The Airing of More Dirty Laundry

Christina Shurter/Blumpkin, who many believe to be my niece on my brother Stephan’s side, rather than my 1/2 sister since my father had a vasectomy and couldn’t possibly be Christina’s father, has been chasing me around the internet trying at assert that she knows what my childhood was like- although she was 9 when I left home. She has done her best to attack me on Amazon every chance she can- claiming that she knows more about things that happened before she was born than those who actually experienced it.

Christina- and her mother- have always been about money in the family- and had no love for my father when he died. This was proven at my father’s memorial service- when they had the minister- who had never really known my father- claim that although some might see my father as a piece of art- most just saw him as a piece of work and that he was a liar and cheat at cards much like he was a liar and cheat at life. Of course- considering that Joannne C. Shurter was married to him for 36 years- it goes to question what her true character is as well. These two people- Christina and Joanne- would sell out anyone they had to for five dollars- and the fact that my sister Kathy’s son has come forward and spoken about his own abuse- being locked in a basement with a tv and no access to food or the bathroom on Amazon- shows that my step mother’s propensity to abuse knows no bounds.

I just want to point out that Christina doesn’t have a clue what she speaks about- and basically slept with anyone that she could growing up- pointing to her own abuse- which she has also admitted on Amazon. The attacks seem centered on Amazon because she no longer has access to my dealings- as I moved out of the area after being stalked by Christina, Joanne, and Gerry Friedrickson- Joanne’s cousin and lawyer. They constantly sent threatening letters to anyone who would help me- even to a couple of ladies who simply went and made cupcakes for me.

I think that this situation is pretty laughable- and though they have no power any longer over my life- as I have had several bookreadings now that have not been thwarted by their threats- I still felt the need to put something in writing to allow people to realize that Christina- who is 9 1/2 years younger than I am- is neither credible- nor does she have a clue what she is talking about.

She and Joanne have gone out of their way to claim that I am violent and dangerous- but NOTHING IN MY BACKGROUND shows that. I went through high school while living at my father’s house without incident except for the times I ran away- and my adulthood has NO INCIDENCE of violence of any sort. Even the protection order Joanne took out on me doesn’t claim violence- unless you think that mailing a postcard 6 years previously is violent. These two are liars- and will do anything they possibly can to keep people from listening to me.

I just wanted to let people know about that.

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