strongest of us- such as myself- are not always capable of thwarting them- so PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be careful with who you deal with and the things you share with people you don’t know. Even then- there are plants waiting to pounce on us. That is what the targeting is all about. So please people- watch yourselves.

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