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The Senate Intelligence Committee just rushed to approve CISA, a bill that would give the NSA more access to our private data than ever before. CISA is the newest and latest version of a bill that would give the NSA even more powers CISA is an even more toxic bill than the original CISPA bill. CISA stays in line with the original objective of the CISPA bill to strengthen and legitimize the NSA’s surveillance programs. But this time the […]

I Know This is Australia- but People Like Ralph Underwager- One of the False Memory Founders, Said this Years Ago Are attitudes going to hell this much that this activity is going to start getting normalized? Makes one wonder…

The Airing of More Dirty Laundry

Christina Shurter/Blumpkin, who many believe to be my niece on my brother Stephan’s side, rather than my 1/2 sister since my father had a vasectomy and couldn’t possibly be Christina’s father, has been chasing me around the internet trying at assert that she knows what my childhood was like- although she was 9 when I […]