More Investigations Into Omaha- More Coincidences to be Had

Some things are starting to come to light since I have been filming this recent documentary, and I wanted to share some of the things I have heard and seen in the last week.

First off- I find it interesting that the old Antiquarium bookstore that was fundamental in the mess during Franklin with child prostitution is all burned up now. Could this be because they didn’t want anyone finding out or exploring the private room that was used? Just like Larry King had a “bedroom” inside the credit union, Tom- the owner, had also turned this secret back room into his as well. Funny enough, although I was just down there the day before yesterday filming the workers pulling the burned parts out of the building, I can’t find ONE article that showed that this happened. The Antiquarium is not only down in the most prestigious area of town (the Old Market)- but it- and it’s owner- who has since moved to Brownville- are notorious here in town. Could this “secret” fire have anything to do with that room in the back?

Secondly, it has come to my attention that Peter Citron, columnist for the Omaha World Herald, convicted pedophile and Franklin Credit participant, who also happened to be my mother’s best friend for many years- DID NOT die of natural causes like it was reported but, in fact, supposedly “suicided” himself by drinking Drano. This sounds like a “hit” to me, and though it isn’t surprising- I just chalk it up to more of the disinfo that has been raging around this case for decades. Omaha is still a small place- and I have found people to be more than willing to tell what they know of Franklin now- even if it is only in hushed tones, so it is inevitable that the truth is going to escape.

Also, Offutt Air Force Base is doing a three million dollar renovation- and the underground bunkers that I remember so well are to be filled in with concrete. All of this is taking place this summer- and I just find it all to be incredibly coincidental.

The key to much of this is has not been completely eradicated but rather resides in the Brandeis mansion on Davenport street. It would be interesting to see what cadaver dogs would pull up- esp. in the attic part of the house. Alan Baer was a sociopath, and if the walls of his house could talk- it would speak of the atrocities that happened within that dwelling. Although it seems that Omaha is busy erasing the physical reminders of Franklin, this one place stands as a testament to what happened.

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