The Tag Team of Targeting- What happened this weekend

So a “friend” of mine that I have worked with for 5 1/2 years now- who I felt was close, got caught secretly taping our conversations today and I had to ask her to leave. After what I just experienced with Zachery, I can’t help but think that I got tag teamed this weekend with the people who are looking for anything to take me down or find something they can hurt me with. I was asked the question today- who can I trust- and the only people it seems are people who have never been involved or expressed an interest in what I am involved with.

People seem to be crawling out of the woodwork trying to get me to talk with them privately while trying to catch me up on things that I believe concerning the shamanic stuff that I am practicing. Why? Because they believe that this is the easiest way to discredit me- as most dismiss what they don’t understand. We are all brothers and sisters of Jesus- if you read the Bible- and the kingdom of Heaven- according to Jesus- is within, so why people have such an issue with my spiritual beliefs is beyond me. Shamanism was the first spiritual practice of mankind- and is known universally throughout the world, so why people believe it is any more crazy than Moses talking to a burning bush, parting the red sea, and a boat that actually carried every animal known to man in a flood without eating each other is an enigma. God has ALWAYS spoken through visions and dreams, and so why this is considered evil or satanic is illogical when this is how it has happened throughout time. It was only in using what I was taught as a child that got me through to the man I am today- and I am not going to get into a question of ethics when there are very few who have walked in my shoes.

The production of the documentary is already well on its way- and it will be released as it is filmed so that people can see the creation of it for themselves. I think that this will be interesting- and there is a great roster already of people who are willing to be interviewed. Always taught that if you control the perception of the thing- you control the thing itself, I- and a list of others- think that it is time that the truth finally comes out- and in the process, hopefully it will set us free.

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  1. Charlotte

     /  July 4, 2013

    I’ve only just found your (great) blog and read this post.

    FWIW, as I see it, one of the problems in this area is infiltration of the Christian Church. In it, crazy ideas are allowed to reign supreme and deep mistrust and fear of alternative spirituality is fostered. Sure, it offers a means of support for survivors, a means of fighting back but this is a doubled edged sword.

    So good luck with your Shamanism. Good on you! Ignore the nutters.