Targeting Just Comes with the Territory- and Nick Bryant’s Conversation with Me Today

The reason why I have been able to do this for as long as I have is that I have become accustomed to betrayal in such a way that although it is painful and disappointing, it is never an all consuming issue and generally is expected to come with the territory. Does it make me paranoid? Not so much that I am going to stop doing what I am doing- although it does make me more mindful of who I am working with. After a series of exchanges- Nick Bryant told me that I would “one day understand”, although I think I understand more than he thinks. Trying to get “the scoop” on me- I have been more than transparent, in fact- so much so that I opened myself up to a tag team event that violated the most basic trusts. Getting caught in lies and betrayal, these two both blame me for “being paranoid” when I had every reason to establish firm boundaries and say goodbye. Who instrumented this I have no idea- but it has only assured me that I am getting close enough that they- whoever “they” are, will stop at nothing in order to get to me.

I explained to both of them that I was a shaman, and though it scares people- I am good at what I was trained to do- and I do not have a fear of the dark. In fact, I am quite effective in using it as much as the light- and I have found that this time around, for whatever reason- it has less to do with Love and more to do with Wrath. As John DeCamp told me- they were looking for “psychic warriors”, and in a way- that is what they achieved. That is why they have continued the studies- because what they were doing worked. Why else spend the time and money doing the secret research that they have?

Trauma at birth and continued trauma through childhood FORCES the brain to think on different neural pathways than a normal individual would. Child are easy to fool- and to brainwash, as they generally do what they are told because they do not have the ability not too. It is said that we only use 10% of our brain- and the training that I went through taught me, and others, to develop our brain capacity to access at least some of what has lay dormant for as long as mankind has been around. Those who have had brain injury experience the same thing to a degree, as the brain finds new neural pathways to form- and the philosophy behind that is very similar to what they were hoping to achieve with all of the torture and abuse in the developing brains of children. I have always said that any social worker will tell you that an abused child becomes hyper vigilant with their environment- and what was being investigated was whether drug induced ritualistic abuse could somehow force a child to use that part of our brain that works so effectively during fight or flight situations. Contrary to Nick Bryant- who has gone on record saying that only one person has claimed MKUltra training here in Omaha- it was not only pervasive here but all around the country- and contrary to belief, it was about more than a bunch of pedophiles getting off raping children.

The result of all of this has not changed, in any way- with regards to what has or will happen- as the parameters of the game of which we all seem to be a part of are still the same as before- come clean or be claimed. Flat out. We are at a spiritual evolution the likes of which hasn’t been seen since the last time the planets drifted into the gravity of the Milky Way- and those who refuse to release themselves from the bonds that hold them will be claimed by the darkness- unable to move effectively to the higher vibration which is starting to effect us all. We are all being called- and those who refuse to answer that call will be left in the dark. There is no middle ground.

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