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Felicity LeeIf anyone needs a recommendation to groups that are safe, private, and reputable, just email me – It is my personal preference to NOT post personal information on fb – there are many reasons for this preference – ‘safety’, to me means: that people who will mock me on some other blog (which has happened) do not have access to what I post. It means that my posts remain where I put them – and, if I want to take them down later, I can make that decision, and the owner will be able to completely remove them from the web – knowing that they are not sitting in everyone’s email and published on the web. It means that I know that there are guidelines, they are being enforced, and that the ‘owner’ has a reliable and long-term reputation within the survivor community – . I know that only the people who I know have access to pm me – and, I know that they have been screened before accessing me. I know that participating takes time and community – people can’t just jump in and read and respond on a whim. There are laws that therapists and drs. follow pertaining to confidentiality – for a reason. If my therapist were to breach confidentiality – not much I can say if my personal, mental health, and medical information has been spread all over the internet by ME – that is hypocritical. This is the very reason why IGDID fb page is blank. I do not and will never ‘encourage’ survivors to write there, but rather to take a few seconds to apply to and participate on safe boards which are not part of a ‘social network’ like fb. Owners of boards have spent many years – not a couple months – building community – something worthwhile and precious. Just wanted to put this out there. Safe care to you all

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Facebook sells EVERYTHING- why does anyone think what they post on here is exempt? Prospective employers look at Facebook- and many times demand the access to it- so to put really private things- like being demon possessed- could hurt any potential employment, housing, or any number of licensing. PLEASE DO NOT POST PRIVATE THINGS ON FACEBOOK. To do so publicly is NOT empowering- it is pure and utter stupidity that sets you up to look bad in anyone’s eyes that don’t understand or have the compassion to get involved. Despite what others- who are less than a year old- like Insomniac- who no one knows, let alone her friends- are DANGEROUS. Considering what others have gone through- why does anyone think that Facebook couldn’t be used in the same way. A therapist DOES NOT HAVE THE TIME TO SIT ALL DAY ON FACEBOOK AND MAKE “THERAPY” ROOMS. But I know someone and his group of friends- who do. Why would anyone think this place would be exempt. People are being lead- and they are being stupid- and if you wish to publish intimate details- then why don’t you just do so everywhere- and tell everyone that you see- because that is effectively what you are doing in here. Think before you speak. Otherwise- there are trolls who are looking to destroy the survivor community. They will do their best to rip everything apart- and they are focused, and they are VERY VERY REAL. So PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t put private intimate details on Facebook- and for God’s sake-= and your own- stop feeding the trolls. PLEASE.

Insomniac answered on a post

Insomniac In · Friends with Judy Byington and 2 others
why do you think I am dangerous?
I’ve never said I am a therapist, because I’m not. And I do know some people face to face and work with them and other survivors.

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  1. I don’t know about pointing fingers. And, I do know that fb is becoming more popular for others to investigate people. I mean, for gosh sake, I had to go through the horrible experience of knowing that my grand daughter’s video was, not only viewed by, but published by perps posting on Amazon.com. I mean, it was a video of a 13 yo old girl dancing – fully dressed, of course, but I still can not get the image of some perv watching it. Other pictures from my personal fb were also published on Amazon. Since there was also infringement of copyright, the pictures were deleted by me insuring that they were banned from where they hosted the images. Still, I cannot permanently delete that fb account or delete the information that went out to others. It was all information that was totally innocent, but now published to hurt my family – an attempt to scare me into believing that they were going to access my grand daughter and sons (whose pics were also posted) – like they are now accessing Jenny Hill’s family. I think that it is not only unsafe, but something of a concern when people use the internet for the purpose of befriending and gathering personal information – and unearned trust. I have been around the net for some 20 years and do not practice ‘befriending’ folks from the internet – probably, because I do not have a ‘need’ or ‘wish’ to go beyond an internet relationship with anyone. Looking for friends or attention from those claiming to ‘help’ outside the internet is understandable – but – really……. we barely trust people we meet irl – relationships take time to build. Can we really trust someone we barely know – and, haven’t a clue who they ‘really’ are – or even ‘where’ they are posting from – based on what they ‘say’ on the internet – much less facebook???????? – yikes. You make some good points, David, and…… there are so many more reasons to keep yourself safe. No, it is not empowering to feed the trolls information that you would not stand on your rooftop and scream out. That sort of behavior makes folks ‘vulnerable’ – that’s all – and, easily accessed. The more you share, the more you are encouraged to share – until you suddenly find yourself the butt of a ‘news article’ – the topic being something like – ‘What Survivors Believe’ with your fb posts copied as ‘evidence’. And, not a thing you can do about it, because you DO NOT own copyright to your own posts here. Just saying.

  2. Okay, this is ridiculous!! I was not pointing fingers about these ‘secret’ facebook groups – being NOT secret, because of the way they are formed – imho. But, here is a first-class example. The person you mentioned, David, Insomniac In – just added me to her newest group – I never asked to be there. Not only that – but, watch as my blood rises when she invites my entire friends list to the group – adding them without their approval. Within just a couple days, it appears that the group has some 200 plus members – me included? So to say that I actually ‘support’ any of the fb groups. This group now is supposed to be a place where members will be ‘learning’ about abnormal psychology – from her/him – and, how is that helpful? I am sorry – but, I tire of the ‘name’ advertisement – meant to promote trust in people who we don’t know. Well, I would like to ‘announce’ and ‘advertise’ the fact the I DON’T support people who I don’t know or ANY facebook groups that are promoting themselves by inviting every person on my friends list – if you had a ‘reputation’ or were sincere about helping folks, you would not be doing all of your advertising through facebook, but on reputable groups elsewhere – where you could be ‘checked’ out a little further. Sorry – just my humble opinion. So, I say loud and clear – stop using our name to promote something that we don’t support. BTW – David – Your name was there also – hmm – thought about joining, because – don’t you support it? – or possibly you couldn’t get there fast enough to remove yourself before everyone saw it. I care about my friends and am not exactly sure how to keep the vultures on facebook away. Just beware everyone that I do not support these groups. I am just sick about this.