Dodging a Bullet as the Targeting Continues- and the Race Begins

So it seems that the film maker from LA has been in contact with Nick Bryant before he was in contact with me- and after being caught in a series of lies about it- I have come to the conclusion that Zachery Alexander- if that is indeed his real name, is either playing for Bryant, or is working with his own intent- with no regards as to what the truth is in the matter. Wanting to make it all about me- the philosophy this man was offering regarding the film was against everything that I feel to be true, as it is not about me but rather a collection of people, and those that offer themselves up as experts in all of this are NOT to be trusted.

Telling my friend that he had Nick Bryant’s number but hadn’t used it, he later told me- when confronted- that he had called Bryant but that it was only because he had found a 40 million dollar connection to a bank account in the name of Larry King in Seattle- which I could tell was a lie. Why? Because Alexander made it an issue not to speak about Franklin- and simply wanted to focus it as a human interest story about me- appealing to my ego by naming it “What happened to David”. However, all he was able to achieve was fluff on me- as there was a personality clash with yet another of my friends, who wanted to go along and help. Doing his best to isolate me and gain my trust, I warned him that I had a great group of people who continue to look out for me and that he would have a hard time pulling a fast one if that was his intent. Catching him in a series of lies, I was glad I pulled out when I did- as I avoided going into things that I would later have no control over- as I don’t know anything about the man at all.

I basically figure that this whole escapade is just another example of the targeting against me, as I first met Zachery Alexander at the SMART conference years back- and it was not until this whole difficult situation with Bryant being supported by Brick (the lone head of the SMART conference) that Alexander surfaced. Desperate to get anything they can to discredit me- I am content in that, since I only tell the truth, I didn’t say anything I regret- even though he recorded me on private phone calls thinking I was unaware of it as it was happening. Now- judging by the search strings I have on my blog- I am assuming that he is making contact with my stepmother in some desperate hope that she will give him something that he can use against me- although Joanne C. Shurter- my stepmother, prime abuser, and partners in crime with my father Robert Lynn Shurter, has nothing but her opinionated dirt on me- as if she had anything- she would have used it a long time ago.

All of this was not for naught, as Alexander gave me some great ideas to finally get the word out effectively- and so I have joined forces with a group of people who are helping me to do our own video investigation that we are going to release as it comes- as it is more about getting the info out than making a buck or making a case. Alexander is going home without getting anything substantial from me, and it is because of my council that I found the initiative to stop what was presenting itself as a great opportunity but under the surface was anything but. Yet another attempt to target me- I just have to assure those who are interested that not only did it not work, but rather it has helped a group of us to garner what we needed to get all of this going effectively and creatively. Thanks.

One last thing- we are looking to interview anyone who would have anything to say about the Franklin Credit- as we are looking for the REAL stories in order to expose all of this. It is my contention that it is not MY story but rather is a collection of ALL OF OUR STORIES that will bring the truth and justice to all of this that it deserves. We all must stand together and speak up- as each one of us has a puzzle to the whole of this mess. It is together this we will be able to break this apart. If you have something you would like to share- please contact me at . Thank you for caring and being strong enough to reach out!

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