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My Interview with Deanna Spingola Contact Info for Those Mentioned in the Interview Judy Byington author of 22 Faces Felicity Lee Talkshoe Hosts: Renata Sunday @ 5pm Eastern Standard Time 724-444-7444 talkshoe address :114616# Alda 724 444 7444 talkshoe address 99521# Memoir “Barbara Guillette” 724 444 7444 talkshoe address 122336# Doug Millar 707-396-8215 […]

Nick Bryant and My Anger with the Spin Machine

Right now I am incredibly angry- which happens when I feel betrayed. I have been struggling as hard as I possibly can to get what happened here in Omaha exposed in order to help people understand the complexities of the situations by giving them a foundation to focus on- but also I have been doing […]