A Letter Sent to Media, Local FBI, OPD, and Supporters 11/06/2011

I want to point out that the Nebraska State Patrol, Joanne C. Shurter, and the local FBI have known what I have been doing for years now- and that they are UNABLE TO DENY KNOWLEDGE OF ALL OF THIS when it all is said and done.  This is important- because it shows the consistent behavior of our local officials to turn a blind eye away from anything that has to do with the situations that I am speaking about.  It isnt just this either- I mean- OPD considered Amber Harris a run away until someone tripped over her rotted corpse in Hummel Park months later, at which time they promply arrested a local violent pedophile that was involved with her disapperance.

A brief explanation as to the events that have occurred.  My father Robert Lynn Shurter Jr. died in 2006, my sister Cindy Hester was murdered three weeks later, I was attacked in road rage that summer, and I called The Center for Missing and Exploited Children in Nov of 2006 to see if I could find any info on missing kids in the 70s.  The January of 2007, a Nebraska State Patrol officer called me and asked for more info.  Three weeks later, I called the Nebraska State Patrol and spoke to a Bob Frank, who was in charge of cold cases in Lincoln.  I told him what was going on and he told me he would call me back.  He never did.

Now- I see from Joanne C. Shurter’s Protection Order complaint that Bob Frank- who took my report- actually filled out two harrassmet complaints for Joanne C. Shurter- RB.#11575V  and  RB# Z40510  against me- NEVER ONCE CONTACTING ME IN THE PROCESS.  So for the Nebraska State Patrol to say they didn’t know what has been going on- is IMPOSSIBLE.  The local FBI cant say that either- since they are included in my BCC above and have been for quite some time.  This shows that there is a propensity on the part of our law officials, to play games with this situtation.

To be honest- I am finally pushing the envelope regarding my family’s crimes and such, and I have now made my own reports.  I am done playing games with all of this- it is time that it all comes out and gets looked at once in for all.  I put this quote on Amazon.com regarding Sybil Exposed and I think it is fair that I share with you what I said- as this is my general attitude…

“Yep- trauma effects the way the brain remembers, and people are not digital cameras. But you cant say that everything that they remember about abuse can be totally discounted, esp. when there are so many similar cases out there on the books.

Take me for example. It could be said that I need to prove my memories and everything that I said was true- but I really think the only thing I need to prove is that my dad abducted and killed kids and the judicial system turned a blind eye. That is all I have to prove-and since he is my dad, and I know him well, it wont be that hard to prove.

We can argue Freud all day- but Jung is the new leader now- and no psychobabble is going to change the facts coming out in Omaha. Ritual abuse and satanic ritual abuse are REAL- and no rhetoric is going to change the facts of that.”

It is time all this crap finally came out and got looked at- and our local law officials CAN NOT DENY KNOWING ABOUT THIS.  I just want to point that out.  Not only that- but they are involved.

Oh- with regards to Bob Frank- the cold case guy.  After I couldnt get any help from him- I went to Brian Mastre at KETV and asked him to help.  He had just done a story about a local kidnapped boy and I thought he could help.  Brian called me the next day and told me that Bob Frank couldnt find any proof that our family EVEN LIVED IN FREMONT- so I called Linden Elementary, and 15 minutes later had them fax not only Brian, but myself, my school records from Fremont.  He not only didnt bother to even look,but he lied about things that were simple to check out, let alone helping my stepmother file silent police reports about me.

Interesting how all of this is working out- isnt it?  This is NOT GOING TO GO AWAY.

I am probably going to do a new YouTube video about all of this so that I can share what is happening with others.  Everyone who has gone silently and complancently with events that play out in Omaha have gotten royally screwed- and I figure that if that is going to be a case- this time I AM GOING TO DEMAND A KISS.

Thanks for you time with all of this- and all of your support.

David Shurter

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