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Stephen W. Shurter and Johnny Gosch- 1st Abducted Milk Carton Child

This was sent to me today about my brother showing up at a private event for Johnny Gosch in 2005. “ps…and your brother showed up in a county type vehicle a large white truck…one with orange cones in the back….so he knew someone, somewhere to have access to the truck.  he was noticed by my […]

Further Conversations with the Media, the Local FBI, and OPD 11/08/2011

A Retraction on DavidShurter.Com I said that my brother was at a Johnny Gosch seminar in Tampa, but after I checked my records, I realized I wrote down Miami- so I changed it. Still in November of 2005. (After an email I just recieved from one of the witnesses who told me about it- I […]

Correspondance between Omaha Police Dept. and David Shurter 11/07/2011

I sent this out to everyone again- but I wanted to share it on my blog…. OPD Says: What is it that you want? Your emails to the Police Department are not providing any evidence of criminal wrong doing in regards to kidnapping or murder, like your first email suggested. Do you have such evidence […]

Officer Edward Hale told My Sis that Joanne Shurter is Having me Arrested for my blog

Then my sis called the mayor’s office, and we are on our way down now to make a complaint. Since the cat is out of the bag, I need to stress that I can PROVE WITHOUT A DOUBT that the complaint  police filed for this protection order was done with false information.  Officer Edward Hale […]

A Letter Sent to Media, Local FBI, OPD, and Supporters 11/06/2011

I want to point out that the Nebraska State Patrol, Joanne C. Shurter, and the local FBI have known what I have been doing for years now- and that they are UNABLE TO DENY KNOWLEDGE OF ALL OF THIS when it all is said and done.  This is important- because it shows the consistent behavior […]

DavidShurter.Com at a Glance

My primary focus with this site and what I am doing is to try and get my family investigated for their involvement in a series of child abductions and murders.  The recent material about Sybil Exposed is an attempt to explain and show that our nation’s history with satanic abuse is very real, and I […]

Falsified Police Reports used to get a Protection Order against David Shurter

I guess that there is a Omaha Police Department Incident Report made about me threatening someone.  It was in this police report number  R.B. z40510 .  My sis, who worked in the Protection Order dept though her masters, was the one who looked through the paperwork and discovered this was the case.  THIS REPORT IS […]

Douglas County gives Protection Order against David Shurter

I thought Protection Orders were given out to those in danger, not to those who don’t like what you are writing about them on a website. Douglas County in Omaha NE gave one out for exactly this. I know- I recieved it, by someone close to my father Robert Lynn Shurter Jr.,  who wants this site […]

Mayor Jim Suttle’s connection to Omaha crimes

“With regards to Omaha, and the events surrounding the Franklin Credit Union, the last victim to come forward with allegations concerning what happened here in Omaha was a boy by the name of Brad Fuguli. A good student, well liked, and an activist in his school, he made a formal complaint against some of the […]

After Running Into Each Other Again

It was serendipity that we ran into each other again- esp. considering that I was caught by surprise when you came up to me at first.  I wasn’t expecting to see you, much less that you would be polite to me when you said hello.  I have had no idea how to make sure that […]